Friday, 4 December 2009


I have been warning the 'True' Conservatives in Thanet for some time now , that the 'Ezekiel Party' in Thanet is losing the support of traditional conservatives and I am therefore delighted to let another disgruntled conservative share her views with you:

Is this the beginning of the end?

The result of the Dane Valley by election may just turn out to be more important than it seems.  Here is, finally, an incontrovertible example of how the local Conservative leadership at District Council level is out of touch with the electorate.

The election was forced by the mismanagement of an issue with the previous councillor and his departure to Panama.

This was compounded by the selection of a time serving strong supporter of that local leadership, who had previously lost her seat in Westgate to an independent councillor.  Dane Valley needed, and could not get, a strong and credible candidate.

Conservative councillors swarmed over the seat in visiting packs, headed by the district council leader, who proclaimed every time that support for his candidate and party was solid.

Over the country (and county) as a whole the conservative candidates do very well; here in Thanet the local issues, normally a small slice of an overall vote, are just getting in the way.

Whether true or not, the perception of the current council administration is a sleazy, self serving, bunch, whose actions, even when right are seen as acting for the wrong reasons.

In fact, the District Council is seen locally as being as out of touch and mediocre as Gordon Brown’s government is seen nationally.

Perhaps those Conservatives with responsibility for these things will finally realise it is time for the Ezekiel era to be finished and for Conservative Councillors with integrity and the respect of the electorate to take over. They do exist; we all know who they are. 

One Sandy into the Council: time to put the other one out.  Too many Tory voters would rather sit on their hands than vote for the current leadership.  Whose interests are really being served by Ezekiel hanging on? If he continues to hang on will it damage the electoral chance of Laura Sandys?  Would it not be better to take action first?

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party……….


Anonymous said...

not a truer word said it could have been another female saying it !
A Londoner writing how wonderful the leader is for using his inititive and picking up a drain cover (writing in the kent on saturday! ) i feel like replying that is what he is most useful for - picking up the scum! the truth is Sandy just doesnt know how to choose men of intregity around him and therefore once again i implore those selecting the future Conservative candidates for TDC(i think they themselves are sufficiently of integrity, and not Sandy's men!) to choose people who havent got a past to haunt them and those upright citizens of Thanet who can set an example and be sufficiently strong minded to stand up to the other bully boys in the party - it is the only way that we are going to get a change, otherwise there will be more Ingrid Spencer cases - WE THE PUBLIC OF THANET DESERVE BETTER ! Those sufficiently public spirited of us won't go near the tories in their present form. A load of gangsters have hijacked the Thanet Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

The on Thursday the prospective female Conservative MP came door knocking. I didn`t have the heart to tell her that I could not vote for her whilst the current inept local administration is conservative. She is guilty by association.

Anonymous said...

Strong words from your guest blogger, Bertie.

How about some of the Tory councillors saying 'Enough's enough' and resigning the whip and regaining some credibility as Independents or Independent Tories?

The Tory Party locally has become a joke and when anyone stands up to the Leader and his cronies, out on their ears they go, so, come on any of you with a conscience, a care for Thanet and a desire to hold your heads up high tell Sandy where to go and think about others, not just your £4.5k a year.

If a councillor does his/her job properly the allowance gets eaten up in phone calls, postage so hopefully it's not just seen as an extra bit of income. can I be sure of that? I've heard that there are some on the Tory side who just see it as an extra income. I've even heard that 'Our Leader' boasts he has a tax-free allowance due to some clever accountancy. I do hope that isn't true.

I once asked a Tory councillor why he'd become a councillor. His response? 'I thought I could make a difference'. How many of this current crop can say they have made a difference, a beneficial one, of course, to the area?

Sandra Hart is joining a strong team will make a difference to the neglected electorate of Dane Valley. We need more like her to stand up for what is right for Thanet and I say,' Congratulations, Sandra'.

Anonymous said...

i whole heartily agree with the last comment - sums up the whole sorry story of Thanet conservatives, Laura Sandys is definately guilty by association and so is Roger Gale,for not standing up to the mafia and for using them to do their electioneering too!
On the one hand they deny that former members of the party no longer belong to the party (when there are any shady inferences made)on the other they allow them to do the door knocking and attend association dinners! We the electorate and lifelong Tories deserve better!

Anonymous said...

Bertie, a mate has sent me this link. Your readers may find it interesting! Tally-ho for a 'Conservative clean up of The 'Ezekiel Party?

Subject: Dane Valley

To see what the national Conservative-supporting website is saying about the result:

Anonymous said...

Its all happening over at that link:
grab this:

Simon Moores said in reply to cllr mark nottingham (lab)...

I'm amused rather than saddened to see Lord Lucan of Northwood, aka Cllr Mark Nottingham, (LAB) posting on this site. The self-righteous content of Mark's weblog speaks for itself and appears inspired by the example set by Damian McBride, who enjoys better political taste and is not the subject of constant standards code complaints, as is Cllr Nottingham.

There's a significant amount of Labour 'Spin' taking place here with Conservatives at a distint advantage because by nature, we simply don't retreat into the political gutter.

One example here is the so-called blogging protocol, which I approved as a cabinet member and blogger - see - drawn up by our monitoring officer and Chief Executive as 'guidance' for councillors in regard to both the law of defamation and the code, given the number of expensive complaints prompted by the unrestricted and unrestrained blogging of two of our Labour councillors in Thanet. Not an attempt to censor free speech by any means but rather to encourage, as I have written, honest, decent and polite blogging; a concept which appears quite alien to Cllr Nottingham, who uses the medium as a crude political club with which to beat the political opposition.

As for better standards in public life from Labour don't make me laugh!

Matt B (Thanet Star) said...

It looks to me that when the Labour party fail to get back in at the next general (which is the most likely result) - true to form - Thanet will select the out of favour party to be it's council.

Bertie Biggles said...

That's what I have been saying for over a year Matt and still the true Conservatives in Thanet, fail to realise that The 'Ezekiel' Party will lead them to a shock result in Thanet. I know that quite a few disgruntled 'true blue voters'would be happier seeing a Labour candidate sweep in as they, standing as Independents, hit the Ezekiel Party vote and split it. If the Lib Dems put up candidates as well, Thanet in 2011 could have an interesting Council.