Saturday, 11 July 2009


A big well done to the Dumpton Park Drive residents who had a clear spell between the showers to hold their Summer Fete this afternoon on the 'village green' that TDC failed to get adverse posession from Land Registry.
Over a hundred people turned out and it was good to see at least 6 Councillors there and of course the residents' MP, Dr Steve Ladyman. In a brief speech he declared his support for the village green and open land case the residents are making and was disparaging about TDC's handling of the situation so far. Like many he clearly thinks that TDC needs to re-think and go back to their original idea of selling the probably land-locked scrubland by the railway to residents.
I am delighted to report that not only has a point been made to TDC, if it has the sense to see it, but perhaps more importantly, £187 was raised for Guide Dogs for The Blind.


tony flaig bignews said...

It was a really well organised event with good publicity and nice to see that the Guide Dogs for the Blind will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Well done Thanet Council on the brilliant organisation of the new ferry service. She has left her lay up berth and has gone to Santa Cruz with the logos on the sides for the new ramsgate service painted out.Suggesting she has a contract with another charterer. It is only fair to congratulate the council on a complete failure as is almost expected of everything they put their hands on .Lets hope the new Ramsgate council can make the right decisios and choose the right people for their future projects.