Monday, 26 October 2009


As an ex North Thanet Conservative Asssociation chap, Bertie finds it strange to be advocating support in his ward for Mrs Sandra Hart, the prospective Labour Candidate for Dane Valley Ward and of course Clive Hart's wife.

There is no doubt that since 2003 when Labour Candidate Ken Gregory (yes,'Our Ken' who seems to switch Parties like a yo-yo) lost to Conservative Ian Gregory, Labour has had a tough time in Dane Valley.
Since 2007, it would be fair to say that the only Conservative Councillor of the 3 elected (all had my votes at the time), who has served Dane Valley properly has been Cllr Mike Jarvis. The problem,as Bertie sees it, is that Watt-Ruffell, our teetotal strict methodist, has been busy being Mayor and inviting psychics to his parlour; Jarvis having upset 'Our Leader' by thinking for himself on Planning and thus getting sacked (would Bradgate have got its extension on farmland with him and Cllr Bruce on Planning still?) has legged it to KCC, perhaps disgusted with his own Tory Leadership in Thanet; and the less said about Broadhurst the better, although unkind comments are that he took himself off to sulk in Panama, when his firm lost TDC's Security Contract.
So why do I recommend Mrs Hart? Simple really. Dane Valley needs proper representation by a hard- working local Councillor. With the exception of one or two very hard working Conservative Councillors, who get stuck into their wards; Simon Moores over in Westgate being an excellent example of a good ward Councillor; too many Conservative Councillors barely know where their ward is, let alone actually do very much in it.
So on the Thursday 3rd December, the electorate in Dane Valley might like to put national political prejudices aside, and ask themselves who is the most likely to come and knock on their doors throughout the year; hold weekly clinics; get stuck into issues that worry people; be instantly contactable by phone or e-mail and represent Dane Valley residents of all political persuasions. The answer, I am afraid, is Mrs Sandra Hart.
Who are likely to be her opponents in this election?
Well, we have a Conservative 're-tread' in Ingrid Spencer who lost out to Tom King in Westgate in 2007 and who has the misfortune to be an Ezekiel stalwart. Bill Furness of The Lib/Dems who would be a lone voice in the present 'Wild West' environment of TDC and like-wise any Independents like Wendy Allan. We certainly do not want a BNP representing Dane Valley and their literature has already appeared through the door!
The 3rd December is an ideal opportunity to send a message to Ezekiel that Thanet people are as fed up with him and his Council as they are with Brown and his Westminster Government and in the process add strength to the 'opposition' in TDC to fight the nonsenses in TDC that make it the laughing stock and butt of jokes, even among the KCC Conservatives at Maidstone.



tony flaig bignews said...

As a tory what do you know Bertie, I'd give the Liberal a chance, we've all seen Labour and Tory Cock up.

Bertie Biggles said...

If we were talking of 2011, Tony, I would agree with you! One Lib Dem at this stage would not help; another Labour Cllr would.

Anonymous said...

In 2003 Ken Gregory won a seat in Central Harbour, and Ian Gregory (no relation) won in Dane Valley.

Anonymous said...

So she will not be on any committee that cllr c hart is? or will she be just a muppet!

Bertie Biggles said...

15.26,whilst husband and wife teams appear a feature of Conservative Planning Committtee membership, I think you will find that Sandra Hart is very much her own woman!

Anonymous said...

Two Gregorys stood in the same ward so it must have been 1999 not 2003. Ken G. stood for Labour having been the ward councillor and Ian Gregory took the seat in 2003 for the Tories. Two with the same surname caused confusion so perhaps that was why Ken G. lost and Ian G. won.

Cllr. Clive Hart said...

I'm extremely proud of my wife and especially the way she has taken to being an independant businesswoman with the highest ethical standards and a strong social consience.

After 25 years as an employee Sandra took on the business where she worked in 2000. For the past decade she has provided regular employment for at least 5 staff. As with everything else Sandra does, she treats everyone the way she would want to be treated herself. Consequently, since Sandra took control of the business it now:

* Provides Fairtrade tea and coffee for clients.
* Provides specialist training for staff to help them with clients disabilities.
* Actively helps and supports local resident and business groups and events.
* Insists on fully registered and indentured 3 year training schemes for apprenticeships.
* Has a proper staff pension scheme - including employer contributions.

It's relatively easy for large businesses to do these things but it takes a very special attitude from the owner for a small business to follow through and actively implement such initiatives.

Sandra is an accomplished businessperson in her own right and certainly has her own mind and way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of other natural Conservatives who have been voting in local elections for the local labour party in the past - they appear to have the integrity that sadly the tories locally lack, you can come back to this all the tory nasties as much as you like but it is true i speak for 2 families in the same electoral ward who definately didnt vote for their local incumbent conservative councillors and wouldnt in the future until things change!
There appears to be opportunities for independants who are liked locally Bertie many would vote for them - it just needs a hard core to make a difference!
Most people take as they find and many of us wouldnt naturally feel comfortable voting for " Brown" supporters but locally the labour councillors work harder than the tories for their wards and are independant minded and appear to be for there "the greater good of Thanet" which sadly cannot be said of the Thanet tories.
Shame on you all! You cant even keep your natural supporters on board!

Anonymous said...

I think that the people of Thanet are more sensible than given credit.

They will vote for the person they think best, regardless of political partisanship.

I voted for Roger Gale and I will vote for Sandra Hart!

I vote for who I think will best represent me; not necessarily represent my political views!

Anonymous said...

having read most of this so called labour bull all i can say is god help us if there is another hart on the council one is enough i think and as for labour getting in power again dream on i think it said enough when clive lost his seat at k.c.c. proves he is not as good as he thinks he is

Bertie Biggles said...

How nice to have you back on,15.12. You must appreciate that the only way a Conservative can get elected to TDC is by muddying the local issues with National. I will be out next year supporting my local MP Roger Gale (if he still intends to stand again) but at the local level will support Labour in Dane Valley and in 2011 would love to see more Independents elected and remove the petty Labour v Conservative nonsense that you and your colleagues perpetrate at TDC.