Sunday, 16 November 2008


How nice to not have to read 'A Leader's View' in the IOTG on Friday. The 7th November article had a headline that bore no relationship whatsoever to the article and hopefully 'Mauwice' is taking a break. It would suit many if he took a permanent break!

Am I the only one who thought that TDC had conceeded the issue on development of the tennis courts in Montefiore Avenue last year? Its now back again and the HOOT's Group have had to 'gird their loins' for yet another battle. It really is time for TDC to listen to its electorate. Thanet people in Broadstairs and Ramsgate use and want that tennis court space so let them have it for goodness sake. Not only is there an application at KCC to make the area a 'village green' but there is the added problem of bat colonies (probably Pipistrelles) in the locality or coming out from King George VI Park to feed after dusk. If anyone can spot the rare Greater Mouse Eared Bat in the vicinity, that would help HOOT (Hands Off Our Tennis) enormously!

Anyone with a connection with Westgate will know how sorely missed have been PC Chris Bunyard and Community Warden Tony Bailey. We have the crazy situation where as a result of their splendid efforts, the level of 'feral yuff' activity in Westgate had declined enormously, but as a result Westgate now gets a 'share' of a PC with Birchington as the 'level' of crime and anti-social behaviour had declined. Its now on the increase again. When will idiots who run our 'policing' realise that the effectiveness of a local bobby and warden can be measured in little or no crime? It's an inverse situation to the business management approach, for goodness sake! The reason why Westgate has had few problems until recently is precisely because of the effective work of Messrs Bunyard and Bailey!

Whilst in the western area of Thanet, it seems that Quex Park is having a problem with its museum curator and Councillor Trustees are resigning en-masse. Its a pity that these Cllrs don't take the same interest in the 'Turner thingee' and explain why the tax payer has been footing the bill for a 'director' for over 7 years and a curator for an art gallery that has yet to be built. At least Quex or 'The Powell-Cotton Museum' as I prefer to remember it as, does not cost us Council Tax payers money!

Bertie has been wondering for some time when our own County Property Company (aka KCC) would announce its lucrative, select, housing development proposals on the Hereson School Playing Fields. So now we know; 200 houses are proposed and rumours of a purchase earlier this year of a property to be knocked down to give them access to the new 'prestigious estate' from Dumpton Park Road look to be true. Has anyone thought of a better use for Thanet residents of this site? In its greed, KCC have also killed off a wonderful Wildlife Project (Go Wild) at Holy Trinity School down the road so that the land can be built on for houses! So we now have 1000 homes planned at Westwood; 200 at Hereson School; houses at Holy Trinity; 700 houses at Haine Road's Eurokent site instead of industrial'employment use (that's another saga) and yet TDC is already way ahead of its extra housing figures as dictated by Government. Paul Carter and KCC would be better off protecting tax payers assets from Icelandic Bank collapses than playing at property developers.!

With Christmas pressie preparation beginning can I pass on a warning. A reader has e-mailed me about a postal scam that originates from Belize! If you get a card through the door saying that PDS (Parcel Deliver Service) was unable to deliver and could you ring 0906 6611911, DONT! It's a premium line scam that will cost you an arm and a leg just dialling the number. If you get a card from PDS, ring Royal Mail Fraud on 02072396655 instead and let them know.


Anonymous said...

A minor point but the tennis courts that HOOT is trying to save are in Montefiore Avenue and are nothing to do with the Spencer Square ones that aren't under threat.

Bertie Biggles said...

Oops! Thanks! Have amended item.