Thursday, 28 February 2008


You will need to click on this 'Letter of the Week' from Your Thanet to read it clearly. I hope you will.

I was very moved by the simple cry of anguish contained in this letter from Pauline Dunnill of Pauline's Cafe in Margate High Street. It should be a reminder to us, when we see shops closing in our High Streets around The Isle , that real people are having their hopes, dreams and hard work for little reward shattered by the impact of Westwood Cross. The impact on Margate has been horrendous and the failure to sort out Dreamland and the great glass hope for the future, the TC, means that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Every independent trader still hanging on in the Isle needs not just our moral support but our patronage and some of our cash.

I commented else-where, some time ago, that February and March this year would see the closure of businesses that have managed to hang on through 2007 but have no more capacity to sustain losses. Is reduction in Business Rates not a possibility that TDC can consider? It does beg the question of who do the Councillors of Margate think they represent?

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