Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I am told that Margate is a bit dull and cold for August, so have decided to stay in Port des Torrent in Ibiza for a little while longer than planned. Mrs Biggles' mobile didn't stop ringing a few hours ago with the very good news that the Planning Committee at TDC has very sensibly decided that the China Gateway application has been referred to a full Council meeting. That's as good an excuse as any to crack open another bottle of tinto! Hope to be back by October to sit in on a full Council Meeting.

Having found an internet room in a local hotel, I have sneaked in to have a look at e-mails and local Thanet blogs and to have a go at long distance blogging before Mrs Biggles drags me away.

Could I apologise to regular readers who have been missing my postings this month but sunshine, sand and San Miguel offers some serious diversion from the goings on in Thanet. I am trying to work out what all the fuss is about concerning Tesco carrier bags and have come to the conclusion that Eden over in Sant Antoni has more interesting diversions to offer at the moment.

The locals here are suffering from a lack of Brits who are clearly finding the euro exchange rate daunting and are noticeable by their absence in Port des Torrent this summer.

One of my sources tells me via e-mail that 'Our Leader' is closer to me than Thanet and has got out of Thanet to stay with friends in Portugal.. I thought he might appear in Sant Antoni harbour to distance himself from matters of China Gateway, like yours truly, but I am glad to report that I have not yet heard on the ferry each morning , dulcet tones drifting across the harbour of "these f*****g t*****s carn't speak English proper".

I wonder who rang him this evening after our Councillors referred CGP's application to Full Council? I hope they moved their ear from their phone when 'Our Leader' realised that 'Our Ken' and his deputy had failed to get a decision tonight. I can imagine the reaction: " What do you mean? Transparent windows and a poxy solar panel get passed for Simon's gaff in Birchington but Ken hasn't got the Committee to approve China Gateway for Ken! Gawd'n Bennet, I should have stuck with Bill !"

Mrs Biggles has found me and I must now go. Regular readers will be pleased to know that the Guardia Civil are not looking for me and that a few more weeks in the sun should set me up for a dreary autumn in Thanet. I leave you with a picture of an 'armless blogger' waiting for the ferry into Sant Antoni. Bonas nochas or that's what it sounds like.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a good hols,for the people of Thanet the decision of the meeting last night has given time to reflect about the China gateway and realistically come to terms with the fact that the offer of jobs etc was a complete con.
300 odd lorry car parking places, some of us who sat and watched Doug Brown compare the buildings to the scale of hockey (in the case of the smaller buildings) and football pitches had no idea of the sizes involved.Although luckily the campaigners probably did! Warehousing is a few jobs for forklift drivers that is all!
Thank you Bertie and friends our countryside has a reprieve, goodness knows Thanet earth is hideous enough, can be seen right back at Herne Bay on the Thanet way.Go on you councillors vote with your conscience when the meeting is held not to line CGP's pockets and support their falling share price.Ken Gregory saying he is pleased he doesnt have to make the decision, that was a joke, he was the one charged with pushing it through! and he failed --for now!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Councillor Wise was the man charged with the decision Bertie as he was seen fidgeting with his phone whilst the debate was going on and then hovering outside with it, at one stage i thought he was going to start texting in the room! So i expect he got some expletives back.

Anonymous said...

Hazzah! I was starting to think you'd legged it.

Martin said...

Pity the solar panel thing got through on Wednesday though. Again were councillors really given all the facts?

Anonymous said...

Those opposing the application as it had been submitted feel justified in the campaign that was started with no money and only a handful of people involved. As one of those involved spending time leafleting, I soon came to realise there was a high level of ignorance among the public about the scheme due to the limited coverage being given by the local press. Others who were better informed had serious questions about the whole thing and felt, like we did, that it was all being done in a rush.I was being asked why the developer was trying to get this through planning in such a hurry. I feel vindicated that our work produced some result in getting the whole thing referred to a full council meeting.

Ken Gregory said...


I will post, but reluctantly. As Chair of planning my job is not to push anything through. It to is ensure 'fair play' at the meeting, and to make sure that officers write a good and honest report. I have said before, I do not express a view until others have done so. yes, as a member of the planning committee I have a vote, but if you study the record, I voted after the other members. Deliberatly so.

Anonymous said...


Let’s see (and I know this is right)
The recommendations and papers presented to the Planning Committee were damn well light on the water issues and Southern Waters letter to TDC.

It’s now very clear that our water rates are going to go up because of overdevelopment in Thanet without developers paying for the infrastructure costs however we the tax payers are?

I urge people to look at the Three valleys water companies problems in the Hatfield Bore hole issues.

40 Boreholes, that’s right 40 have been closed in England and ours will be shortly if this saga is not sorted out.

The Sparrow Castle Water Supply works ground water supply levels are only 25 meters below the adit. In essence this supply system will literally be sucking up the S**T as it is now?

I see a massive rise in council taxes and water rates due to the above and other planning oversights in Thanet and Kent.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt Ken Gregory vote against the motion, if he waited until after everyone else had voted he could have "stuck his neck out" and voted against it.
Whatever he says it does appear to be being pushed through, i hope we have a majority of councillors against the application in September, do we know the date yet?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cllr. Gregory but I would love to have been close enough to see your face when a) Cllr. Poole submitted his amendments and b) when the vote to refer to full council was 8 to 7 in favour.

The feeling is still that the council is trying to rush this through for some reason. How can three weeks with a Bank Holiday in the period be enough time to amend/improve/expand the application sufficient for councillors to feel they can vote - without a whip, of course?

Anonymous said...

Hope you are back in time to see this mornings headline on Your Thanet:

Anonymous said...


We need you back for the full council meeting that is now on October 9th. Get that flight booked!!