Monday, 25 February 2008


Despite Tony Flaig's attempts to steer matters in Thanet towards other issues, BigNews has erupted again tonight with a cyber-stalker importing ' I can track you down' stuff from Simon Moore's alternative 'Thanetlife' at Zentelligence.blogspot. This of course is not news to Thanet's bloggers who have have read it all before on the now 'suspended' Thanetlife site.

A brief recce over to Zentelligence reveals a rash of activity by Simon Moores on his 'other' site since he suspended Thanelife and one cannot help but get the impression that the need to blog is perhaps ingrained in us 'flying chaps'.

What is clear though, is that Simon is monitoring Bignews and that his latest offering on Zen is directed towards the Thanet blogging community. I liked the post on BigNews that ended with 'put up' or 'shut up' and trust that Simon Moores will heed the advice given. If he has enough material to back up his allegations on Thanetlife and in the press last week, then he should get on and give his legal beavers the go-ahead for a court order to track down those dastardly anonymous bloggers. I for one, or two, if I include the former journalist who has commented today, fail to see how anything since the 'Christmas Truce' has been out of the ordinary or illegal but I am not flying around to the press all the time with allegations in tow!

Just in case I get labelled as 'obsessed of 1.08' I had better finish this post quickly and I can think of no better quote (as Thanetlife has ceased to provide me with a good quote for the day) than from John Alden:

" There is great unwillingness amongst men to face the cruel facts of history and to accept harrowing experiences of the past as sure evidence of more to come."


Anonymous said...

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching you!