Sunday, 14 March 2010


Couldn't resist looking at some Wikio ratings of 'blogs' to see how 'influential'  this blog is, having watched how Thanet Life has revamped, re-linked etc to improve its 'score' etc etc! An interesting  insight into the way some blogs regard these matters as important can been seen in the posting and in the comments attached here.

I have tried to resist giving way to the demands of my ego, in such matters but curiosity caught the better of me and I had to click on Dr Moore's link. I copy the stuff shown below:

You will find here the monthly rankings for the most influential blogs in the UK and Irish blogospheres.
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thanet strife

thanet strife
thanet conservative blog
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What had Bertie and the 'Team' rolling in the aisles was the description of  us being a 'thanet conservative blog'.  As we have no counters, no monitoring, no whizzo links etc such news comes as a surprise!

The marvellous thing about the wide variety of blogs in Thanet is the simple fact that a wide variety of thoughts , ideas and information is available at the click of a mouse. There is no doubt in my mind that this can only be healthy, particularly as many who put comments on all our blogs, feel that they have an accessible and easy forum to comment on topics that affect their lives and 'anonymous' comment allows them to do so easily.


Anonymous said...

The paltry number of comments that are ususally attracted to this and other Thanet blogs is indicative of a very small audience Bertie. So although you might flatter yourself that you are widely read I would suggest that you are really an irrelevance in the wider scheme of things. Worse, I am sure your audience all have an axe to grind, either locally, nationally, or for personal reasons e.g. supporting your tree hugger credentials. Plus there are the usual suspects who don't need naming and who will always be anti-everything because that is their nature.

So enjoy your cosy little world Bertie. I am sure it is a very nice place, but don't go kidding yourself that you are anything other than a limp wristed yellow backed armchair general. Perhaps if you put up and got yourself elected, like Simon, you might get some respect.

Bertie Biggles said...

You seem to have missed the point completely in my posting, 14.35 as your snide and offensive comment reveals.

I am happy to put up your posting as it is a typical example that one might expect to get from possibly a TDC Cabinet member of the Ezekiel Party in Thanet.

The fact that you bother to come and comment is sufficient excuse for me to keep blogging!

Please feel free to visit and comment as often as you wish and I will continue to extend to you the courtesy of putting up your comments even if I disagree with them and find them personally abusive.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh Bertie how you assume that anyone who put anything negative about you on this blog is automatically out to get you and labelled as one of TDC or the "Ezekiel party". Egotistical perhaps? Do we really actually care?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that perhaps some of us do not have a vendetta, we just cut past your tripe and realize you're the one with a personal axe to grind? Obviously someone's ruffled your feathers somewhere along the line to be so bitter. Even the oppositions to each party do not get so bitchy as you sometimes.

Prove that you're not all mouth and no trousers and do something productive for a change; stand in the next election if you're so sure of yourself. Then we'll see just how really fantastic you are!

Anonymous said...

Bertie is not the only local tory to be unhappy with the calibre of conservative councillor, believe me they are the laughing stock of kent!illegal Car clamping, animal cruelty, abuse in shops, what else do i have to elude to - Bertie stand as an independant and others will certainly follow!
They must be rattled not to make the ex mayor resign as a councillor, don't want another former tory seat to go to the opposition!

Anonymous said...

Revealing psychology Anon. Note how you lapsed to the plural. And your ego ? You believe that your respect is something worth winning ?

Then your mealymouthed tendency to hypothesis.

If Bertie is read by one influential man and, say, ECR is read by ten thousand pitbull tugging Thanetian giromunchers. Who reaches the more influential readership ? (Audiences receive information aurally. Maybe in your case true as I imagine you reading out loud to yourself and your lips moving as you scribe your vitriol)

ascu75 aka Don said...

How Popular is my blog ???????

Bertie Biggles said...

If you go to ThanetLife Don and click on the link, you can type in and find out. The blossoming of blogs all over Thanet since the ground breaking done by Simon Moores with Thanet Life, years ago, is quite amazing and I am wondering if BBC will follow up some thoughts on looking at Thanet Blogs.

Anonymous said...

Way off as always Bertie Bungle. And you, the master of bile for those you don't like, have no room to remark on abusive comment.

Bertie Biggles said...

Tiresome, 15.37. Interesting to see you over at ECR though!