Sunday, 24 February 2008

All Quiet on the Thanet Front?

Well, what an interesting two weeks in Thanet's blogsphere! The allegations have been flying in the local press and radio and I show an exclusive picture of a 'legal beaver' being consulted about the libel laws. As he is only a B.A Bombay (failed) he is unlikely to offer sound advice but who cares; its all got personal now and he is cheap at 100 rupees per call.

Thom Morris is on the case at The Isle of Thanet Gazette and the set grimace of Air-Ads director, chief pilot and Westgate Councillor, Simon Moores in the photograph attached to last Friday's article looks suitably hands on hip serious.

We have one suspended site; OVIT closed for business and ECR gone up-market but with
'the' still an avenue for blogger chat to the Eastcliff Mansion resident. Whats all the fuss about? There has been some sharp exchanges in the past few weeks but nothing that we flitters around Thanet's blogs have not seen before. It will all come out in the wash in due course but as some have found in the past, dirty washing is best left to the 'dhobi-wallah' to look after, not our friend the legal beaver.

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