Monday, 4 May 2009


My thanks to Isabelle who commented earlier today on 'Roll on Bonanza Express' (6 Mar 2009)
If your Spanish is up to it have a go or read the translation and look for Fred Olsen saying the best thing is to put the boat in 'mothballs' in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.
"From an original article dated 28th April 2009..... Article:San Sebastián de La Gomera, 28 abr (EFE).
Fred Olsen informó hoy de que dejará inactivo el catamarán Bonanza Express debido a la evolución negativa del mercado marítimo interinsular de pasajeros, turismos y carga por, y anunció la presentación de un Expediente de Regulación de Empleo (ERE) que afectará a parte de la plantilla del buque.En un comunicado, la compañía marítima recuerda que el fast ferry Bonanza Express permanecía inactivo desde diciembre de 2008.Asegura que las líneas marítimas, horarios, conexiones y tarifas actuales de Fred.Olsen Express en Canarias se mantienen y quedan al margen de esta medida.Señala que el ERE, que ha sido comunicado al Comité Intercentros y representantes de los trabajadores, se presentó la semana pasada, y afectará a parte de la plantilla del barco, en concreto a 43 personas.Fred Olsen indica que ha analizado diversos escenarios para el Bonanza Express y la conclusión más viable es dejar al mismo en situación de inactividad, afirma.Concluye que, de este modo, se busca la mejor situación posible para garantizar el futuro de la compañía, reducir el impacto de la crisis económica que afecta a Canarias y mantener así el mayor número de puestos de trabajo posible.In English:San Sebastián de La Gomera, April 28 (EFE) .-

Fred Olsen reported today that the cease inactive Bonanza Express catamaran due to the negative development of the maritime inter-market passenger cars and freight and announced the filing of a Record Regulation of Employment (ERE) that affect the staffing of the vessel. In a communique, the shipping company said that the fast ferry Bonanza Express remained inactive since December 2008. Ensures that the shipping lines, timetables, current fares and connections Fred.Olsen Express and the Canaries remain excluded from this measure. Indicates that the ERE, which has been communicated to the Committee Intercentros and workers' representatives, was submitted last week, and will affect the staffing of the boat, specifically to 43 people. Fred Olsen said that analyzed various scenarios for the Bonanza Express and the most viable is to leave it in idle state, he says. Concluded that this would be seeking the best possible situation to ensure the future of the company, reducing the impact of the economic crisis affecting the Canaries and keep as many jobs as possible."
Euroferries website still talks of an imminent service and work at Ramsgate and Boulogne; what work?
I find it extraordinary that our local politicians seem to place more faith in what strange companies put up on their web-sites than what our local blogs and Thanet Strife report. We are not perfect but we do our best to report the truth rather than go out to blatantly mis-lead.


Anonymous said...

They keep looking for outside people on white horses to come along and dont look further than the end of their noses and try to support the existing businesses. Westwood Cross cut out the small local shops and red tape and local bureaucacy does it best to scupper any others!(road closures, and other petty matters)you only have to look at those that have been and gone with no long term commitment to the area, Stel-rad, Grupo Antonio, those are only 2 of many!
Albion bookshop failed once Waterstones came along at Westwood.
Trouble is those at TDC have no vision, Margate could be a Whitstable but it wont be all the time there are those with their own self interests to follow.
Imagine building a big tourist attraction and not providing car parking - you go to the Eden Project or Alnwick garden and they have all had to provide acres of car parking. You try to leave Thanet to go to Sandwich on a weekend day and you are half an hour queuing in either direction on the only arterial road out of Thanet,it's just basic infrastructure planning not rocket science!

Anonymous said...

It depends on how big the brown paper envelope is; and how important the carrier says that he is!

I am important; and I will bring jobs, so give me what I want. Oh and have a nice brown envelope.

This Council work is easy, and moron could do it.

Oh, but they are already doing it.....!

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to a shopkeeper in Broadstairs at the weekend in despair over TDC's refusal to consider reviewing the parking in the town. The shop owners want 20 minutes free parking to enable people to pop into a shop or two but TDC say it's impossible to polce. Why? They can monitor if you've paid for 30 minutes but not if you've had 20 minutes free.

Without a review of the parking these small shops will go sooner or later. I always thought the Tory Party favoured small business but apparently not.

Bertie Biggles said...

A cynical viewpoint 23.52 but one that is shared sadly by quite a few Thanet residents.

A worrying issue 08:57 that also afflicts Northdown Road in Cliftonville. A brief stop to visit Post Office costs 50p as a minimum charge. Our High Streets have had a major hit due to Westwood Cross long before recession started and now Northdown Rd is in terminal decline with Martell Press due to close its shop shortly. The sad reality of 'sustainability'in Thanet is that it costs more to park for any time in a High Street than the fuel used to drive to Westwood Cross from almost anywhere on The Isle.

Anonymous said...

Yes i now have to use Broadstairs for banking and find myself sitting in the car waiting for the bank to open and then just before 9 whenever i am there the warden/parking attendant arrives and so i have to pay for my 10 minutes(if there is a queue!) of banking time! It annoys me that there are always people to police/boss joe public but never anyone employed by TDC to help generate business!
On another subject now the business rates collection dept wont believe what an honest rate payer says, the landlord has to verify what he says (ie departure date/lease termination date)- it is all getting very un conservative more like Stalinist Russia!
Whats the news on the leadership challenges todays the day isnt it Bertie?

Bertie Biggles said...

Tomorrow, 17.59. The rumour on the street is that Ezekiel might get the heave-ho at tomorrow's Conservative Councillors Gathering but I guess that we will have to wait for the white smoke.

A decent chap would have stood down by now but it will be interesting to see if he has the 'face' to continue if his majority is only one or two. Speculation is rife about the loyalty of certain Cabinet members and Chairs and vice-chairs who have been leant on to be 'loyal' but we just have to wait and see. I believe Mark Nottingham is speculating over on his blog!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Strange how the restricted parking on Northdown Road runs out, ooh, round about Northdown Carpets!

antonio said...

the "Bonanza Espress" is still docking in Tenerife Canaries waiting for "NEWS" from Euroferries.