Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I was waiting for the sky to clear this morning to launch my Sopwith down at Manston when this big red and white beast roared in and then proceeded to circle Thanet at 9 minute intervals. Shortly afterwards it was joined by another brute with a yellow tail that followed it in circles and was about 3 minutes behind it. For a moment I thought, how sweet, it must be spring and ECr's 'Oozalum bird' has a mate and then realised what must be happening over the houses in Ramsgate.

I love the idea of Manston having lots of flights in and out, after all it is an airport, but just wish that they were disgorging or collecting passengers and creating jobs for Thanetonians. Practising landings and take-offs to satisfy CAA rules gives us all the noise and pollution without benefit to the local community.

I couldn't resist going to the www to complain to them but got diverted when I found this job application below for a First Officer. What a pity I can't post it on Thanetlife (its suspended), as Simon obviously has plenty of time on his hands now that running Thanet's leading blog is history.


First Officer (Ref. No. CRWFOFO8W88997)
Post Date: 25th February 2008


We are currently recruiting First Officers to be part of our dynamic and highly experienced team of B747-400 crew. Successful applicants will be based in Hong Kong operating ultra-long haul routes and will spend most of their time a long way from The Isle of Thanet. The airline is expanding rapidly and filling Captains positions from the ranks of First Officers. Requirements are:

At least 500 hours towing banners
Minimum of 1000 hours flying anything.
Experience as a Thanet District Councillor

1. Are you able to accept a Hong Kong Basing? Yes/No
2. Do you have at least 1000 total hours flying anything? Yes/No
3. Do you like going round in circles above Thanet? Yes/No
4. Do you spend your spare time tracking down bloggers? Yes/No


Anonymous said...

Bertie, you really are an imaginative chap aren't you! Do you really think that you can rival the divine ( pause for heavenly choir ) Biggles!

Toodle pip, Angels at 12 and a bloody great jumbo up my backside!

What ho chaps!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are! And I will invoke the dark mysteries of "You can't piss me offism" against you, if you do not desist and refrain from blogging in a way that makes me look like a pillock!

I am not paranoid, I know that people are really out to get me!


Anonymous said...

This is annoying 1.08 saying, "Good night, and lets be careful out there!"

Bertie Biggles said...

May the Lord preserve me! I have the dreaded 1.08 visiting. As no-one else seems to, I should be grateful I suppose. Hope this late night key-bashing isn't interfering with the day job, 1.08.

Anonymous said...

Day job? What day job! If I'm blogging at 1.08 then do you think I work for a living?

Anonymous said...

Ah life! Don't talk to me about life! Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they've got me blogging! It's enough to make you want to put a bucket on your head!

Do you want me to put a bucket on my head? I will if it makes you happy!

Bertie Biggles said...

The bucket on your head is entirely down to you, 00.25! I would suggest that a good nights sleep after a mug of Horlicks might be a more sensible option than hitting the 'keys' into the small hours? Nice to have some readers out there in blogsphere, even if they insist on wearing buckets!