Friday, 24 July 2009


It's that time again for 'Our Ken', Zita and her 'Road Gang' and any other TDC Ward Cllrs and KCC Cllrs to get down to St Peter's to talk to local businesses and householders about 'yellow lines' in High Street, St Peters, Broadstairs. The poster on the lamp-post below has got another small village upset about the extinction of its businesses as the yellow lines spread around the Isle. (See today's IOTG about yellow -lines in Minster)
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A local resident has reported the following:
"Dear Bertie,
KCC wants to extend the double yellow lines in St. Peter's High Street and remove virtually all parking spaces. There would be a handful left so residents and shoppers calling at the dentist, the hairdresser, the newsagent, the coffee shop, the butcher and the chemist will have to scramble for the few available. It is, I believe, to enable the fire service to access Alderney Gardens but do so many places have to be taken out?

The only notification for everyone is one notice on the bus stop. Sounds familiar? When the gas mains work was about to start there was no notification to traders and residents, just one notice on a lamp-post. the businesses had 6 weeks of severely depleted trade and fear this next step is one too far.

Interesting this has been announced after the KCC elections have taken place.

It is hoped the KCC councillors and TDC councillors for the area will be in talks with the local businesses and residents to see what can be worked out as the closing date for objections is August 10th.".

It seems to me that some commonsense is needed here. The minimum amount of yellow-paint should be used to make sure that a fire-engine has access if needed and discussion and consultation should now be engaged in by Local Cllrs to explain the whys and wherefores to businesses and residents and with KCC/TDC and the minimum impact on struggling village businesses should be the aim. The less yellow paint used the better!


Anonymous said...

The lack of consultation means that with the holiday period on us, many residents won't have time to object to this latest scheme that will wipe out the local businesses.

Looking at what is planned there would only be, at most, two spaces left for over a dozen houses, several businesses and the removal of cars would turn the road into a race track. The nearest car park isn't handy so anyone wanting newspapers, cigarettes, butchery etc. will either use the Co-op or bypass the area totally.

Considering the benefits to tourism from the award-winning Village Tour what will be left for visitors after completing the tour?

Come on councillors do something for us. Remember who elected you.

Anonymous said...

Petitions already under way and letters of objection winging their way to the Parking Services Manager at TDC.

General talking point in St. Peter's today was on the lines of 'Why is TDC/KCC trying to kill off the village like this?'

It may not be due to the fire service it seems but why anyone would try to suffocate the local businesses is a mystery.

Residents think property prices already down may suffer even more if cars have to be parked some distance away from people's houses. It's not much good if you are elderly living there if you have to park 200 yards away.

How will those with young children cope when cars already tend to speed when the area is virtually free from cars parked?

Ken Gregory said...

Funnily enough I have had more comments of support from residents of St Peters than comments against.

The common thread seams to be people who purchased their driving licences from a pound shop spoil it for the rest of the community.

More seriously, we are going to see more of these restrictions across Kent, as the emergency services submit their 'wish' list re access.

To look at it from their point of view, If they identify an 'access' problem, and KCC do nothing, and then someone dies as a result, Who do the relatives of the deceased sue for negligence?

Bertie Biggles said...

How much yellow paint, though Ken? Few would want to have a situation where a fire tender cannot gain access but the minimum amount of double yellows is called for, surely and this requires perjhaps an onsiye meeting with interested parties?

Anonymous said...

Latest is it's not the fire service after all so perhaps Councillor Gregory could find out for the people of St. Peter's who wants double yellow lines?

Is it Eastonways' buses, running once an hour, that sometimes find it difficult to get down the road if the butcher is getting deliveries?

Comments of support? Perhaps you could be more specific?

Was there any consultation with the residents or businesses? Were the TDC/KCC councillors involved?

So many questions, so few answers.

Come on, councillors, give us the information we need before St. Peter's Village disappears into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

This is sacreledge! I used to work in the village, for 12 years I was part of the wonderful community, where everyone helped each other, it was a very happy place to live and work.
Thanks to TDC & KCC this will be the last nail to be driven into the coffin and destroy our village completely. First it was Asda's then all the other Super markets, then the next nail, the closing of the Post Office and the movement of St Peters School.
Even after all this, the Village still survived, but to stop parking in the High Street will be the final nail. How the hell do TDC & KCC expect all the little business's to survive when people can not park thier cars to buy their wares. Perhaps if they have a car park it would be different, but they haven't even got one car park.
It is disgraceful, this decision will mean the end to so many people's lives, people who have worked and strived for so long to keep their heads above water, fought every obstickle thrown at them, it just isn't fair.
If you think you will have any votes at the next election, just think again, it is disgraceful the way you play with so many others lives.
Hang your heads in shame

Anonymous said...

It is about time these Tory Councillors do something for the people, they always seem to be somewhere else when they are needed or telephoned, what do they actually do to earn this £4800 a year. we tax payers give them.
Pull your fingers out and give something to the people SAVE OUR VILLAGE then perhaps you may earn some respect, at the moment you deserve nothing.
Perhape you could make the suggestion to detour all heavy goods away from the village except for deliveries which should be done before 8.30am. Some other towns do this why not Thanet? If they stopped digging up the road every 3 months this would improve the traffic situation.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing that no elected representative has taken the trouble to explain to residents and busineses why these lines are needed. Councillor Gregory says people are in favour but as a regular visitor to St. Peter's for shopping I haven't found anyone in support of the scheme.

Who are these people, then?