Monday, 27 October 2008


Could Cllr Ezekiel's days be numbered by the people of Thanet, as his own party seem to have no stomach for change?

I found an interesting report on a survey published by the Government in 2002 called 'Public Attitudes to Directly Elected Mayors. (see
It followed on from Part II of The Local Government Act 2000 and 1100 people were surveyed in ten local authority areas.
75% said that who should be 'leading councillor' should be made through an election in which everyone can vote. Only 21% said it should be left to Councillors.
Almost 8 out of 10 agreed that a directly elected MAYOR might be some-one who could speak up for the whole area.
On average, almost two thirds (61.6%) of respondents would NEVER, or only sometimes trust the Councillors of their city or town council to come to the best view on a major proposal affecting their area.
I wonder what the figures might be if a similar survey was carried out in Thanet today?
I am told that a petition gaining only 5% of the electorate would be enough to trigger a Referendum and get the process started to get a Mayor for Thanet. Cllr Ezekiel could perhaps save us all the bother by going instead and disappearing into the blue yonder for a life on the ocean wave.


Anonymous said...

Oh good a Mayoral referendum. when do we start.

Anonymous said...

exactly how many people is 5%?

Annie1947 said...

As an occasional puruser of blog sites, I can't help but think that the administrator of such sites has nothing better to do than knock who ever is doing something for the community. Regardless of political stance, incidently I have no leanings to any of the current parties, it seems these administrators should try raising thier heads above the parapet and put thier money where thier mouth is and try becoming a "doer" instead of a "don'ter"

Mind you, I am not knocking anyone who does his bit for Thanet by clearing up rubbish, albeit Tesco bags.

Maybe there is a bit of jealousy creeping in as there is always a reference to a yacht. Maybe this aministrator would take his negativity and take up residence in Eivissa

Anonymous said...

These people have such brass necks that there isn't a cat's chance in hell of them standing down.

They don't see anything wrong in their actions!

Anonymous said...

Stoke on Trent tried a Mayoral system and just voted to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes please anything to get shot of the carpetbagger.

Anonymous said...

You need to get the ball rolling soon - yesterday if possible - because the activity could then change the result of next years Kent Count Council election 2009

There is a government web site that will guide you - use google search.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ken Wills.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for anyone that promises NOT to sell off bits of beach. (it wont be the current admin)

Annie1947: You may thinkowners of blog sites have nothing better to do but you'd be wrong. And anyway what's wrong with monitoring and encouraging comment on plans to stuff your local environment?

Anonymous said...

I was amused that the bit of beach at Viking Bay TDC wants to sell off could be 'used for holiday accommodation'. I always thought sleeping in a beach hut wasn't allowed. Bit dodgy with the rise in sea levels to comtemplate something like accommodation at beach level.

I'm afraid Annie1947 the answer to the question of who is 'doing something for the community', is not TDC who wants to sell off the only tennis courts between Broadstairs and Spencer Square. You can't include the courts by Broadstairs Station as most of the time the courts are covered in glass and there are no nets. TDC used the excuse that no-one used the Montefiore Avenue courts so they were surplus to requirements. Hardly surprising they weren't in use as no-one was ever around to open them up. The Bowling Club wouldn't accept the responsibilty of having the key so, locked gates, no-one using the courts.

Retort House that TDC wants to sell for housing is in the middle of a car park and is used by badminton players, a theatre school and other organisations. It does need money spent on it but could be brought back into good order for community use.

Actually, Annie most of us are 'doers' working to improve our environment unlike the council who want to destroy it by concreting over any green bits (and we can spell 'their').

Bertie Biggles said...

Annie 1947, just because I may be concerned about some serious issues affecting Thanet and in particular the way they are ineptly and dubiously handled by TDC, does not make me negative except in your mind perhaps.

For example; are you aware that it is your own Council and KCC, through its property partnership EKO LLP who are stinging CGP and by not releasing its landholdings at Manston means that X types cannot be placed at the South end of the site? I would like to see more open Government in Thanet and an end to deals behind closed doors that our own Councillors have no party to.

Are you aware that CGP met with The Leader/Deputy on 9 occasions this year at TDC with senior officers present and in response to an FoI request TDC claims that no 'minutes' were taken at all?

Let me give you a sample of what was 'not minuted' as they claim on 4 Jan 2008:

Item 12.Formalise a Press Campaign.

Action: SA to put item 12 on next agenda meeting.

'Press campaign should be based around planning application. TDC and CGP should liaise with each other before releasing any information to the press.'

Lies from TDC? Are you happy that an applicant with a planning application is liaising with TDC over press releases? I most certainly am not and nor should any resident of Thanet.
This is why we need change. Lies. deceit and ineptitude have carried on for too long at TDC.

Anonymous said...


Three meetings in 2007 between CGP and TDC and no minutes taken. There were two meetings with the Chinese delegation,one of four hours and one of six.

Gosh, there must have been so much to talk about.

steve said...

annie 1947, there are many negative messages posted on Thanets blogs aboput Thanet bloggers. I'm new-ish to the area, and if you relied on the local press or council for information you would only hear a fraction of the issues that are really out there, and a one sided view of them.

Bertie, ecr, michae child, tony big news, all want positive change for Thanet, and they and many others see the changes proposed as wrong.

Business park - bring it on. But not on a greenfield site on top on an acquifer. Whats it going to be used for - distribution centre for hinese companies. how are things going to get there? road? It doesn't make commercial or environmental sence.

By reading the local and national press, you'd think Manston airport was rivalling Heathrow for business. The blogs tell it how it is - a waste of prime space.

Both Ramsgate and Margate have had their heritage ripped (or burned) away from them. These blogs keep those memories alive.

The UK has gone through 16 years of unprecedented growth, and Thanet has not even started yet. Its not going to in the current economic climate, especially with the flawed ideas coming out of our council.

The blogs are doing much more for Thanet then the majority of residents who sit back and take whatever the council throws at them.

Anonymous said...

So many people in Thanet get their news from the Daily Mail and never read any of the local press, whether free or paid for. I still meet people who know nothing about CGP/Chinamex/China Gateway but find they are willing to listen. Trouble is I fear I'm getting boring as I've said it all so many times. Even my cat walks away when I start!!

Anonymous said...

Whispers in Birchington are that a certain Councillor is thinking about drumming up support in getting the "Village" upgraded into a "Town" so that they then qualify for them to have their own Mayor elected.
One person would I am sure would love to have a crack at it.
O I wonder who that would BE?

Bertie Biggles said...

That's interesting 14.48, thanks. Keep us all posted on this 'buzz'. How often do we find a 'rumour' turns out to havea great deal of truth?

Anonymous said...