Monday, 19 May 2008


"The bigger the lie, the more the people will believe it". (Adolf Hitler)

The following quote from the IOTG last Friday is from Ken Wills, a director of CGP Ltd (whose shares aren't doing too well) and managing director of Summit Aviation (where work seems to have stopped on their nice new building at Manston) and who has been so impressed by Steve Ladyman MP (whose constituency covers the proposed China Gateway) that he donated £25,000 to him as a political donation last year:

" The advice we've had is there isn't a risk".

The risk Ken was talking about was the risk to Thanet's drinking water aquifer that CGPs China Gateway application to TDC F/TH/08/0400 will put at risk.

Lets just examine the facts for a moment. This is what CGPs own application to TDC says:

" The aquifer underlying the site is considered to be a major aquifer providing potable water to a large population " - CGP application to TDC.

"There is potential for significant pollution of the aquifer to occur" - CGP application to TDC."

Should chemicals leach into the groundwater underlying the site the impact would be LONGTERM and in some cases UN-RECOVERABLE" - CGP application to TDC

This is what the Environmental Agency said in a letter to TDC and to PRC Architects (who are acting for Mr Ken Wills' CGP):

" All foul drainage should be directed to mains foul sewer.
An on site package treatment plant discharging to ground ( the proposal contained in application F/TH/08/0400 from CGP!) will not be acceptable at this site. The Agency's Groundwater and Contaminated Land Team will OBJECT to any application made under the Water Resources Act 1991 for consent to discharge. The volume of treated sewage effluent WOULD BE SO LARGE IT WOULD POSE AN UNACCEPTABLE RISK to the groundwater in the underlying aquifer and therefore to the public water supply abstraction."

So there you have it.

Mr Wills tells the IOTG and the people of Thanet 'there is no risk' when his own application and his own agents state categorically that there is and his agents are in receipt of a letter from The Environment Agency stating that CGPs proposals(Klargester septic tanks) in F/TH/08/0400 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.

I am sorry but, Mr Wills is not telling the truth. THERE IS A RISK and he knows darn well there is. But of course, " The bigger the lie.....................!

So Thanet's water supply is to depend on CGP who have a strange interpretation of the facts.


Ian J said...

Under capitalist dogma section 1(ii)

It is only a lie if you don't stand to make lots of money.

Anonymous said...

Business as usual then.

Anonymous said...

Lazy persons dogma section 1 (ii)

If you are eaten up with jealousy blame capitalism, even though it doles out money to you.

Ian angry

Anonymous said...

Ken Wills looks a bit like that Shorn Canary don't he ?

"Wills, Ken Wills. Water. Bottled not mains."