Saturday, 10 May 2008


It has come to my attention that the gentleman on the left, Cllr Bill Hayton has stepped down as TDC's Chair of Planning, in favour of the gentleman on the right, former Labour Cllr Ken Gregory. I say 'stepped down' but the real question I can't help asking , is, has he been pushed?

Why should that cross my mind? One of my sources tells me Cllr Hayton was definitely not drinking in The Lanthorne on Sunday 13th April with 'Our Leader' and its owner and other well known Thanet personalities. (See Fly on The Wall posting of Fri 18 April). Another source tells me that he would not have been welcome anyway, given the comments imparted to the IOTG after a TDC Planning Meeting turned down a very sensible car-park extension application at a very nice hotel in Pegwell. (This hotel is ideally placed by the way, to look after a large number of frequent foreign visitors visiting the area and China Gateway in particular over the next few years.)

Other comments that have come my way suggest that Cllr Ken Gregory would be ' better suited' to see some major and contentious applications due to come up shortly before the Planning Committee such as China Gateway and Eurokent's revised format for housing, business and leisure as opposed to 'industrial/employment' use. What special qualities does Cllr Gregory have that Cllr Hayton lacks?

Having watched Cllr Hayton on a number of occasions, in full control and with excellent grip as Chair of Planning and getting very full agenda dealt with, I would have thought his experienced pair of hands would be just the ticket for the busy and difficult times ahead.

Has he upset some 'important people' or does he just need a rest?


Ken Gregory said...

What Ho Bertie,

No special reason, just a progression, otherwise we could have been accused of not moving to the future,

I would add that Bill and I are still 'joined at the hip' as when I was his vice chair.

With regard to the important developements you refer to, The planning committee will deal with them in a fair manner , as always.

In addition, I do have some experience in the role, With my discarded Labour hat I was both chair of planning and cabinet member for the same portfolio.
I only hope I can do the role justice.

Ken Gregory said...

oh and ps, its about four years since I drank in the Lanthorne, good pub though it is

Bertie Biggles said...

Hi, Ken. Glad to hear that it's a 'natural progression' and that the Planning Committee will deal with the important matters coming their way in the near future in a fair manner, as always.

I am sure no one doubts your experience in the role and I look forward to seeing you in action, so to speak. I am absolutely delighted to read that you, like Gordon Brown, keep better company than others on Sunday afternoons!

Ken Gregory said...


I also have this weird view that planning should be non political.

Bertie Biggles said...

I absolutely agree with you 100%.I would like to see the 'party' politics at national level not replicated at local level at all. Independent thinking is most important on local issues and 'standing firm' with the party line should have no place here.

Rick said...

Interesting that you say that you and Bill are joined at the hip.

Did that situation apply a few years ago when we discussed Bill Hayton on the phone after you said that you would give evidence for him if he sued me ?

Surely if you are joined at the hip and confident enough to say you would give evidence then you must know did Bill give evidence for George Maison in the High Court in 98 and did he tell the Court there was no procedure of inquiry in place against Maison (see next thread too)

I would imagine that if Bill were to belatedly gather the bottle to ACTUALLY issue proceedings then his mate George Maison (ex tory cllr) would feel obliged to also issue proceedings against Quill Publishing Pat Monteath ?

The Book Operation Orpheus makes him identifiable (he can sue if he feels he has been libelled) and describes him as a member of the political wing of the INLA who betrayed Territorial Army operations to the IRA.

Can we look forward to proceedings ? I thought not.

Rick said...

re Schillings solicitors said to have studied Eastcliff Richard blog.

I understand that they represented Mrs Lambert in her divorce from Adscene owner Harry Lambert.

The mentions of Adscene in matters variously reported to police and TDC as far as I recall are TWO and they are statements of fact with no accusation implied.

(1) That a private inquiry followed members of the 6th Thanet Gun Range to a function or meeting at Harry Lambert's then home Ringleton manor.

(2) That when George Maison and a number of Thanet based TA soldiers were arrested for paramilitary activity in 1987 the only press thought to have carried a report was Adscene.

I would think Schillings interest in Thanet blogging is not in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hayton was not pushed I have heard he was I fact sacked for reasons I don’t pretend to understand.