Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Whilst the news that ex  Conservative Cllr 'Panama' Broadhurst's firm Probe Security has been kicked off Dreamland is interesting (has it anything to do with some odd clamping,  as the arson attack on the  Scenic Railway almost 2 yrs ago didn't result in them being kicked off?), and the probability that  ex conservative Cllr Watt-Ruffell is probably now without a job, tonight's item is perhaps more worrying.
I copy in full the e-mail received by me today which was also sent to  our Cllrs and MPs.

Dear Councillors,
Most of you will be aware that I am currently serving with the RAF for 4 months in the United Arab Emirattes and due back to the UK early April...
You will also be aware that the residents of the estate close to the military base have, for the past 4 years, experienced many problems associated with the former RAF fuel depot on the Museum crossroads at Spitfire Way, Manston.  I have been informed today by my partner Elisabeth that the long established foot path leading from Bell-Davies Drive towards the military base at Manston has been blocked by several tons of building waste. See attached pictures.
The result of blocking the footpath by the owners of the fuel site has created extreme danger for pedestrians including young children who have no other option than having to walk into the adjacent road (B2190) which is extremely busy several hours each day. This is yet another example of the owners taking out their frustrations of not receiving planning permission on various project, onto the residents.   
I am requesting that enforcement action be taken with immdiate effect to close down whatever business is operating out of the old fuel depot and take the necessary action to officially recognise the footpath which has been in use for at least 40 years. You will see by the attached pictures of the various dangers caused by this wanton act of vandalism.  In addition to pedestrians being force to walk on the road you will notice various lumps of building debris encroaching the road, therefore potentially causing danger to road users especially cyclists. 
We have already had a very recent fatality of a cyclist close by the area concerned not wanting another.
Please persue this issue with the utmost haste as it is felt by many residents of the nearby estate that enough is enough.

Derek Crow-Brown
Warrant Officer Royal Air Force
Det WO
Al Minhad Air Base

Warrant Officer Crown-Brown's pictures clearly show the problem. I also show below a sign on the site that was there for a number of years and whilst many might agree with the sentiments expressed and have some sympathy, the safety issue is far more important and I urge our KCC Cllrs in particular to get onto this issue ASAP. I would suggest that WO Crow-Brown has enough on his plate in UAE without having to worry about his family's safety on Thanet's roads.

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whatever the rights or wrongs of the case you are referring to - many of us agree with the sentiments expressed on the sign! I always toot and many of my friends do too!
Been to see Jo Caulfield tonight, am still laughing - her jokes about grandmothers at 32 and teenagers pushing prams in tracksuits when describing a run down northern town are just about as pertinant to Margate! She asked about Margate and was it on the "up" - she got a pretty resounding no!