Thursday, 28 February 2008


Interested readers of aviation matters, will know that I have spent the past 12 months preparing assiduously for and carefully studying how to follow a BA flight into the new Peking (sorry, its Beijing now) Airport from our patch here at Manston. I am afraid that disaster has struck! My groundcrew overtightened the elastic band on the Sopwith and when I shouted 'contact' this morning, there was an almighty bang as the damn thing snapped. We are grounded! Its going to take at least 3 days to replace, so Reg my engineer chap, tells me and we have insufficient funds to pay for a new one.

Thankfully, our young apprentice, Chav, (an awfully keen lad despite the unfortunate name) who has the benefit of a day release at Thanet Tech to back up his practical skills, came up with an alternative solution and its from an old design first tried out circa 1500 AD. The lads are working on it in the hangar tonight and hopefully I take to the skies tomorrow.

In addition, Chav came up with a brilliant idea to raise some funds quickly tomorrow to get a replacement elastic band. "Boss", he said, "tomorrows the 29th Feb and my mum's desperate to get married to the latest 'uncle'. She'll stump up the fifty quid for a new elastic band if we can get a banner over Maidstone nick, saying ' Bill Sykes, will u marry me - Luv Nancy'".
So , despite my serious misgivings, you might catch me over the Maidstone area tomorrow trailing a duvet cover with a proposal of marriage from Nancy painted on it.

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