Saturday, 19 December 2009


I hate the white stuff and this was the scene at 8.30am from the garret window. It looks pretty but we'll get partial thawing and tonight the roads and pavements will ice up. Conditions tonight will be treacherous and how many young drivers will be out taking friends home who have never driven on snow and ice before? I wonder how many cars will fall victim to that notorious bend on Manston Rd, Birchington?

Wasn't it nice to see Richard Samuel writing to IOTG to explain his actions at The Dane Valley count. We can assume it is his version of an apology and I am sure his 'error of judgement' will not be repeated. As John Worrow is now an NTCA 'officer' (aka Ezekiel Party), readers might like to enjoy a quote from him in early 2007 when he was 'Grey' as opposed to 'Blue':

"There is no going back , only forward for it came through loud and clear, during the recent canvass, that the public wants something better than empty promises and spin . By offering the Electorate a commitment to heeding their needs and acting with integrity and initiative ,we will see the disillusioned galvanized into positive action by coming out and voting for an independent group, spearheaded by a new brand of honest politicians."

Looking back into Strife, I rather liked this report in Mar 2009 in regard to the Dreamland Scenic Railway fire of Easter 2008:
"Just under a year ago, TDC was talking purposefully about insisting on urgent repair of the scenic railway or 'compulsory purchase' . This was reported in IOTG on 18 Apr 2008":
"At the meeting (TDC Meeting), Cllr Clive Hart raised the concern that although 20 per cent of the Scenic Railway would need to be completely rebuilt the other 80 per cent would still need work done to it as it has sat unmaintained for the past two years. Officers agreed works would also cover the remaining 80 per cent to ensure the ride would be operational.
Council officers considered it “reasonable to expect that the ride might be repaired and operational by Easter 2009.”

"Well Easter 2009 is only three weeks away and my understanding is that despite TDC paying £42,000 in August to put in proper secure fencing (despite Cllr Watt-Ruffell heading up security at Dreamland), TDC has not got the money back for the tax-payer and MTCRC still hasn't got any detailed repair work done with Peter Beck for Waterbridge stating 'We still need to secure funding".

Well, they have now, courtesy of the tax-payer and therein lies my disgust as a tax-payer.

To round off a wintry morning before braving slushy pavements, it has come to my attention that the 'tag-team' of  Ezekiel Party Cllrs in N Birchington Ward, 'Woger' and  'Developer' Day, may have to be busy again soon, making sure that Day's house is not overlooked by a 3 storey contemporary designed block containing 8 apartments. The idea is that Little Place in Herschell Rd gets demolished and go and look at what those wonderful architects, Clague, have come up with on F/TH/09/0939, citing and picturing Day's house in Berkely Rd again. It couldn't get better! Hang on it could.

As 'Mauwice' is still pushing for houses on Eurokent (has been since Apr 2008!) and is reported at Full Council on Thursday to have jibed at Labour Cllrs,' well you tell me where I can put 600 dwellings  instead?',
What about this for a start?  8 dwellings on Little Place is an excellent idea and I commend it to Cllrs on Planning without reservation. Have also sent a Strife team member off to talk to the owners of Aurora, Herschell Rd (their rambling place is right beside Cllr Day's). Could get another apartment block with at least 10 dwellings squeezed in there; after all TDC set the precedent for squeezing modern contemporary buildings onto postage stamps!


Anonymous said...

I live on a main bus route and haven't seen a single bus go down the ungritted road all day on what is the last Saturday before Christmas. Plenty of cars going cautiously but no number 8 bus.

Kent Highways knew snow was forecast but do the hierarchy think other areas more important?

Anonymous said...

I read in the Gazette that Paul Carter, KCC Leader, wants to see the back of quangos (or is it quangoes?) Anyway, perhaps he could start with one close to home i.e. that mysterious organisation known as EKO LLP? Can you find out anything about it other than it's a combined effort from TDC and KCC but beyond that, zilch.

As Eurokent was meant for industrial use can we ask how hard the relevant people responsible for attracting industry actually worked or was it always intended to be for housing?

Can we find out if anyone has made enquiries to occupy the currently empty building? Wouldn't the Local Plan have to be changed to allow housing and that would require the Secretary of State to intervene?

Anonymous said...

Just seen two buses go by now the snow seems to have melted. I guess Stagecoach decided it is now safe to let the buses out from the garage.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Eurokent business park TDC should cultivate local entrepreneurs instead of keep waiting for the big companies to come employ lots of people and then go leaving the local economy no better off! Instead of dismissing those local businessmen (who may only employ a few people but this can be multiplied up!) but who don't fitthe Ezekiel party profile of cronyies they should be cultivating those who have the area at heart and are in it for the long term not to make a quick buck - like most of those developers etc who they socialise with - The Cllr Day scenerio could be repeated elsewhere! "What goes around comes around!"
I agree Bertie we need a reuvenated Conservative party of the type that supports small businesses generally not just "the chosen ones"

Anonymous said...

If Cllr. Ezekiel wants to know where the extra 600 housing units he claims we need perhaps he could speak to some of those who oppose the demolition of large, unwanted, impossible to maintain and heat houses.

There have been so many examples of locals getting together to stop a developer putting up decent-sized flats or houses in areas like Kingsgate or Pegwell. The use of these large plots where a house may have lain empty for years 'bringing down the tone of the area' would save our countryside and protect vital farmland.

I can think of one proposed development where the locals are in opposition on the grounds that 'we don't want those sort of people living here'.

We can't protect open land if we prevent development in our towns provided a decent standard of accommodation is produced.

John Worrow said...

Bertie, it is common knowledge that what you quoted was written by an elderly parish councillor, who was once a district councillor for Birchington; this was when I was a total 'newbie' to local government, and I admit, I was politically naive at the time.

At the end of the day actions speak louder than words; I like to think that people judge me by what I have achieved for my area.

I am a relatively young person in the world of local politics, and I admit that I was poorly advised regarding some issues in the early days; however, I have learned that it is a lost easier to attack others than it is to get off ones backside and actually do something for PEOPLE!

Merry Christmas!

Bertie Biggles said...

John, a Merry Christmas to you too. I am sorry that what i have attributed to you was not your own words! I thought they were rather good, actually.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Councillor Worrow. I mean the bit about doing something for people. Perhaps you could tell your colleagues who sit on TDC that's why they got elected and then maybe they'd get off their well-padded backsides and doing something for us out there not their mates and themselves?

Personally, I think you'd do better standing as an Independent next time round although you'd not have the party machine behind you.

I think bertie's right that there is scope for Independents in 2011 rather than the current crop from the 'blue corner' who siton TDC. Give it some thought and you might be surprised how much supprt you'd get.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with TDC, they were warned the same as us Snow was on it's way, Kent said we are ready for it. what happened?????
Buses were out until 8am Saturday morning then called back as no road had been gritted, people were stranded unable to get to work, no taxi's available with 3-4hr wait.
what the hell do we pay TDC for? we only had 2-3 inches of snow why couldn't they have cleared the main roads?? we the public want some answers and also someone put in charge who can organise these facilities, this council couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery they are absolutely hopeless

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in the saga about all the new pink carpeting at TDC offices when we are all being told of cut backs, you may be interested that a business named DJ Ellis was given the contract and guess what! he also happens to be a close friend of Ezekiel our dear leader.
Isn't that convenient.

Bertie Biggles said...

16.14, DJ Ellis is an approved contractor on TDC's list of such contractors. The relationship between the Leader and this firm's boss is thus irrelevant,although of interest. What is of interest though is who D J Ellis employed as a sub-contractor to fit flooring and carpets as part of D J Ellis' delivery of the contract. Was the overall contract subject to TDC's Contract Procedure Rules and what was it worth? Regular readers will be aware that EKAP has been working on TDC for almost 2 years to comply with its own Contract Procedure Rules without much success!

John Worrow said...

To: Anoymous 21 December 2009 08:46

There is good and bad in all parties, and the same goes for independents.

My politics has always been centre right. The Grey Party was a centre right party; when it disbanded, it became clear to me, that my natural home is the Conservative party.

I have always voted for Roger Gale and I will continue to do so.

I am lucky enough to have good friends with very different political views than my own.
It does not have to be nasty; we all need to grow up and just get along - life is too short.


As for being independent; all parish members sit as 'independents'
The parish council is a non party political body and has nothing to do with my North Thanet duties

I would like to close by wishing readers a very Merry Christmas! x x

Anonymous said...

Seems like Roger L is breeding replacements for his seat in Birchington, shame we can't have a new broom for the prospective candidates why do they all have to be so nasty?