Saturday, 29 November 2008


How strange it is that we have criticism of a Labour Government for pursuing a 'mole' in the Home Office whilst TDC, if reports are to be believed, seems to be pursuing its own 'mole'.

'Mauwice' and 'Woger' need look no further and can call off the Monitoring Officer and Kent's Finest. I have attached a picture of the culprit. His known associates are not Frank, Terry or Jimmy but are known locally as 'Rattie' and 'Badger'.

Reports from 'TDC Mole' are that 'Mauwice' and 'Wodger' almost 'froth at the mouth' if the name of Richard over at The Eastcliff is mentioned and generally fulminate and curse all bloggers in general in the local vernacular.

They need to relax more ( nautical pastimes are considered good therapy by most psychologists) and realise that the Internet has empowered the 'plebs' and that secretive, autocratic management of a Local Authority should be consigned to history.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Bertie Biggles said...

I am sorry 18.16 that whilst I agree with some of the points, I feel I need to edit them. I will leave your reference concerning The Edinburgh Wool Shop incident and The Winter Gardens.

18.16 wrote:

"They are just living up to their nick names, Ratty and Badger, Badger doesn't really fit their antics, should be Ratty and Ruthless as neither gives a dam about anyone other than themselves. Will do anything to get their way, including 'attacking' a woman in a public place, foul mouthing at public functions....."

Bertie Biggles said...

Could I remind commentators that whilst they may be frustrated about issues and may have low opinions of some of our civic leaders, intemperate comments do not help.

00.14, I have removed your last paragraph.

00.14 said:

Anonymous said...
It makes you wonder of course what the dynamic duo of Eze-kill and Latchkey have to hide?

You only go after moles if you are afraid of what they might publish!

We know that Eze-kill, or Eze-money to his mates, has a load of grief piling up with the standards board, but one would have hoped that a former senior officer in HM Armed forces, Latchkey Other Buggers Efforts, would have been a little more astute!

What have they got to be so afraid of? Shadey dealings? More Tesco bag contents appearing? Or disgruntled developers spilling the beans!

30 November 2008 00:14

Anonymous said...

Surely "Pinky and Perky" are not afraid of Moles, moles are blind and like nothing more than grubbing around for a tasty dish of worms.
Methinks its the truth they do not like!