Tuesday, 1 December 2009


 Whilst the Strife team is still investigating matters close to Lydden and who has done what for whom etc, the office has been inundated with items in the past few days. Here are some snippets for the discerning reader.
It would appear that those protesting against TDC's proposed asset sales list 2010/11 are being spun the line  by the TDC PR Officers that these asset sales proceeds are earmarked for disabled and disadvantaged groups. The implication seems to be that by objecting one is harming the disabled in Thanet. I have heard plenty of cynical 'spin' from a Labour Govt in the past 12 years but I never imagined to see such tosh from a Conservative Local Authority that has reputedly diverted money from a budget for the disabled to pay for  new windows in its offices at Cecil Sq.
Palm Bay recreation area and TDc's plans for some nice houses on the last remaining space with unobstructed views out to sea is generating a growing protest body. When 'Our Leader' lived down there with his back-garden overlooking this open space, he would have been first to protest. His present position on Palm Bay is thus,  utterly hypocritical. Covenants are being dragged out by residents whose solicitors enquired years ago about the status of the land left in perpetuity for Margate citizens to enjoy, even though TDC can find no record of the covenants!
A Margate Charter Trustee 'Mole' tells us that Margate's Town Sergeant is not allowed to enter his current Mayor's house but helps the Mayor 'robe -up' in the front garden. The Town Sergeant should be grateful for this nice gesture on his Mayor's part as it has probably prevented him acquiring unwanted brown things that hop and bite the ankles. Whilst on the subject of fleas, it would seem that our local press will be in Court with our Mayor in Medway on Thursday.
An Ezekiel Party member, or even 'Our leader' himself ,as an 'Anon'  has implied that Cllr Ward (Lab) is doing a ' Panama Broadhurst'. Labour sources have got a tad upset with this as it seems that Cllr Ward is away for a winter break only and certainly not for 3 months as alleged. I doubt that he will need a fellow Cllr to forge a signature to mark his attendance at a Council Meeting falsely or sign his resignation letter; this practice seems, thankfully, to be confined to Ezekiel Party members,  much to the horror and shame of those surviving true Conservatives left on TDC.
Scources have been telling us that TDC has been wheeling out The Dutch Elm Disease (Local Authorities) Order 1984 and amendments of 1988, to force a land-owner in Ramsgate to take action on Elm sucker saplings that have now had the beetles carrying the fungus,  infect them. ( It seems that not all Elms died off fully and that root systems push up new saplings that then in turn get hit by the beetle). The removal and burning is very costly and would not be objected to if TDC set an example itself and enforced the 1984 Order on its own infected Elms. Like many aspects of TDC operations, this smacks of one rule applied against the electorate, while it blithely ignores its own legal obligations; in this case, to cut down and burn any of its own surviving infected Elm saplings.

I leave you with Edna's (our tea-lady) thoughts on biological matters:
"Mr Biggles, I don't know a sick Helm tree from a sickamore but at least I bleedin' know what cat fleas is. Me and Martha, 'er wot cleans Ezekiel's carpets, are off to Medaway on firsday  to see wot the ROSPA sez in court against that Wot-Ruffle Mayor. So you will all 'ave to make your own bleedin' tea as weir orf to sit in the publik galerie wiv our nitting."


Anonymous said...


Do you think it was Edna who put a clearly Edna-like comment on Dr. Moores' blog? Shouldn't Dr. Moores, as a former school-teacher, have been more sympathetic to an obviously dyslexic commentator? His mocking reply is unworthy of someone who has clearly had a better grasp of grammar than whoever posted. Isn't his Leader reputed to be dyslexic so perhaps he was making fun of him? Not a wise move.

Anonymous said...

The government's directive to councils re. asset sell-off is that it's unused, unneeded assets that can be sold not open spaces that are popular with the residents, office buildings that are in use, tennis courts that are popular and essential for the fitness of all age groups and could produce revenue if managed properly. I haven't mentioned car parks that are a lifeline for visitors or land that can't be used for building due to a former use as a refuse tip.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the murder of David O'Leary, Lydden March 2008, Bertie, I heard the Inquest was suddenly listed to begin yesterday.

Previously HM Coroner was awaiting sufficient statements from Kent Police to enable selection of a witness list and, hence, to hold Inquest.

There is an appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission alleging negligence by Kent Police in the murder inquiry.

There is a County Court action issued against Kent Chief constable concerning police seizure of property at the murder scene and its subsequent disposal.

Far be it from me to infer reasons for the sudden apparent rush to Inquest by Kent Police after their long previous delay.

But if, for example, Kent Police found they had to put persons under caution in connection with the IPCC appeal and the County Court action then, as I understand it, such persons if called in Inquest evidence would enjoy a privilege not to answer.

Inquerst evidence is not of itself admissible in any later criminal proceedings. But it can be cited (as far as I know) because it was given on oath and if the person's evidence at the criminal proceeding differs from that given at Inquest.

I can tell you that in their response to complaint Kent Police stated there had been one case review and it was in May 2008.

So I have queried the Chief constable answer to questions (Your Thanet 5th Oct 2009) quote

"What progress is there in the investigation into the murder of David O’Leary? D Amrong, Ramsgate.

Mr Fuller: We are continuing to investigate this murder, and the case is regularly reviewed by the Serious Case Team. We have kept the family fully informed of the developments relating to the investigation. At the moment we are waiting for the inquest to take place to formally decide the cause of death. This is something which has to be decided by the coroner."

So take your choice were Kent Police telling the truth in response to complaint (only one case review and that very early on) or was the Chief constable telling the press the truth, for publication, that there have been regular case reviews ?

If the Chief constable cares to repeat that to IPCC then that will harvest the question "If there have indeed been regular case reviews how come they failed to spot the following alleged flaws in your murder inquiry ? ...."

Anonymous said...

It won't matter what happens in Medway Bertie.

Anywhere else, the mere fact that he was in court would mean that a person with any form of integrity would at least stand aside; and if found guilty, resign immediatly from the Mayorality and the Council.

Here in Thanet, it will probably be a badge of honour and he'll get promoted.

That is how low this current council has now gone.

Bertie Biggles said...

08:18, if Dr M was using blueberry whilst travelling etc, to reply to the comment you refer to, his own typing errors are understandable and may not be as you interpret. You may be right though, that 4.09 was his Leader!

08:29, you are correct about TDC's strange interpretation for its asset sales. The land at Dumpton Park adjoining the Village Green would comply with Govt directives but Palm Bay is nonsense.

Richard, thanks for reminding us of a nastier business at Lydden than odd planning consents. A vicious murder and still no progress yet.

09:55, we do need to await the outcome of the magistrates hearing of the case provided by the RSPCA. Should the case result in a finding of neglect, I cannot believe that even in Thanet, there will not be a new mayor making and another ward election in Dane Valley.

Anonymous said...

On the RSPCA issue Bertie

If the situation does develop that there is a new Mayor I hope the present one will spare some time to answer which way he voted, as a Margate Charter Trustee, when in 97/98 a decision was taken by majority to end their public funding of the pseudo military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps.

Just to remind you the vote at Margate Charter Trustees was 97/98 but it was 2003 that KCC cancelled KATC Youth Group affiliation status.

On the vicious murder of David O'Leary in 2008. This is one of three unsolved Kent Police murder cases of 2008. There was also a cafe owner beaten to death and another case (Aylesford) of a man shot dead in his own home.

Anonymous said...

Under the pot pourri category I can also say that the Iraq Inquiry Cttee has acknowledged a submission from me. There are a number of Thanet related issues in the submission

(1) The matter of secrecy about Thor Chemicals contamination of the aquifer with mercury and mixed solvents (I revealed this by FOI if you recall). And what implications that may have to the matter of "Red Mercury" Dr Wouter basson, Dr David Kelly, Alan Kidger and the WMD case made to mount (in my view an unlawful) invasion of Iraq.

(2) Live fire training activity at a Thanet range on the late Pc ELEY's rural beat and reasons the range may not have been properly policed.

(3) The Deal Barracks bombing by IRA 1989 and ommissions in the consequent Admiralty Board of Inquiry report.

(4) The murder of retired MI5 officer, retd town clerk and member of 6th Thanet Range Ken Speakman 1996.

Anonymous said...

Strange isn't it the asset of the victoria pavilion can be allowed to deteriorate, the maritime museum can be given away the harbour arches are all half empty the eagle cafe or is it the harbour lights has been closed for years is this all deliberate by TDC or just incompetence by Richard (lets buy another carpet) Samuels and his motely bunch.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more with 9.55's comment "Intregity" seems to be a word devoid to the Ezekiel party here, wouldnt you resign if you "roughed up a lady in a shop especially a fellow councillor" wouldnt you resign if you "swore in public at a civic function" Decorum and dignity seem sadly to have passed Thanet ruling party by! not an example to set the youth of Thanet whose every other word seems to begin with "F" I find it quite offensive when i am out shopping or minding my own business in a store and then this language comes out in every day conversations !
A plea to those recruiting "would be councillors" in this round for next year's elections please don't feel you have to scrape the barrel - choose people who reflect the majority of citizens of Thanet not a minority of louts!(like those in the ruling clique!)

Anonymous said...

whats the news from Dane Valley - nothing published on TDC web site! unless i subscribe to receive all future propoganda from TDC which i dont think i can stomach in the run up to the 2010 elections!?

Anonymous said...

I see the high and mighty from the TDC communications department feel it is ok to use the Queens's head to promote their budget consultation.
The director's head should be on the block or on the way to the tower at the very least.