Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Have had an offer to stay in Ibiza for a couple of weeks to look after a villa, so Bertie is legging it.
My apologies to readers, but I am not good at long distance blogging so all will be quiet on Strife for the next two weeks.
I will be leaving a team behind to look at and analyse, TDC's wasteful maladministration of Maritime Services; the costs of Housing Repairs & Maintenance and the utter contempt for TDC Contract Procedure Rules; all exposed by EKAP but not even mentioned by The Audit Commission in its report of 2008/9.
The cost of electricity to the tax-payer , at Margate Harbour is being looked at as well as an enormous grant paid to refurbish Royal York Mansions that is connected to a TDC Councillor who declared an 'interest'.
All interesting stuff, but late summer sunshine is now the priority. Hopefully, the latest Blog War will be over by the time I return.


Anonymous said...

Glad Berties away.. will give Haine Road Residents some peace.. Wonder if he will poke his nose into anything else that doesn't concern him in Ibiza??

Bertie Biggles said...

Valid comment about Haine Road is not poking my nose in,12:12!