Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Readers will be glad to note that this bag is not a Tesco Bag but may be able to identify the plant growing behind it.

Am I the only one to be confused by this Government's uncoordinated approach to drug taking? Cannabis is downgraded to Class C; oops let's now re-classify as a Class B; oh what the hell, pass the spliff over and let me contemplate the meaning of life.

Whilst 'Kent's Finest' have been closing down hydroponic training classes for prospective employees of Thanet Earth all over The Isle in the past 12 months, it would appear that the incidence of cannabis smoking amongst our school population has been gathering momentum.

You might as a parent, think that those 'dealing' and introducing your child to banned substances would be dealt with harshly; I can think of few lower forms of animal life than drug-pushers and naively assumed that our Criminal Justice system had the scum firmly in its sights. It would appear that is not the case.

In 2007 only 5, 130 (53%) out of 9, 564 convicted drug dealers were given custodial sentences. It would appear that 1 in 10 are given a 'caution' and many others were fined. Included in the 4,434 dealers 'let off' were pushers of Class A drugs like heroin, cocaine and crack.

I am told that it is easier to get cannabis from a 'pusher' at school than to buy cigarettes, alcohol or solvents to sniff from shops and stores. It has never been cheaper for our youngsters to get 'stoned' in Thanet than at the present time.

We have the confused messages from a Government, long past its sell-by date, to thank for this and many of our other woes.

On the basis of not wanting to be left out, this summer I will be sniffing around those hedgerows that have appeared around Manston to see what is being planted behind them; I am told that with global warming, 'guerilla planting' is a viable alternative to hydroponics in a Ramsgate House!


Michael Child said...

Bertie you know you’re quite wrong about this, it’s actually a sinister Labour plot by Gordon Brown so he can lock David Cameron up during the next election for admitting to smoking cannabis at Eton.

Anonymous said...

I personally wonder why we even have Class A, B or C categories, its either illegal or it isn't.

Eastcliff Richard said...

It's so you can tell what you should be snorting, toking or injecting according to your social classification.

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for that, Dickie old chap. I thought 'toking' was an Estuary grammatical error for 'taking' as in "I was tooking my shreddies to the laundry". It clearly has another meaning!