Friday, 16 May 2008


I have heard reports this afternoon that the jacuzzi at Bannatyne's Health Club was less than healthy last night and upto 7 people had to visit casualty at QEQM. The first victim of the jacuzzi with more 'bite' than one would expect, apparently complained to Reception on his way out, that his blue shorts had changed colour to red and within minutes his skin began to blister with chemical burns.
His arrival at casualty caused a minor stir as a chemical contamination alert was implemented with Casualty effectively closed and staff getting into protective gear. Kent Fire and Rescue was sent to Bannatyne's and the Health Club in turn was evacuated.
It sounds like an error with the bleach or chlorine diinfectant added to the jacuzzi and has caused more of a problem than treating one of the victim's shorts as 'litmus' paper. The receptionist's offer to replace the shorts was laudable but I suspect the victim will be seeking more compensation in due course after, hopefully, a full recovery.
It just shows that we need to be very careful about what gets into our water, doesn't it? If one silly error like at Bannatyne's , were to be repeated at the proposed China Gateway and human beings are fallible, Thanet's water supply will no longer be drinkable.
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Anonymous said...

A Thanet employee perchance ?

Chinese take note. Local labour ?

Ken Gregory said...

A cheap shot at our local workforce. Mistakes and failures happen. Anywhere. (Look at three mile island on the internet).

Our Local people are excellant employees, lets not knock them

Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

Call me old fashioned but I'm not a fan of sharing a hot bubble bath with a bunch of strangers in swim wear.
- At least there might be some point to it if they were nude!

Various people have told me of the unpleasant personal hygene matters that they attend to whilst in there - and with the water is at such a warm/hot temperature - of course, lots of chemicals need to be added.


Anonymous said...

I was a member of another local gym and was always appalled at the sweaty folk who never wiped down the gym equipment and then went into the jacuzzi or the pool without showering first.

Anonymous said...

You are Ballantynes and I claim my £200,000.

Anonymous said...

9.09 Anon.

a) the gym is Bannatynes and b)it was JJB I left due to a number of issues with management.

Bertie Biggles said...

Ken, I agree but that is precisely why we are foolish in considering putting China Gateway on the centre of a major aquifer. Mistakes happen, as you so rightly point out and these are not necessarily confined to our own work-force.