Monday, 3 November 2008


My notice was drawn by the DT (City Diary) to a Mr C Robin Woodbine Parish M.A (Oxon) who is the Chairman of EL ORO Exploration Company which has been in business since 1938. His statements as Chairman make a refreshing change to the normal 'statements' one can read and I offer for your delectation the following reasoning for the mess we are in:

"The gruesome truth has emerged that bankers and their hired hand magicians, intoxicated by greed and dancing with the devilry of derivatives, far from fostering a golden goose, have succeeded in producing solfataric emissions so toxic to have nearly extinguished the Western financial system".

He is certainly not PC and you can find more by looking at .
I like this passage from his Nov 2007 statement that appears with the occasional snippet about how the Compnay is performing:

"The guff of responsibility for global warming and other Malthusian-like scares move us inexorably into a fully compliant, eco-friendly, fully insulated, multi-cultural, sexually uncertain, smoke-free, carbon neutral cocoon: blinded to the economic, competitive and cultural destruction of our society."

Woodbine Parish is not a man who minces words and the PC will find his approach quite blunt and even offensive. I just find it quite different and far more interesting to read than poor old Robin Bolton's announcements and statements for CGP.


Anonymous said...

Interesting logo this company has - they choose to incoude a glass of beer, a pickaxe and what looks like a bar of metal or a bar of chocolate within its lettering!

His comments would be all the more interesting if he were to use simpler wording

Anonymous said...

They say a bit of variety is good for you...

Bertie Biggles said...

I think the bar is a gold ingot, 13.08 and anyone who puts a handled pint glass in their logo has my support! A touch of English eccentricity is most welcome in the boring PC world we live in.

Anonymous said...

As 'oro' is Spanish for 'gold' I think the company's name is self-explanatory.