Tuesday, 7 October 2008


On Thursday 17 April, 'Strife' reported that something was 'a foot' down at the Eurokent site for industrial development (See "The Business Barons Carve Up Thanet". )

With the local press getting onto the 700 houses on Eurokent instead of industrial development for jobs and our two MPs coming out with a big 'No Way' just over a week ago, I thought I might like to draw readers' attention to the fact that you might have read it on Strife first, almost 6 months ago.

For those who accuse Bertie and other 'bloggers' as 'conspiracy theorists' (Thom Morris at IOTG, please note that I was a little miffed to have Strife dumbed down the other week in Thanet Times) let me show you again what I wrote in April:

"No, the Business Barons of Rose Farm Estates and Ken Wills at Commercial Group Properties seem to have other ideas that TDC et al are going along with. My theory runs like this; Commercial Property Group: you guys can go and cover all that land down in Manston with 40 industrial/business sheds to create 'jobs' called China Gateway and we no longer have the need for business units at Eurokent over at Westwood. Let's have a jolly good re-think and wow! we can have a new master plan for Eurokent! It could be used for more 'jobs'(those silly TDC councillors and planners love that added to a scheme as it gives it credibility) "better recreational facilities, family homes (nice touch from the PR team there, 'family' gets us all feeling warm), NEW SHOPS and MUCH MORE!" ( And between them all they make more £millions) . I am quoting from the http://www.eurokent.org/ site. Go and look at it."

If you bothered to go to Clarendon School on Sat 13th Sep, it was all laid out for you: a nice lucrative money earning housing estate of 700 homes with local facilities presented by that property firm EKO (Your own TDC Council with 'Woger' as Director & KCC). Even more interesting was TDC Cabinet meeting on 18th September to discuss redesignating land for employment at Manston (our Ken Wills & CGPs Phase 2 and 3 purchases in 2006 and 2007 after discussion with a TDC Planning Officer).

Let me finish with a snippet that the new members of Strife's R &D Team came up with today. This is an extract from Rose Farm Estates (RFE) Director's Report dated 31 March 2008 and issued days after EKO LLP (TDCs Property Company ) was formed:

"Also during 2007and still ongoing RFE have agreed to work with TDC and KCC to look to revise the masterplan and overall planning issues for a more mixed use development to take account of the emergence of this area, including the new retail at the adjoining Westwood Cross, as the new Town Centre for Thanet overall. All parties are working towards a revised Planning Application being submitted the summer of 2008. IT IS EXPECTED THAT THIS REVISED APPROACH WILL ADD USES AT A HIGHER VALUE THAN CURRENTLY ARE ALLOCATED TO THIS AREA." (my capitals)

So 'Woger' ( pwesumably egged on by his attached twin'Mowice') is making sure that CGP and RFE will make oodles of cash (he is after all Deputy Leader and a Director of EKO) as Thanet gets covered in concrete. Thanks a lot.

(Next time, young Thom, be careful who you accuse of engaging in conspiracy theories!)


Thom said...

I don't remember writing that?

Bertie Biggles said...

Page13, Thanet Times Sep 30th : "Thanet Strife: Anti-China Gateway and anti-development. This blog enjoys........ conspiracy theories galore". Well, who doesn't I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like saying "I told you so..." Bertie?

Bertie Biggles said...

You bet! It's always nice for a 'prophet' unless you have claimed the end of the world is nigh.!

Anonymous said...

In the BBC programme on the Gateway tonight, Ken Wills said quite clearly that Tory Councillors Ezekiel and Latchford WERE "hosted" by CGP during their visit to China earlier this year. This flatly contradicts the two Tories' versions of events.

No more need for leaked documents therefore.

Will this affect the police investigation? Will the truth come out into the open at last, perhaps at tomorrow night's Council meeting?

Bertie Biggles said...

20.50, I would prefer to not comment on any police investigation.The situation with 'declaration of interests' is a matter that TDC Standards regulates and can refer to The Standards Board if it thinks it justified to do so having received a complaint. Being economical with the truth and misleading or even misled may be disreputable and unbecoming or careless but not criminal.