Monday, 14 September 2009


How nice to be back in Thanet, even if for a short time.

Glad to see that what may turn out to be an interesting scandal in the affairs of our Council has been reported on by IOTG. Is this just the start? Readers may recall that at 'Strife' we have been reporting on odd matters going on at Maritime Services and Ramsgate Harbour; Housing Maintenance and Repairs and utter disregard by officers for Contract Procedure Rules since July. TDC has a duty to tell its electorate more about what is going on and what it is doing about reports it has had from its Internal Auditors (EKAP) for the past 18 months and why it has at last decided to act on these reports.
Had to laugh at the video taken of Mayors bowing and scraping to a Chinese delegation hosted by Mr Wills of CGI (aka CGP) about 10 days ago. If I had not laughed, I would have been weeping to see our Civic Leaders bowing as if these people were HM Queen or The Lord Himself! Is this loss of dignity on the part of our Mayors and the cynical exploitation of our history and tradition, acceptable? I would rather see the end of a fine civic tradition than see it exploited in such an undignified way. The only good thing was that a TDC 'Mole' tipped off ECR!
Catching up with blogs, I see the Blue/Red Blog War has quietened down with boredom reached about whether a D.Phil (Oxon) has a higher status than Ph.D (Calcutta -failed) or even a Ph.D (PWU). Interesting to see a TDC Blog Protocol appear when its existence seemed to be denied by a certain cabinet member but with hostilities being joined between ECR and Tony, attention can be diverted from serious issues for some light relief.
The liklihood of seeing Bonanza Express in Euroferries livery scuttling across La Manche now seems as remote as a Dane Valley resident hearing from their 'Panama' based , about to be ex, Ward Councillor. Rumour has it that consorts of Margate and Westgate Councillors might be out soon seeking votes in Dane Valley; financial hardship seems to have many facets.
To be honest, 'Strife' has never really believed we would see Bonanza. That said, what response will the residents in St Peter's get from their 3 Ward councillors as they start a campaign to save the limited parking in the Village from being flogged off by a short sighted Leader and his team? On past form, some of the Ward Councillors do not even appear to know where St Peter's is and will they have the 'balls' to support their constituents to fight this short sighted 'sell-off' ?
I regret to say that Bertie now has to shoot off again to look after aged P's living in St Radegonde close to La Rochelle as one of them has had to go into hospital. I hope to be back in a week or so and who knows, Thanet might have quietened down a bit more as San Antonin did after a mass arrest of drug addled Liverpuddlians the other week.

Au revoir.

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