Saturday, 25 October 2008


With the recent news that Thanet Earth has started recruitment, albeit of managers etc, its good to read in the IOTG that Thanet citizens have been assiduously improving their skills in hydroponic cultivation in 10 premises in Thanet this year. Thanet Earth will be able to draw on a skilled but stoned work-force in due course.

Rumour has it that 'Our Leader' enjoyed a long-weekend on his yacht in the Med last week-end but I did not see him in the harbour at San Antoni. I hope he was careful with his guest list as it would be awful to see 'Carpet Millionaire' headlines in the nationals as opposed to Russian Billionaires. Just doesn't have the same style about it.

On the subject of 'Our Leader' and his spelling of Aigo, his 'View' this week seems utterly inconsistent with his interview with Jane in last week's IOTG! Good to see him banging the drum about 'Gateway' still despite failing to acknowledge that Manston Business Park already has good development on it employing 1000 people! I thought that CGP wanted to develop but our Leader talks of China developing. Of interest to readers might be that that the Summit Aviation building sign has been taken down (the one with Aigo stuck to it). Could it be that because 'oodles' of cash will be needed to even think about building 08/0400 ( readies that CGP does not have as yet), the Summit Aviation building will end up being Aigo's new shed and that Ken will have to make do with a small office in it , rather than the other way round?

That old Thanet gossip item, the move of Primark to Westwood Cross, has reared its head again this week. Sources report that Debenhams are in trouble at Westwood Cross and that a pull-out could be on the cards. The problem is that turn-over is not as projected and the credit crunch is impacting on the more mature customers than the young things who don't have to meet the bills as they hang on in the parental home. Ergo, Debenhams is suffering and Primark could be happy to move.

Rumour has it that Turner (aka M&S) in Margate High St, actually had a few people looking in last week, 4 people in 3 hrs has been reported to Bertie. How much is each person visiting the old M &S actually costing Thanet ratepayers. I will not comment on KCC employing a contractor to build the Chipperfield Glasshouse thingee that is currently being looked at by OFT! I still believe this project will not get started. We have seen the collapse of Margate during the 'boom' years, I weep for Margate now we are in recession.

You will be upset to know that the misleading signs prior to the St Nicholas Roundabout are still confusing day-trippers and visitors to Margate who are still (albeit in dwindling numbers) popping down to Marine Terrace to visit Dreamland and are thoroughly de-chuffed to discover the reality there. Would TDC and KCC please get these signs removed!


Peter Checksfield said...

As well as Dreamland, there's a sign on Margate seafront directing people to the museum & the caves!

Anonymous said...

I remember counting these signs a year or two ago,and in the short run up to the roundabout at St. Nicholas from the Thanet way, there was around 15 signs of various types.

Anonymous said...

I went into the Turner Centre (aka M&S) yesterday on a rare trip to the High st. and after pushing my way through the crowds, all two of them, (they may have been exhibitors or cleaners) I was amazed to see an exhibition of about 8 displays of total crap, from sticking pieces of broken china together with a glue gun to making paper fruit, what a total waste of time.
When the recession really hits Thanet maybe TDC will come to its senses and close the place down.

Anonymous said...

The visitors to M&S are not costing as much as TDC have in the fiasco of a deal they made aquiring the building in the first place.
If we are worried about the waste of Tax payers money, Turner should come way down the list.

Anonymous said...

I really like the show at Marks. It is interesting and thought provoking. Providing you have a brain of course.

Bertie Biggles said...

9.34, all was well with your comment until you implied that only those with a brain could appreciate the display. Wasn't that the basis of the scam used in The Emperor's New Clothes?

Anonymous said...

I agree that a pile of broken rubbish in Turner Marks and Sparks is thought provoking!

It made me think of broken Margate!

Our once proud high street now a centre for glueing bits of tat together!

But, there was no one in there, except the four staff! Half term and no tribes of kids being artistic! Just loads of lights burning at our expense!

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I was disappointed that Yoko wasn't actually intending to visit. Not sure about this art from a great distance lark. Easy money when you can think of an idea and then have other people do it. But they all do that nowadays don't they? Apart from Our Tracey.

Anonymous said...

I know they had over 800 people show up to the opening.