Monday, 24 August 2009


Rumours of a truce in the latest Thanet Blog War were clearly ill-founded. After losing ground in last year's Blog War in Wikipedia, it would seem that Blue Forces have been expelled from the territory. The picture above shows a member of the Eddytaws striking back as Blue Forces were pushed out of the territory.
The latest Red Forces Bulletin ( see ) accuses Blue Forces of breaches of The Wikipedia Convention. Blue Forces Commander, whilst being silent about this set-back and restrained about claims that Blue Forces breached any Conventions, clearly had some fire-fighting difficulties with other 'Boys in Blue' and their geographical ignorance yesterday. ( see
We will have to wait and see if a Jedi Knight can mediate successfully and bring a swift conclusion to the conflict before The Emperor returns and calls in his Standard Bearers.
The August 'Silly Season' will soon be over, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

hey mista could you hold yer pottie the right way up

Are we any clearer about the Royal Marines Reserve Record or the PhD status though ?

Anonymous said...

Happy news at last!

LOOK at this link - Gerry O’Donnell saved a lady from falling

Anonymous said...

try this as linkie

Bertie Biggles said...

Richard, I assume you are referring to Simon Moores; it is a matter of public record that a Ph.D was awarded by Pacific Western University.

Thanks 16.47 for that link. I trust Cllr Jean Fleming, who is 84, has made a full recovery and well done to Gerry O'Donnell who clearly prevented more serious injury and to Cllr Worrow for being so supportive.

Anonymous said...

Well they still have a wiki entry but I am not sure it is helpful