Friday, 29 February 2008


My worst suspicions about the Da Vinci replacement for my Sopwith were confirmed today over Maidstone Gaol. Got to 500 feet, levelled out and unfurled the duvet cover on the first pass and then swooped low over C Block with message fluttering nicely; picked up some turbulence between C and D Blocks and with duvet cover wrapped round my head, began to lose height rapidly. The rest is too uncomfortable to relate. The Gazunder team were on hand to catch my arrival at hospital as the picture above shows.

Have sacked that idiot apprentice ,Chav , whose bright idea this farce was and to add insult to injury a sheet was apparently hung out of a cell window with " No way- you fat cow" on it and another one appeared with "Should have gone to Ace-Ads". I now have plenty of time to consider that delivering messages like some bally Cupid is not worth the bother.

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