Sunday, 30 November 2008


Readers might not be aware of the developing picture that is being revealed by Michael Child, Rick and Ramsgate 'Walter' of the threats to Thanet's aquifer. If you want some detailed information please visit and click on the links Michael has put up on his strand "Another significant Chemical Pollution Incident".

In summary they have revealed that:

1. we have ongoing remediation at Sericol's old site in Poor Hole Lane (470 tonnes of cyclohexanone recovered so far with remedation work on-going).

2. un-named solvent and chemical pollution at the nearby Thor site on Ramsgate Road that ocurred between 1973 and 2003 with solvent recovery and extraction of water from the aquifer to foul sewer recently commenced and soil decontamination and removal to be done.

3. Widespread contamination by diuron ( a nasty residual carcinogenic herbicide) and its metabolytes detected in 90% of samples from Thanet's aquifer by a British Geological Survey carried out from Sep 2003 to Dec 2004. This report states that a TDC contractor used undiluted diuron on flower beds and verges in 2001 and that regular use of diuron ocurred at Connex in Ramsgate up to 2003 where the aquifer was vulnerable due to soil removal above it. (This affected the Lord of The Manor public supply borehole). The report also shows that 10 landfill sites sit on Source Protection Zones of Thanet's aquifer and that CFCs were detected probably as a result of fly-tipped refrigerators.

I am beginning to feel sorry for TDC's Contaminated Land Officer, Morgan Sproates. It does seem that having taken over this responsibility he now has the nightmare of rather lax activity in the past by TDC, to sort out. Our aquifer is in a parlous state and if we are not careful in Thanet, we will simply end up with an undrinkable water supply below are feet.

For those who wondered why the 'Save Thanet's Water- Stop China Gateway' campaign was so concerned about Industrial development on the huge scale envisaged by CGP at Manston, I leave you with the conclusions that the British Geolocical Survey team came to. Quite simply, they found highest concentrations of pollutants at industrial sites and lowest levels in the open farmland centre of Thanet.


Anonymous said...

What a great summary of the situation you have here :)

Far from feeling sorry for Morgan Sproates, we should applaud him for taking on the troubled and thorny role. Surely all he has to do though, is to do an average job to improve immeasurably? Here's hoping he does a stellar job and is not tainted by mediocratity like so many in the TDC

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much weight, if any, these now legitimised fears will carry in future planning applications?