Thursday, 14 May 2009


The worst excesses of 'fiddling' expenses revealed so far by The Daily Telegraph seem to me to be the actions of Mr Elliott Morley MP(Lab) and Mr Andrew McKay MP (Con). In addition we now have two Labour Peers found guilty by The Lords of taking money in exchange for attempting to alter legislation as it passed through Parliament.
Morly seems to have claimed £800 mortgage interest for 21 months after he had paid off the mortgage he was actually claiming on.
McKay seems to have engineered a 'double flip' with the connivance and involvement of his wife, Julie McBride MP (Con). Having two homes, one in London and one in Bromsgrove, one was the second home for McKay whilst the other was the second home for McBride. This enabled claims to be made on both!
The fiddling of a travel claim in The Army was normally met with a Courts Martial, dishonorable discharge, possibly a period of detention and loss of pension. The worst case I know of involved a Colonel whose attempt at theft by filling in a leave travel claim incorrectly ended up costing him, in loss of pension alone, over £250,000. Harsh perhaps, but Her Majesty had resided her trust in him when granting a Commission!
What these MPs and Lords have done doesn't just need immediate resignation from 'jobs', Party, Lords or Commons and standing down from any further political life (none has done this yet) but needs immediate investigation by the police. We are talking about behaviour that long ceased to be about a 'lack of integrity' and now appears to be criminal.
I trust the Metropolitan Police will be invited by The Parliamentary Authorities to carry out criminal investigations and will take action if it is found necessary to do so.
I hope that at KCC and TDC level we have higher standards of integrity in public office but the evidence so far does not inspire one with confidence. Perhaps the Telegraph or other newspapers might direct their attentions in due course to Local Government?


Anonymous said...


In the file I have submitted to the Royal Courts of Justice I have dedicated elven pages to the matter of alleged falsifications of Royal Navy test data by a manufacturer of torpedos and sonar. The test falsifications being over a 14 year period.

In 1994 the USA took Lucas Aerospace and other UK firms through the US Courts and recovered millions of pounds on sub standard equipment supplied to US Forces.

Our forces did not have the weight of police investigation and Courts of Law behind them protecting the quality of equipment manufactured for them.

But this matter is multi million company fraud.

A much greater number of pages in the file is dedicated to alleged falsification of factory quality control and load testing reports in the manufacture of backup generators. Plus alleged knowledge of a saboteur by factory management and directors and a decision to protect market share (and avoid exposure of their own company fraud) by not raising investigation of sabotage.

My allegation against Chief constable is essentially if there were a way he could investigate sabotage without investigating company fraud then he would record a crime complaint and investigate the saboteur.

But there is no such way so he is not investigating any of it.

We are talking multi millions of pounds. Lives lost. Weakening of the ability of the Realm to resist an enemy (the most serious criminal offence in the criminal code) and yet the criminal law is not invoked by our police.

The civil servants at the Royal Courts of Justice do not want to put the cause before a Judge.

So today I have written at Common Law direct to the Lord Chief Justice.

"It is the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor what gets the pain" Nothing changes it seems.

Thor trades with South Africa and the poor folk of Thanet cop mercury and mixed solvent in the water. Sericol has not paid a penny for dumping tonnes of cyclohexanone into the aquifer.

What is required perhaps is that people lay Common Law Information of Treason against any MP who has fiddled his benefits. Undermining the Queen as sole fount of Justice in Mercy.

Then a suspension of the Human Rights Act in the interests of the Realm followed by a neck suspension of every fiddling MP pour encourager les autres.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I wonder if the EU finances will ever exposed?

Anonymous said...

Indeed Richard,

How many ex forces have been done for minor indiscretions of which the crime did not fit the punished.

I can recall a SNCO being singled out for rough justice, fined, Jailed and lost his pension with 1 year to serve to get it.

The list is endless - and what about the RAF pilot who got his seniority stuffed for buzzing Minster village...yet certain freight jets and operators get away with fines etc.

No jail every MP for fraud, for that what this is.