Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Am I the only male who is concerned about how 'Kent's Finest' will react should I call for help when my 'missus' sets about me with a rolling pin?
I thought we lived in a Britain of sexual equality, but this is not the case in terms of domestic violence apparently. Readers of yesterday's Thanet Times may have picked up on 3 stories of 'domestic strife'. I cannot help but feel sorry for Lee Wren (aged 27) who rang 999 to report his girlfriend for attacking him.
Now, before you think , what a 'wimp', remember that domestic violence against males is not uncommon. However, poor Lee did not realise that it is 'policy' for Kent Police to 'go in and get the male out as quickly as possible' in utter disregard of the fact that the male might have called them for his own safety!
Now poor Lee faces a whole load of grief because he took exception to being grabbed by police and being bundled into a car and being whisked away to be locked up in the cells. The immediate assumption was that Lee was 'knocking around' his girlfriend and that she was innocent, despite the fact that he was the original '999' complainant. He is now awaiting sentence for the heinious offences of trying to stop officers from handcuffing him; punching a police car window; bringing his hand down on the police station counter and according to police,. 'moving to strike the face of an officer'. He was even overheard shouting (quite understandably perhaps) "Tell me what I have done or I will kick off". By the way, his girlfriend "did not pursue any allegation of assault against him'. Hang on here, who rang the police and why?
So, be careful if you are a man, and your female 'other half ' sets about you with a meat cleaver. Don't bother dialling 999; in Britain you will be immediately arrested. Leg it out of harms way fast for your own safety in every respect!


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that things are even worse if you have kids too. It's because assumptions like the kind the police make that result in around 97% (according to the last figures I saw) of mothers being awarded custody. Why do you think those dads dressed as batman kicked off a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

And what power of arrest did police have ?

One they invented for themselves ?

A couple of years ago I was asked for advice by a man who had been arrested by Thanet Police.

The history was that police received a call one night from a resident of Pysons Road that they thought they could hear wood being moved in a timber yard.

Police arrested a man in the vicinity on the double suspicion

(a) That a crime had been committed

(b) That the man could reasonably be suspected of it

After holding him in custody over night Thanet Police were a tad surprised to receive no complaint of a break in from the timber yard.

So they visited the yard to tell them they had been burgled and that they had a man in custody.

Outside the yard was stacked a pile of oak.

The yard owner (whilst not being clear if this was overnight goods in as I understand it) said that if it was oak FROM his yard then it would have taken two men three hours including that they must have replaced the stacks in his yard.

Nonetheless the case proceeded.

I advised the man that he had been unlawfully arrested and that Thanet Police were committing a criminal conspiracy in the case.

He went to Laurie Waitt with this opinion and he was told that the solicitor agreed BUT THAT THE JUDGES DID NOT LIKE DEFENCES BASED ON CRITICISM OF THANET POLICE.

As I understand it the police were given their usual easy time in Court apart from their case which gave the disabled man a ten minute window of opportunity to carry the timber from the yard and replace the stacks in the yard (Six man hours for young fit men).

Jury nearly died laughing at the absurdity of Thanet Police case. Not guilty.

Just happened to be a man who Police had then recently had to pay out of court damages for a warrant raid in which a firearms officer got his gun tangled in the loft ladder sending all his colleagues scurrying for cover and the 13 year old lad in the house also fled the out of control firearms officer only to be assaulted by the police outside.

Say what you like about Irritating Bloke, when he decks Thanet cops they don't charge him. He asks them what power of arrest they think they have, warns them he will use reasonable force of self defence and then either throws them over their police cars or rolls them in the mud.

The man is a hero. More people need to keep Thanet Police in compliance with the law.

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks Rick (aka IB) for your comments. Sorry about the deletions elsewhere. This sort of PC nonsense from Kent Police should worry us all. The child custody issue is still a disgrace, Matt. i am not a misogynist but I am fed up with a female dominated media pushing female agenda whilst men suffer sexual discrimination.