Thursday, 14 January 2010


My thanks to contributor MK for this lovely picture of an urban fox in Ramsgate, taken a few nights ago.

For foxes it is that time of year for vixens to attract foxes and my daughter rang me at 2 am the other evening to ask me to come over to her house as some-one was banging her wheely bins and scrabbling around outside her house. The culprits were not burglars or Thanet chavs but a fox and vixen caught in flagrante delicto!

On the subject of love and passion and Facebook security in general, it is just possible that our former Margate Mayoress might like to consider her Facebook site details and who her 'friends' are, as the cautionary tale below highlights so wonderfully.

I finish, this evening with a joke sent to me by a new contributor to Strife. 

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken wall for TDC. One from London, another from Dover and the third from Thanet.

They go with a TDC Officer to examine the wall. The London contractor takes out his note-book and gets scribbling into it as he measures the wall in detail. "Well"  he says, " I figure the job will run about £2,000: £900 for materials; £700 for my crew and £400 profit for me."

The Dover contractor does some measuring and figuring and then says, " I can do this for £1,600: £800 for materials; £500 for my crew and £300 profit for me."
The Thanet contractor doesn't do any measuring or even get his pencil and notebook out but leans over to the TDC Officer and whispers,  " £3, 600".
The TDC Officer, incredulous, says, " You didn't even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?"

The Thanet contractor whispers back, " £1000 for me, £1000 for you and I hire the guy from Dover as a sub-contractor to do the job."

"Done", says the Officer.  And that is how it all works.


Anonymous said...

That would be funny Bertie if it did not stink of the truth.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be FaceBook "friends" with the former Mrs-Mayor of Margate to read all about her private life; she's not on my friends list yet I can read everything (I can even see how their relationship developed during late September & early October). So she obviously needs to change her privacy settings.

Anonymous said...

She's changed her privacy settings now.

Anonymous said...

Your new contributor is nearer to the truth than they think

Bertie Biggles said...

07:14, good.

Anonymous said...


They (TDC) may be able to whistle 'Dixie', but can they deal with whistle blowers correctly?

Wanted in Thanet does not actually mean employment land?

Posted by the US and them Marshall's.

Message ends

The Cowboy express bringing news since the law of carpet bagging was introduced.

Anonymous said...

It's very funny - and based on a joke by the late great Irish comedian Dave Allen circa 1971!

Nice to hear it again - and probably nearer the truth than we care to admit.

Ken Gregory said...

Nice fox bertie, on behalf of my chickens can I have his address, I have a small delivery I would like to send him.. It involves a 12 gauge side by side

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the fox in the snow. Please help us save them! Get the word out to stop a repeal of the hunting act and sign the R.O.A.R. (Register Online Against Repeal), an all party list at:

Peter Checksfield said...

The problem with FaceBook is that they changed the default settings a couple of months back, so now unless people spend a few minutes changing things, including every individual photo album (which few people bother doing) then the whole world can see everything on there. Good to know that Alex has changed things though perhaps a little too late.

Another gripe with FB is that (like so many things U.S. based) they consider nudity the ultimate crime. No, I don't want to put full frontal nudie pics on there, but I find it very strange that people can get away with making racial hatred statements on FB groups & profiles, yet if they so much as post a photo of a woman breastfeeding they swifly get their accounts deleted. I know which one I consider "obscene".

Anonymous said...

I used to have foxes in my garden - loved to watch them playing. Due to building development they have now all gone, such a shame. If you could see them kicking a football around the lawn and small cubs playing in the grass clippings you would realise how lucky we are to have them in the area.

Unlike some humans, foxes do not kill for fun, nor are they classified as vermin. So please sign up to ROAR

Anonymous said...

so thats how the director of finance got our budget in such a mess. Suddenly everything is as clear as the neccessity to build houses at eurokent.

Anonymous said...

I am not atall surprised at reading the TDC way of choosing a contractor. What really interests me is why they do not employ local men to do the jobs needed. Thanet has some really qualified workers and in my area 4 dry wall liners wait for work but every time TDC need this service they call in a firm from Folkestone, Medway or even further a field. It is disgraceful and should be stopped, If the Council stepped down for a month I know many people who could do a far better job and cheaper.