Sunday, 16 August 2009


Oh, dear! Bertie goes into low-profile for a few days and on return to 'blog-sphere' discovers that Thanet Blog Wars have erupted again after an 18 month suspension of hostilities.
Some readers might remember the headline from Your Thanet in Feb 2008, the disappearance of Thanetonian (One Voice), nobbled ECR and the opening of a Wikipedia Front and self suspension of Thanet Life.
It would seem that some of the same issues have been raised again and we have Cllr Mark Nottingham at one end of Kent ( ); Cllr Simon Moores at Thanet Life ( ) and Matt B at Thanet Star ( ) exchanging opening salvoes. As a keen observer and reporter of the last round of hostilities, I suspect that there is a sharper edge to the present exchanges. Int Cells and Research Teams will be busy again, no doubt!
The issue that interests Bertie more at the moment is what is 'Our Leader' doing about our absent 'Straw Man', Cllr 'Panama' Broadhurst? One must assume that his embarrassingly low profile in Dane Valley and at TDC Council Meetings will lead to a vacancy in Dane Valley Ward very soon.

I would not be surprised to see an election for a new Cllr taking place this autumn, and I hope some 'Ind Conservatives' will come forward. If there is any-one considering this, they should get off the starting block now and follow Laura Sandys' example and start promoting themselves as 'Prospective Independent Cllr for Dane Valley'. I would also urge Thanet Labour Group to gear -up now and get on and try and win a seat back that they should never have lost.
You can bet that 'Our Leader' is already considering and trying to influence the choice of a new prospective Conservative Cllr and I await with interest to see if we end up with another husband and wife team at TDC or a face from the past.
Off now to look for a tin-helmet and check that no great crested newts have taken up residence in the Biggles' Bunker.


Peter Checksfield said...

I'm not taking sides with anyone here, but I do wish that Simon would just rise above it & ignore them. They're ALL much more interesting when they're writing about Thanet instead of each other (Matt in particular has a fixation on Simon that borders on obsession!).

Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be a by-election - he does not have to resign

Anonymous said...

Cry Havoc and let slip the blogs of war....

Anonymous said...

Laura Sandys can legitimately call herself 'Parliamentary Candidate' as the rules have been changed so someone could, I guess, call himself/herself 'Independent Conservative Candidate for Dane Valley' now if so wished.

Anonymous said...

Does Moores not realise that he is about as popular as a terd in a swimming pool!

His only friends are the Tory heirarchy that are using him to their own ends. But because of his massive ego, he can't see that and will therefore continue to become a figure of ridicule. Especially with his blog site which should be renamed 'Namedropping Life'.

What a truely sad individual.

Bertie Biggles said...

22.39, I think you mean 'turd'.

I have allowed your comment on the grounds that it does seem to represent a negative aspect in Thanet and even the country as a whole, that knocks anyone who has led an interesting and successful career.

I have regularly been told by some readers that I am a sad individual who needs to get a life etc...; it's a hazard of running a blog! If you do not enjoy reading Thanet Life, could I suggest that you stop reading it?

Anonymous said...

Re: Thanet Death. How can you stop reading a blog that gives you such a good belly laugh. The name dropping, etc is outrageous. What an ego, but so unintentionally funny.

Anonymous said...

Actually Biggles old chap, terd is an acceptable spelling as an alternative to your turd. So to speak.

A good anal-ogy in the context of the story.

Bertie Biggles said...

Well, well! Thank you 11.47 for dropping that little nugget!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm just happy it's not me this time!

At the end of the day, it may be worth remembering that most blogs probably only represent one or two facets of an individual's personality, and that although we may find their online jottings questionable, it doesn't necessarily mean they're monsters in real life.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to say that I'm very much in favour of world peace, and that if I win this competition my aim would be to work with animals and children, although a record deal and some tastefully shot topless modelling wouldn't be out of the question either.

Anonymous said...

Hardy perennial Thanet (tory) issues Bertie.

When Thanet tory Cllr Margaret Mortlock successfully sued Thanet tory Cllr George Maison for libel (1998) questions arose about Thanet tory cllr candidate selection procedures.

In the libel case prelude the questions were about declaration, to the candidate selection process, of criminal record (Guilty verdict in a Magistrates Court Pontefract) and of a lawful arrest record Kent(IE Arrests which were lawful, prosecution files submitted by Kent Police but resulting in public interest nil-prosecution decisions taken by CPS)

As far as I recall, re Maison, the answer was that declarations had been made and the candiodate approved.

The situation appears to have been that the tories could know about a criminal record and arrest history but the voters could not ?

The questions, featured on Cllr Nottingham's blog, about Simon Moores are in the same genre.

How much evidence does a Tory candidate present to establish his history and qualifications.

If Simon has served with the Royal Marines Reserve, completed a Commando course or got a PhD then he will have no problem establishing those credentials with the the local tory party.

If the answers to such questions are such that voters, who voted for him, would have not voted for him then a more serious situation would arise.

At this time the issue is about the right to question and the duty to answer.

The same issue as In Mortlock v Maison over ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

Tin hat Bertie? Is this a secret? The number of people asked last week by cabinet members if they wish to stand must be in double figures. Perhaps they need tin hats now more than you.

Anonymous said...

Bertie, I have not "disappeared".

Soon after Simon Moores closed his blog down last year (vowing (probably) not to re-start it) and started threatening possible legal action against all and sundry, and his friend Ewen Cameron started threatening me and others over the use of allegedly copywritten pictures, I wrote to Moores directly.

I expressed the view that I believed (and believe) that he was largely responsible for the crisis in and collapse of the local blogging scene, not least through the threats he was bandying around. I also said that I was prepared to close my blog (Thanetonian) in the hope that this would contribute to a lessening of the tensions and hostility, allowing things to return to normal.

I did close it down, and it has remained closed. I had hoped that Moores would keep Thanet Life closed, but he has not, and is now back to his old tricks.

I have posted comments on other local blogs from time to time and will continue to do so. I have not posted on Thanet Life for a very long time - way before last year's tussles. I have kept my word on that too.

I guess blogging brings together some very strong, opinionated, self-publicists who will occasionally clash. Certainly given the size of Moores's ego, that is guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

I heard that John Warrow is the conservative choice

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for that One Voice. I must say that whilst I may have had some arguments with you on Thanetonian, I enjoyed visiting the blog and it was a pity that you closed the site.

17.48, the Thanet gossip I have heard would indicate that Parish Cllr Worrow is being lined up to replace Cllr Latchford on the basis that he is known in Birchington. The chattering classes would also appear to be suggesting that Cllr Latchford is due to go on his way this autumn, and thus this makes sense. The idle speculation I make, is who is being contemplated for Dane Valley when it is announced that Cllr 'Panama'Broadhurst has reluctantly decided to stand-down?

Anonymous said...

ONEVOICEINTHANET, good to see you alive and well. You have been missed!

Anonymous said...

Heaven help Birchington is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I believe you have your facts incorrect Bertie, Cllr Broadhurst as not intention of stepping down and is enjoying his extra money lying in the sun and enjoying himself, unless he is forced to go, he is here to stay
Sorry if this has upset many!

Anonymous said...

Worrow is doing a very good job on earth but I don't know about Heaven

Bertie Biggles said...

13.43, I hope that is not the case! Perhaps 'Our Leader' has other ideas?

Anonymous said...

The Apostles hear that a certain mini,mini me is being groomed (an awful word, but apt in this case)to take over from Deputy Rog.

Dictated in his absence


Anonymous said...

It will serve no-one's interest if local blogging activity is once again disrupted by unfounded allegations and attacks and threats of retaliatory action. That said, if there is evidence that undermines claims or statements made by local councillors or others that can be shown to be untrue, then they should be exposed.

With that in mind, I really do think that Mark Nottingham - whom I generally support - should fulfill his promise to produce his "evidence" against Simon Moores. He has left too much "hanging" and in doing so has left himself exposed and vulnerable. His unexplained withdrawal of the post about Stephen Broadhurst further weakens his position, I fear.

I sincerely hope he can retrieve the situation quickly.