Saturday, 16 January 2010


Readers of the IOTG may have missed the above picture taken last Sunday at the annual Blessing of The Sea  Ceremony by Thanet's Greek Orthodox Community in Margate. Young Louis Gomes swam into the sea to recover the cross as The Archbishop of Canterbury attended the ceremony at The Epithany.
Cllr Sullivan wears his Margate Charter Trustees robes and bicorn hat with pride in the freezing conditions.
It is a pity that our principal Civic Leader in Thanet, Cllr 'Mauwice' Ezekiel saw fit to make a mockery of the occasion by wearing his traditional robes and bicorn hat like a 'chav' from Newington Estate. With two raps from Standards for 'conduct unbecoming his office' should we really be surprised by this?
What next?  David Cameron at The Cenotaph in November with a 'Kiss Me Quick' hat?


Anonymous said...

Bertie, two hats and two raps seems par for the course.

Anonymous said...

The man is an utter disgrace to the Conservative Party, and the people he is supposed to represent.

You only have to look at this picture to see the obvious disdain he has for his office.

He should retire, or be retired before he can bring down the Council's reputation anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is there any point to "raps" ? Will he be expelled from office if he gets three or can he just keep racking 'em up?

Anonymous said...

What's the point of raps? Will E-rapper be expelled from office if he gets to three or will he be able to kepp on racking 'em up?

Peter Piper said...

I am sure that people from the Newington Estate would show far more decorum than Mr Two Raps. He puts the whole of Thanet to shame. What a liability he is.

Anonymous said...

What you see is what you get !!!

Anonymous said...

We all know that this man is a disgrace to his office, but the real disgrace should sit with the North Thanet Conservatives who allow him to remain in his position.

He is bringing more and more shame on the District. Goodness only knows what the National Party thinks of this shambles.

Anonymous said...

A public apology to the towns Greek population would be something as there were a lot of people offended by this last week.

Anonymous said...

Bertie, where were all the Labour trustees, was this another boycott under the instruction of their illustrious leader, a person well known for refusing to wear the trustees regalia on civic occasions, at least the leader attended,whatever your views many of which I share, how about looking at the opposition rather than continuing your features attacking the Tories.

Anonymous said...

bit like Cllrs Nicholson and Harrison caught having a 'Smoke Break' at the opening of the new ramsgate sports centre! except keeping warm does not damage your health or pollute the rest of us!!!

Bertie Biggles said...

A good point 12.20.
I am not attacking the Conservative Party. In Thanet we have an Ezekiel Party; when Thanet has a Conservative Party again at TDC, I will renew my membership of the party.

Anonymous said...

A Mad Hatter in charge of his own T-party again!

Anonymous said...

Now Clive Hart had a rival, an evil-looking man,
Called Two-Hat Mo from Newington and he drove the Carpet van...

Apologies to the late great Bennie Hill, who was a far better comedian than the lot at TDC

Anonymous said...

perhaps the people whom run down the lead should think twice before the throw around remarke like the ones on this page
atleast he turns up not like the labour party whom to name but two never turn up or wear there robes ,that must tell you something so i would think the people whom write all the rubbish about the laeder should cast there minds back to when the labour were in controll of thanet much like the labour gov running this country into the groundand leaving our kids and there kids to pay all the money back this gov has borrowed so i would think brfore you put al this rubbish on this web site ,but then they all know no better

Tony Beachcomber said...

Any idea what is written on the front of his wooly hat. Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It may be so but from where I come from it just shows a total lack of respect and unfortunately rife in this great land.

Anonymous said...

"Ere Brian; remember when the old Chinese popped over for their suprise visit, and we got the blokes with the chains to get their clobber on? Looked a right bunch of t*****s didn't they!

Not going to get me looking like some old panto dame, me I've got some class. So this should set a new trend for this year!

I've got two let offs from standards or whatever they are, two faces, two fingers up at the rest of the party, so may as well have two hats as well. My heads so big I need them anyway!!"

Bertie Biggles said...

Anon of 17:02 (aka Stavros Flately) I have edited your post slightly as I feel it inappropriate to unwittingly use the words that caused, quite rightly, offence to be taken.

Anonymous said...

Stavros Flatley says

I think it is my fault I told him he would have to swim in the sea and I would lend him a Greek knitted bathing cap.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

He was very sensitive about a (possible anti-semitic) remark so we were sure he would set an example of respect for other peoples' beliefs at the ceremony.

Well there I was networking but I kept being told "Stavros we have heard your Who is that two-hat over there joke before innit"

16 January 2010 17:02

Anonymous said...

Stavros Flatley said :

Most fair sir.

I was aiming for the Sandy Ezekiel wotta "Two-hat" quip to be the part left unmoderated ? Result.

I anticipated that my intended quip would face moderation but to keep your moderation eye in I will delight you with the wit

"How do you check if a Thanet Four by Two is bent ? Take a spirit level and consult the bubble"

And for your greater delectation and appreciation and just as you thought it could get no worse Bertram Biggles

The caption competition and an entry to same

"What was Sandy trying to cover up as he retreats from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill"

And a second entry

"Sandy refuses to go cap in hand for seafront service"

John Worrow said...

Dear, Mr Biggles

Some people don't know what to moan about next lol. Bertie lighten up a little bit mate!

Speaking as someone who has recently been helping to recruit more young people into the NTCA, I actually think that Sandy could be setting a new trend; before we know it, all the young people of Thanet could be wearing the two hat look. Believe it or not Bertie, Sandy does has a good sense of humour!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bertie Biggles said...

00:55, my apologies but felt a little editing needed!

Anonymous said...

Lt Col. Latchford OBE, says; Sorry boss, got you dressed up in the dark!

Made you look a right twat!

There again, look at me, Lt.Col Rtd OBE and running around like a twat looking after a w****r like you!

17 January 2010 00:55

Anonymous said...

14.58 Bertie, looks like you had the Leader of the Ezekiel Party on again criticising your fine blog.

While he criticises the government he hopes he's deflecting criticism away from his inept party here in Thanet.

Roll on 2011 TDC elections!!

If John Worrow is recruiting young members to the Conservative Party in N. Thanet, well done, for getting young people involved but what can they think of the party led by someone like Cllr. Ezekiel?

Anonymous said...

I see the caption gauntlet has been accepted eh ?

I raise you with:

"Sandy remained equipped to pull the wool over people's eyes."


"Sandy forgot his hearing aid when given the cultural advice. Hence his trip to Cash Converters to fulfill the requirement for a "Buy pawn hat"

When a Bicorn hat was placed on his head he asked the TDC official "Who the fecking harry pawned dat mate ? Oliver Cromwell geddit ?"

"No" said the official "Because Cromwell pre dates the era of the Bicorn"

"Wot" said Sandy "He used to go aht dating wearing one of dese den ?"

"No" said the official "Oliver wore a hat which closely fitted his skull. Check out Simon Barnardiston as the origin of the term roundhead"

"Gotcha" said Sandy "I gotta hat like dat, fits rahnd me ed an dat, got it at the Pawn shop like yer said too. And don't try telling me about born 'ard Liston he was fightin back when I used me own dukes in the noble art mate"

"I know Mr Samuel put me on overtime and extra Chinagate shares bonus for this but I am outa here. I'll indent for a hearing aid for you Mr Ezekiel"

"Did I hear cahncil indent in there my son" said Sandy "Stick some carpets on it mate"

In keeping with policy the above is my entry for the longest winded caption.

Yesterday my wife read out the pilot area proposals to make Buy to Let owners take out a £500 licence.

And this morning our tenants called to say the boiler has broken down. For a moment I thought they were going to offer to clear their rent arrears (enabled by Labour's introduction of their disastrous change to Local Housing Allowances which enable tenants to rip landlords off for several months rent by simply pocketing the payments from public funds sent to them).

I am supportive of the Popular Alliance. Bertie I fear that a desperate Labour may be pitching on the internet to find a figure with which to taunt the tories.

Can you imagine Gordon's spin doctorate "Oh look a very handy Sandy"

Anonymous said...

Dear John Worrow,
We know that Sandy has got a sense of humour.

After all, he's got you running around like a little wannabee hasn't he. Lol.

And after becoming facebook friends with anyone who was ever a Tory as well..

Anonymous said...

Far more serious bertie is the labour boycott of all things margate civic. Like spoilt children who can't get their way. Sod the people we represent, our own personal vendettas and prejuidices are more important. You are not seriously suggesting that these people are more fit than the majority of decent conservatives to be in charge? Don't be ridiculous.

John Worrow said...

To: Anonymous 17 January 2010 09:35

You can say what you like; no one has not got me running around like anything. I do what I do, as a volunteer, because I believe in Thanet's Future.

I am part of a team thats helping to get more young people involved in local politics; this because YOUNG PEOPLE ARE THANET'S FUTURE. If you are against that, then you may as well be against everything!

Anonymous said...

i find it strange that parish councillor j worrow is putting anything on this blog site as he has been in evry party there is trying to get on to council no chance i think he changes his mind like the weather
the man is a joke

Bertie Biggles said...

16.47, lets not get personal. John Worrow makes a valid point and i commend his work in trying to get young people involved in local politics. I do take your point about changes in political viewpoints and parrties but look closely at some key office holders in The Conservative Party in Thanet and you find a very similar pattern!

John Worrow said...

If you did your homework, you would know that I have only ever belonged to one major political party. Even the now disbanded local party that I was in, was a centre right party.

Sorry to let facts get in the way, but i'm actually working with all sections of the community and not just in political forums.

At least the young people that are getting involved are open minded and actually want to look for solutions - maybe thats what some members (only some) of the opposition are afraid of.

It doesn't have to be unpleasant, there are many areas that we can work together on.

I invite anyone who really wants to help change things for the better to come and do it! Lets think positive and make good things happen for the community!

Anonymous said...

Well said Cllr. Worrow but can I suggest you'd have more credibililty if you disassociated yourself from certainelements of the party to which you now belong.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Worrow could tell us who else is in his team unless that compromises anyone's privacy. Getting young people (how young does he mean?)involved in anything is always good. Yes, I know lots are in the uniformed organisations, sports teams etc. but getting them into community activities is good but what I'd like to know is what 'umbrella' they come under or is merely a recruiting drive for the Conservatives?

He said in an earlier posting on this blog he's recruiting younger members for the NTCA. Is he also, then, working with other groups?

If he's that committed I admire his enthusiasm so long as it's not just to ensure he gets elected to TDC next year. Could you tell us what forums you are working with so we know exactly where you're coming from, councillor?

NTCA member said...

A thought strikes me. If Ezekiel does step down what happens to all those Ezekiel Party councillors he shoehorned into seats despite the local ward having other candidates in view?

You referred some time ago to a situation in NTCA where there was discontent over the candidate selection. Will some sitting councillors find themselves deselected in favour of others?

It's interesting that some of those currently languishing on the Tory backbenches were non-Ezekiel choices.

Says a great deal about the STCA and NTCA in my view at least.

Anonymous said...

John, the fact that you are 'in waiting' for a Birchington North seat indicates that you are favoured by the current regime, therefore maintaining the current status quo and in alignment with current policy and thinking. This will not stand you in good stead in 2011. The Thanet electorate wants change away from the Ezekiel party.

John Worrow said...

To: 18 January 2010 12:13

You seem to think that you know more about my plans than I do.

I have not yet indicated whether or not I will be standing in the 2011 parish council election, let alone any other election.

It is for members of the district group to choose their leader; however,I do support Cllr.Brian White to continue as chairman of Birchington Parish council, and I align myself to our hard working, MP Roger Gale, who I will be helping to re-elect this year!

There is only one Tory party in Thanet, and thats the Conservative Party!

Anonymous said...

With the elections 16 months away, it gives JW a chance to swap and change partys a couple more times yet.

Anonymous said...

god help us all if cllr j worrow ever get elected i don,t think even he will know what party to go with .that man changes his mind like the weather
people just don.t trust mr worrow the man of all partys

Anonymous said...

I know him and I trust him more than I do a lot of people. As he says he has only ever been involved in centre right politics. He had every right to join the Tories after his local group disbanded. I think that some people are more interested in personal attacks than they are in actually hearing whats being said!

Bertie Biggles said...

12:40, the Ezekiel Party has quite a collection of Labour rejects, who having not been selected by Labour then suddenly had a rush of conservatism to the head to get elected. At least Cllr Worrow has been doing a proper apprenticeship for NTCA.

John Worrow said...

Bertie, my political ideology has always been "centre right" The Conservative Party is the only proper party i've ever been in.

Yes, I was a member of local centre right group before it disbanded - but my ideology is the same as it was when I was at school.

Today people are sophisticated enough to see through the propaganda of desperate anonymous people, who appear to be more interested in trying to hurt others, then actually coming up with ideas of there own.

All I can do is try my best,tell truth and shame the Devil!