Sunday, 25 October 2009


Family matters have occupied my time to the exclusion of all others for some time. With resolutions to problems in place, I am glad to be able to get back to Thanet issues.

If a wheezy, troublesome PC allows, I hope to be able to get posting again. Sorry to find out ECR appears to be laid up in plaster after a near death experience and Tony Flaig in low output mode due to other commitments. Michael Child has been busy regarding The Pleasurama development or lack of it and new bloggers are livening up the scene. I must add some more links in due course.

Like Panama Broadhurst's removal from TDC, Mrs Tree's bench has gone from Westgate and is unlikely to be seen again. Odd to find the Labour Goverment's 12 years in office has so distorted Conservative thinking that like Labour, the answer to problems caused by yobs is to remove a bench enjoyed by the rest of us. When will we learn to stop kicking the poor dog when it is the cat that soiled on the mat?

Better see if this will load on Blogger and then on to other matters!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bertie!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Bertie, hope all is now well.

Michael Child said...

Welcome back Bertie you have been sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! You've been much missed and the blogging scene has been very quiet without you.

With regard to the Westgate bench story it seems a pity the locals didn't look at other options like finding out why the trouble-causing youngsters can't find better things to do.

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for your kind comments, all.

Bertie Biggles said...

A slight edit needed to this comment from Dr M! Sorry!

"Patent Rubbish, Bertie!"
The bench story is given in some detail on Thanet Life, it involved consultation withthe Residents Association, Traders, PACT and the direct recommendation of the police.

Given that there has been no reported trouble since it was removed, I would say this was a good result, as does everyone else, it seems, other than you!

It has been agreed, in principle, that the bench, which is sorely in need of repair anyway, given it had the slats kicked out of it, can be returned, once the impact of the dispersal order has had time to take effect.

26 October 2009 07:50

Bertie Biggles said...

Dr M,
whilst delighted with your involvement as a resident and Cllr in Westgate, to deal with the problems you have identified there, the point I am making is that the bench and flower tubs are not the problem; feral youth mis-behaving is.

DrM. said...

Quite correct Bertie...we have a sizeable minority of troublesome teenagers in Westgate, as do other areas, which is why, strangely enough, Westgate figures among the six most deprived areas in Thanet, which comes as a surprise to people.

Some effort has been made to provide entertainment and activities for them but they would much rather cause trouble and drink Stella, as I've seen on my rounds with the police at night.

You will always have a tiny minority in any community that are responsible for the great majority of problems. The police as did the traders, identified the bench as the principal focus of the problem and with its removal, the same problem appears to have largely evaporated. I do hope so!

As soon as I knew the extent of the challenge, I moved as quickly as I could (as you might expect of me) to recover the situation and broadly speaking, the opinion is positive and supportive.