Thursday, 21 January 2010


My thanks to Antonio Saez in Tenerife for the latest information concerning the Bonanza Express that has been painted twice in Euroferries livery in the past 12 months and has had  that livery painted out again by Fred Olsen painter chaps in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. His diagram above shows the route for Fred Olsen that the Bonanza Express is now running. She is running from Santa Cruz, Tenerife to Agaete in Gran Canaria.

This is a lovely picture from Antonio showing 'our' Bonanza Express, quite obviously in Fred Olsen livery, turning in the harbour at Santa Cruz, two days ago and the picture below, shows Bonanza approaching Santa Cruz in the setting sun on her return from Agaete.

I am reliably informed that the CCI in Boulogne cannot believe that Bonanza is not going to be crossing La Manche soon from Ramsgate, thinking it still has a Euroferries paint-job and do not believe that today's Your Thanet is reporting that, at last,  Fred Olsen spokespeople are stating that there is now no ongoing arrangements with Euroferries.

When will some organisations wake up to the fact that because of  the internet and interested parties easily getting in contact, that 'bloggers' do actually  know and report accurately about what is happening.  Local bloggers might also be interested to know that it is gossip in Boulogne that Thanet bloggers are being blamed by Euroferries for their failure to get Bonanza E crossing from Ramsgate to Boulogne and spoiling their business plans. It has nothing to do of course, with not meeting the deadlines and fees required by Fred Olsen!
I am sure that all readers will wish Euroferries every success in finding a replacement ship for the run from Boulogne to Ramsgate in late March and look forward to their service starting at last.

In the meantime my thanks to Antonio and please feel free to visit his site and enjoy some lovely photographs at:



Anonymous said...

Bertie - you say late March, the website still says 1st March, has there been a Press Release ?

Anonymous said...

I won't wish EuroFlop anything of the sort, to be honest I want them to 'fess up to being a bunch of amateur wannabee ferry operators and immediately shut down their website.

What Port Ramsgate needs is someone who actually already has a ship, not someone who has failed twice to secure one.

Bertie Biggles said...

10:33, it might be my incompetence using their site! I will need to go back and see when I can first book a ferry crossing! No press releases but that does not surprise me.

10:45, at the moment sadly Euroferries are the only people contemplating a ferry service of this type from Ramsgate. If they can deliver I would be both surprised and delighted.