Thursday, 9 October 2008


Too busy on other things to worry too much about China Gateway today. I just hope that all our Councillors will come to an honest and righteous decision that restores the credibility of Thanet District Council.

I have a link to a BBC article that follows up the Inside/Out Programme item made by Glenn Campbell and shown last night. Here it is:

I hope it works and as Thanet's Premier Blog quotes Dave Allen, let me do so too:
"May Your God go with you".


Peter Checksfield said...

steve said...

What a shambles, and a crying shame.

mollie said...

It was worse than a crying shame Steve it was a fiasco.

Security guards made people queue for seats outside, in accordance with TDC website, which stated no-one would be allowed into the Chamber until 5.30. When we filed in the Developer and his cronies were already sitting there!

8 seats were taken up by CGP and 4 by the press, members of the public were turned away. To be fair the press took seats at a nearby table but were moved to public seats.

The meeting was so disgracefully handled that I don't believe Councillors actually knew in the end what they were voting for. Certainly a large proportion of the majority, seemed only interested in getting on to the next meeting and going home. The so called debate, was one sided to say the least. The "Fors" didn't raise points at all. Simply voted in the end.

Today I have tried to e-mail complaints through to councillors. The TDC website is working generally, except when it comes to contacting any councillors, then the unobtainable/error page comes up. You can get through to the help desk e-mail though.

Is anyone still foolish enough to believe that democracy exists in this part of the world?