Thursday, 2 April 2009


It's time for me to pack the rucksac and dig out the boots. Bertie's off for some R&R in the Lake District.

Readers will not get any twitter stuff or long-distant blogging (technically incompetent) and if all is well, I should be back after the 'Easter Hols.'

Last year, as I was taking this pic of Fleetwith Pike from the north end of Buttermere, Cllr Watt-Ruffle and his security team fell down on the job and the Scenic Railway was torched. Well 12 months later, despite the huff and puff from TDC, it is still not re-built and tax-payers have a £43,000 bill to foot for some fencing that is unlikely to be collected. (Didn't a £64,000 bill get written off a few years ago on a property in Ramsgate?).

Well, whilst the Hilton's try and flog Bleak House off and TDC accept that they are in a legal bind over Northdown House, Bertie might be freezing his butt on some Lakeland Fell and perhaps think that sangria, sun and sand is a better way of holidaying.

Be back, I hope, in two weeks .


Anonymous said...

Bertie, enjoy your R&R. Giving away your background I fear.

Anyway, with Bleak House up for sale, one could anticipate a firey moment perhaps in that direction!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your hols. See you when you get back.