Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I am perfectly happy, as an ex-serviceman, for Anjem Choudary of Islam4UK and any demonstrators he can organize, to march through Wooton Bassett. We either live in a democratic, multi-cultural society or we don't. Where more Muslims attend Friday prayers at mosques up and down the land, than do C of E members at church on Sunday, then perhaps it is time to realise how this country has changed. They are fellow Britons are they not?

We must not allow our respect for our dead servicemen and women,  who died serving their elected Government's political wishes in Afghanistan, whilst under equipped, under-manned and ill supported by that very same Government, blind us from the reality of war. The 'enemy'  dead and severely wounded were Afghans fighting on their own soil; the many hundreds of innocent civilians caught up in the conflict who have lost their lives or who have been maimed , were just ordinary people trying to eke out their lives in the best way they could. Are they not all victims? In an odd way, Mr Choudary reminds us of this dismal reality.

Of course Islam4UK are being deliberately provocative. So how should we respond? We stoke the fires that give warmth to racism in this cold land if we demonise our fellow Muslim subjects of Her Majesty, however misguided we think some of them are.

Yes, let Mr Choudary carry mock coffins through Wooton Bassett to remind us that the victims of war are not just 'our own brave heroes'  but let him do it in a town that has empty streets as the good people of Wooton Bassett shut up their shops, close their doors and draw their curtains closed.

A far more emphatic comment is thus made than the pathetic posturing of a Prime Minister who as Chancellor and then Prime Minister has under-manned, under -equipped and under- paid our young men and women sent to Afghanistan to die and be maimed, purely to satisfy his predecessor's posturing on the world stage alongside a  discredited US President called Bush.


Anonymous said...

I would agree totally with your stance on the one condition that the press did not attend; did not report on the event; and gave them no publicity whatsoever.

This man is fanning the flames of publicity for his own twisted aims. Take away that publicity and he will not bother.

However, I would rather let him go ahead, and then arrest the whole lot for incitement to racial disquiet. But the government, and our politically correct police will not do that of course. They would rather arrest the white male calling out against them in protest, than possibly upset this bunch of bigots.

Futhermore. If they don't like this country and what we stand for. Then sod off somewhere else!

Ken Tishman said...

If we lived in a democratic country we would have been consulted if we wanted millions of aliens to enter our country to overload our infrastructure and change our society for ever.

Anonymous said...

Bertie the right to freedom of movement and expression is nothing to do with the country being democratic or (unlawfully) multicultural.

I would expect the Jobcentre to call Mr Choudhury in to explain how he has been actively seeking work (he and his family live on benefits reportedly) when he is using his time to appear on radio and stir up tensions.

The most important point you miss is that the march could be arrested in its entirety for actions likely to provoke a breach of the peace.

That won't happen because the march is aimed at provoking the British indigenous population. It being reasonable to assume that such a civilized people would not be provoked (rather in the way the law holds that a constable cannot be provoked to breach the peace)

Now if a British white group were to suggest marching with fifty coffins through a muslim area the police would have every ground to assume the action would provoke a breach of the peace. Because Muslims are not as tolerant as the indigenous population of this country. Nor do they valuie freedom the way the indigenous population value freedom.

The response should be to stand in silence and then to turn backs on the muslim marchers and leave them to screech and wail their cant.

One good thing about this proposal is that it tends to put the nails into the coffin of the unlawful multicultural experiment. It focusses minds that we are now a sectarian society.

And with our vast experience of Ulster we should hasten to introduce a muslim marching season ? KNowing how much marching does for the cause of social cohesion.

Adem said...

Re: Ken Tishman
We're all mostly immigrants anyway. It just depends how far back you go. I assume when you talk of immigrants you mean Muslims in regards to this story? Yes there are those immigrants who use the system for their own needs but I think the 'indiginous population' is doing it's best to overload the infrastructure as much as any immigrants are.
p.s. If we lived in a democratic society then we would never have gone to war anyway.

Anonymous said...

i say don,t let them march anywhere as it is them that are killing our boys all over the world so stop them now before more trouble starts they onlyy won,t to start trouble so ban the march

Anonymous said...

I disagree Bertie. Outsiders should not be allowed to blight the town. I agree in principle with free speech. If the local townsfolk wished to act in such a way then let them. But I would compare this to the Black shirts marching through the east end of London in the 30`s, aimed at the local jewish population or the National front in the 70/80`s, aimed at the asian community.
It`s to much of a slur on those service personnel who have lost their lives. A protest o/s Parliament is fine, or in a city with a large muslim population but not in a market town whose residents have show their respects.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Just as long as no press comment is made and the march is not reported. After all if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears - does it make a sound?

Bertie Biggles said...

Thank you for your comments and please accept my apologies in delaying putting them up; domestic matters have kept me busy today.

I rather like Richard Card's idea of people standing in silence with turned backs and 23.04's and 18.29's self imposed press and media embargo on reporting it.

Tony Beachcomber said...

This is nothing to do with freedom of speech, democracy or multi culturalism. It is a group deliberatly taking the piss, I would ban it outright.

Anonymous said...


There's a going to be a shoeing at the end of that march...Aaaaaaar.

The Pirates

Anonymous said...

i think this is just the type of people that read your web site i am sure they don,t know what they think or say which is sad realy because a lot of people will follow on with remarks just like the one.s on your site i say its just a lot of rubbish and they don,t know what they are saying so put something on the web site not this rubbish please

Bertie Biggles said...

Islam4UK has sensibly decided to abandon their idea to demonstrate in Wooton Bassett. In the meantime yet another young soldier from my former Regiment makes his final journey home.