Saturday, 4 October 2008


What an interesting IOTG we had this week. Some pretty computer generated pictures of happy office workers strolling around their CGP version of 'Nirvana' at Manston.

The reality of 5 re-distribution warehouses in Phase 1 with 1365 HGV movements per day or the whole project as envisaged by 'Mowice', 'Woger', TDC Cabinet, Senior Officers and of course Ken Wills, producing 5,600 HGV movements , was carefully omitted from the IOTG pictures. So just in case you have trouble imagining as many HGV movements as Dover Docks, as Thanet becomes an 'in-land' version of Dover Docks, let me give you an impression of The East Kent Access Road by Richborough when a serious accident closes the road.

And now let me take you forward in time to the year 2038 when CGP has long disappeared and Chinamex have abandoned Gateway at Manston and the site has become run down with some dodgy businesses going on around our now polluted aquifer.

We could have left it all alone and here is another view of the year 2038 of Phase 3 land actually undeveloped and growing a healthy crop of oil-seed rape. These are sadly, the options we face at Manston with this massive development.
Oh, by the way, was I the only one to pick up Ken Wills' rather vague comments on the jobs and businesses? The intrepid Gazunder scribe, Thom Morris put this question to Ken Wills: " Have you got any companies signed up yet? Answer: " We're still in talks. We need to chat to the Chinese businesses".
Sorry? Did I read that right? Is that 'CGP speak' for NONE? Could it be that Memoranda of Understanding aren't worth the paper they are written on and Aigo do not fancy being squeezed into sharing an office in the new Summit building? Oh, dear! This is all beginning to sound like that wonderful iconic Turner thingee to be built in the sea at Margate; all a bit of a fairy tale.


Anonymous said...


The critics of what they call "The anti mob" thought the promise of jobs vindicates them.

They were not paying attention to the think of a number and multiply by 18 claims.

However I concede that the basic maths is flawless. If you multiple zero by 18 ..... that may represent the number of jobs on offer to Thanet's unskilled pool of workers willing to work for national minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Thanet will become a lorry park! At least it will be useful for something!

Anonymous said...

It is so frightening to think of our lovely Thanet will become a complete polluted gridlocked mass of HGV's with no sea views over Manston. No one being able to get from one side of Thanet to the other in less than 90mins, people having to walk to work as the buses being unable to get through as well as the cars.
How many houses will have to be demolished to make all the roads wider for all these vehicles?
how many deaths will be on our roads then? Asthematic sufferers will be unable to leave their homes.
It is time wen thought about cutting down on the vehicles on our roads with the fuel shortages yet to come and perhaps expand our railways to take all deliveries. Not to encourage yet more factories meaning more destruction of our farming lands. I am so sad Our Leaders chose to think of their pockets rather than the people who live here, no thought had gone to anyone other than themselves.
Jobs they say, what about the jobs already waiting for applicants. if they will not take the jobs already on offer what makes Ezekiel & Latchford think people will travel to Manston in all that traffic to earn A minimum wage, they will not do it.