Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Could I offer an unreserved apology to Cllr Ezekiel on my behalf, the Strife Team's behalf and on some recent commentators' behalf,  for having put him in the frame for desecrating that wonderful heritage shared by millions across the world, the English written word. Whilst he may have had two Standards 'raps' and has now started a new fashion trend in the wearing of hats, it now seems he is innocent of littering Thanet's blogs with almost incomprehensible postings.

It would seem that the author of a gathering collection of postings on Strife that have from time to time caused other readers to comment on poor construction, grammar and lack of punctuation could well be down to Cllr Brian Goodwin. I have always tried to glean the argument being presented in a posting and have refrained from being critical of its presentation, but perhaps might make an exception now.

If you visit Thanet's Premier Blog at www.eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com you will find an interesting exchange of e-mails. The one that caught my attention was:

great mind you like her other half she will not turn up so we don,t have to worry
cllr b goodwin

It has a certain similarity to this extract from a recent posting on Strife:

  atleast he turns up not like the labour party whom to name but two never turn up or wear there robes ,that must tell you something so i would think the people whom write all the rubbish about the laeder

Well, together with a Leader setting the trend in Standards raps and sartorial inelegance, The Ezekiel Party now has a Cllr who is about to join The Rev Spooner (of 'sew to sheets fame') in producing gems of poor prose that could be termed 'Goodwinisms'.

Please feel free to draw 'Goodwinisms' to my attention as you browse comments here or on other blogs.


Anonymous said...

Have another look at the posting earlier today, 19th., at 12.40 referring to young Cllr. Worrow.

Now, let's think about this a minute.

Cllr. Goodwin represents Westgate but now lives in Birchington. It's been hinted elsewhere he'd like a Birchington safe seat.

Cllr. Latchford has talked about stepping down.

Cllr. Worrow has been mentioned as a possible successor and, if he's honest, wouldn't say 'no, thanks' if asked, I'm sure.

Could we put 2+2 and get.....

Has anyone else suggested they'd like to step down?

Let's leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

"So tomorrow, what of John Worrow;

Will the next day find him wallowing in sorrow;

For the seat's gone now, it won't be long now;

Till he finds another parties line to borrow".

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for that 22:17. To save readers looking for it in the depths of 'Two Hats etc' here it is:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

god help us all if cllr j worrow ever get elected i don,t think even he will know what party to go with .that man changes his mind like the weather
people just don.t trust mr worrow the man of all partys

19 January 2010 12:40

Looks like a 'Goodwinism'. Surely this Anon cannot be Cllr Goodwin, a fellow NTCA member? I had assumed it was a rude Labour supporter with a hang up about John Worrow. It's interesting, as Simon Moores commented on, some time ago, how murky antics go on in the 'depths' at the bottom of a large list of comments!

Peter Checksfield said...

Someone posted this on my Naked in Thanet blog a while back, could this be him too?

"its funny when i asked you the other day why no men you said 'who said i don't, ur words here are "I don't generally photograph men "....i wonder why that is! funny how the man in the top photo has his clothes on. but,while you've been wallowing away in your 'greatness' there have been some brilliant advances in photography like colour and digital photography...maybe u shud take a look"

Well of course it isn't; there's stroppy messages with poor grammar & no use of capitals all over the blogs! So we can hardly assume they're all by one person...

Anonymous said...

A valid point Peter but when you match usage of phrases, word order, same errors,political comment etc, it is very easy to identify an anon comment from the same person. We all have a 'style' that is hard to break out of.

Anonymous said...

Why would Cllr.Goodwin try to make young Cllr.Worrow look bad?

Anonymous said...

If people signed their blogs with their own names it would make life a lot easier - but a lot less fun!

Anonymous said...

i have looked at sundays post about Cllr Ez two hats, and I now think that these accusations against Mr Goodwin are unfounded. i understand that he is a friend of Johns and that he fully supports the young Birchington representative. Mr Goodwin is older than the deputy leader and may even retire himself in 2011. So this really is all a storm in a tea cup

Bertie Biggles said...

09:34, a Spoonerism describes accidental or deliberate transposition of letters and not just the mistakes made by A W Spooner.

Whilst the posting is a 'Goodwinism', I also think the author is not Cllr Goodwin and that my assumption at 22:45 is correct.

Anonymous said...

Bertie Biggles I would advice Thanet Strife readers to go back to strifes post that you made on sunday about Cllr Ez two hats - then to come back here and give their opinions regarding the "Goodwin-gate" accusations!

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks 11:54. I think you could be referring to the extract in the post above that compares the e-mail with that 'comment'.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Would there be any truth in the rumour that, at the Margate Charter Trustees Annual Dinner, cllr b goodwin proposed the following toast:

'Let us now glaze our arses to the queer old Dean'?

I think we should be told!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bigots want to take away your right to change your religion as well! Churchill was a Libral before growing as a politician and becoming a conservative.
I guess the politically naive "thought police" would of rather had some usless prat who never evolved!

Anonymous said...

'Why would Cllr. Goodwin want to make John Worrow look bad'?

'Cos he wants a Birchington TDC seat.

If the Goowinisms are from Cllr. Goodwin then he has certainly got a problem but it could just be he can't use a computer keyboard properly. Perhaps he should sign up for a computer-user's course.

Jessica Billington said...


You assumed it was a'rude Labour supporter'.

Shame on you assuming such poorly constructed postings came from a 'Labour person'.

As a Labour person who is quite indifferent to what John Worrow does or did, can I just say I have a very good degree from one of our older universities and can produce the degree scroll if anyone cares to see it?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Sometime ago in a conversation someone referred to one of the local Councillors for Westgate on Sea as Cllr "Flash Harry". Bearing in mind that I could hardly describe two of the high profile councillors for Westgate as being "Flash Harry". I think making a judgement on this posting does narrow it down a bit to whom they could be referring to.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Bertie should Mr Goodwin say sorry for his mistake(s)?

Bertie Biggles said...

Richard, have had to edit slightly.

Richard Card said...


I do hope you have not overlooked the military undercover missions specialist and kilted warrior of Thanet tory renown ?

How to get at Slab the notorious terrorist ?

He knew. Send him a letter and let the postie deliver it. Genius.

Slab was disturbed by the postie from his activity, of driving pigs back and forth across the border to gain EU subsidies for each return crossing.

Envelope was addressed:

"To Slab sum ware in Iland."

The letter read:

Lissen inn slabbie. I ham on two yer littal game ewes and yaw pigs cummin over the borda. Wee no sum of yaw pigs cum over karying sem ticks and udder stuf n all. Sow giv yersef up to awe thoty."

Slab conjectured "Could this mean
that walting Thanet tory jockanese thinks he is on to my EU agricultural subsidy scam ?"

"No" said the postie, "Wait for the next letter, his wife might write it for him and then you can work out what the porridge *** is trying to say. Little trick I learnt from the Thanet Royal British Legion."

One further example of Ricahrds "Rejected by Moderator" erudite contributions.

20 January 2010 21:36

Bertie Biggles said...

21:52, not at all. As I have often pointed out, it is not the way a comment is written, but the argument or point being made that is important. Cllr Goodwin might, however, apologise in regard to the content of the e-mail he sent regarding Mrs Hart; that would be an appropriate action for a Conservative Cllr.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't normally warm to political types, when I met the young Birchington parish councillor at the Winter Gardens, I can only say that I found him to be respectful, charming and polite.. as for the other chap, I think his behaviour speaks volumes

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious whats going on.

Goodwin moves out of Westgate where he is not likely to be re-elected, and gets a safe seat in Birchington.

And Worrow comes across to fight the vacated Tory seat in Westgate!


Anonymous said...

One woo row a spring does not make!!!

Argumentative you are.

Jedhi warrior

Anonymous said...

What has the Birchington Parish councillor done for Westgate?

Come to think about it what has Cllr Goodwin done for Westgate?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to stop someone representing a ward even if they live miles away (and I don't mean in Central America) after all, Cllr. Gregory represents St. Peter's and he lives in Monkton and claims he walks through St. Peter's twice a week. Not that anyone's ever spotted him and with his height and beard etc. he's quite difficult not to spot.

ShallowFace said...

Why can't these Tory idiots spell?

My kids use better English and they are 8 and 12!

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap gets put on this web site

Bertie Biggles said...

Then do not visit it, 16.34. On the other hand you might like to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

As Ken Gregory seems to think he's God, he's probably walking around St.Peter's in Rome in his mind!

Anonymous said...

If he did walk round St. Peter's in Broadstairs as he claims then he'd know the pub by the church, the Red Lion is alive and well, not closed as he is reputed to have said.

Anonymous said...

I like Ken, he is a nice man and serves Thanet well. i'm not jealous of him, or anybody else that gets off their backside to serve the island. folks that are jealous of people use blogs to say ugly things bout people.

Bertie Biggles said...

When it comes to 'serving' one does need to question motivation? Is it self-serving for pecuniary interest, status, ego etc or a genuine desire to serve the community of Thanet? There are many different ways of serving Thanet and its people. One needs to be careful in assuming that all Cllrs are selflessly motivated to serve their constituents and the people of Thanet. Many are, but for quite a few one wonders what it is that motivates them.

Anonymous said...

when people read all the comments on this web sight they think is it worth going out to vote .when you read some of the rubbish on most sites its a laugh
i wonder what all the peoplea whom put rubbish would do if they were councillors probley not got the brains

Anonymous said...


Could you write in English please.

I have no idea what you are going on about!