Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Few would have slept through last nights thuderstorm that swept over Thanet just before 2am. The storm passed in about 30 minutes and in that time literally dumped 20mm of rain . Local flooding ocurred and the Biggles' wine cellar would have been flooded if I had not quickly cleared a drain of just one or two leaves that was being fed water from the roof down a drain-pipe.

Such violent storm systems coming over from France have become a regular feature of our weather in Thanet in the past few years. As I watched the road become a river, I wondered what amount of water would have fallen on the roofs and concrete/tarmac had China Gateway been constructed already?

My conservative estimate given the size of the warehouse sheds and parking hardstanding for almost 4000 cars and 400 HGVs was that in that half-hour period more than 2 MILLION LITRES of water would have run down drain pipes off roofs and another 3 MILLION LITRES would have had to drain off tarmac/concrete areas.

I know see why The Environmental Agency has stated it will oppose a Klargester septic tank system at China Gateway and insist on MAINS SEWERAGE.

Does Mr Ken Wills really think that his cheaper Klargester system in the planning application F/TH/08/0400 would have coped with 5 MILLION LITRES OF RUN OFF in 30 minutes? Of course not.

Last night, had China Gateway been standing, foul sewerage and hydrocarbon contaminated water from the car and HGV areas would have been deposited into Thanet's water catchment area. That is why you need to lodge a complaint about the construction of China Gateway because construction on the cheap endangers your drinking water supplies. There is still time, so get onto Doug Brown at TDC.


Anonymous said...

Its a pity Conservative Cllrs disagree over this issue.

I cannot believe that we have two authorities KCC/TDC controlling both sites vying for each others business. the Westwood site could contain the china gateway.

Trouble is, am sure that Rose Farm estates has some sort of veto on what goes in? yet this was not discussed at the Local Board in Ramsgate why?

I am sure this is what scuppered the Thanet stadium venture.

The whole planing issue is a screw up and lets remember this bit from the EA and would the Conservative Cllrs care to comment on it publicly?

Chapter 9 - Soil Conditions and Contamination:

The Agency's Groundwater and Contaminated Land team have the following comments on chapter 9 of the EIA.

Table 7.2 does not identify all the risks posed to the groundwater in the underlying aquifer. Only made ground is identified as posing a risk to the groundwater. Landfill sites, fuel tanks, adjacent industries and aircraft parking are all potential sources which can pose a risk to the groundwater; this risk should be identified and assessed in the ground investigation report.


Anonymous said...

slightly off subject but i see Goddens Gap on Margate seafront has a planning application to turn it into a car park!!!!


is this whats called regeneration?

amkiky said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't seem to remember the A299, between Monkton Roundabout and St Nicholas Roundabout, ever having such severe flooding that the road had to be closed to transport (as has happened twice this week). Would this have anything to do with the development of Thanet Earth on top of Chalklands??? If so, it's a prime example of what would happen if China Gateway went ahead. Seem to recall reading that flooding wouldn't be a cause for concern with China Gateway?? Maybe this should be investigated again?

Anonymous said...

My Tea set is made of China and its ok

Anonymous said...

I am trying to research the background of Thanets great benefactor Mr Ken Wills, but know nothing of where his millions came from.

Anyone got any ideas where I can find out?

Anonymous said...

Well, his partner Seymour-Prosser,was part of the Israeli company, Dizengoff, that came here some years ago to build at the old Castle Keep site and some others around but beyond that I can't help you. CGP is on the AIM part of the Stock Exchange but their shares are rock-bottom at the moment so investors don't have any faith in the company.

Anonymous said...

The poster who wants to investigate Wills money should get hold of the local papers from a few years back as they did a whole story on him and the next week the Hilton's.

It was not in the free papers it was either the Tuesday or Friday local.

Anonymous said...

Say no more!

Matt B said...

Call me a negitive soul if you wish but has anyone the slightest idea what we can do to prepare for the loss of our drinking water because I don't.

Anonymous said...

Currently Nash court road has reservoir or alternatively in the rain when Ramsgate has it own in the town centre.

Or there is an option of locally sourcing and ex military bod who was jungle trained - and can show you how to use a millbank bag or a sweaty sock to help get the dead matter out and then go through the purification process

Like you i am thoroughly drained on this issue

Anonymous said...

Dear all

I am reading up on the tort of private nuisance and why tort may be 'protean' in nature.

The hunter case is an area that I am looking at, it’s the case of Hunter and Others v Canary Wharf Limited,

Of interest to us are the distinguishing factors of negligence and nuisance, for those that live nearby. I guess the enjoyment of the land may be more appropriate…although they do not own it, however - and this is where the protean bit comes in, the land that a house sits in adds to the aquifer and they have certain rights (in law) i.e. if they (the land owners) wanted to sink a bore hole to extract potable water and its been polluted then negligence has taken place? Isn’t British law wonderful and quirky?