Friday, 23 January 2009


Goodness me! The blue-touchpaper has been set alight and the abusive invective has begun against Malcolm Kirkaldie over on ECR!

I think this scheme to ask the people of Thanet if they would like to elect a Mayor is marvellous. I think it is fair to say that the present governance of the Isle by 'Mauwice', 'Woger'and senior officers, makes TDC in its present form, the most un-popular Council in the land.

Many had hoped that the Tory majority would have realised this last year and 'ousted' the Leadership and cabinet. Having dismally failed to 'reform', the Tory Group should not be surprised that a move to a Mayoral referendum might be perceived by many voters in Thanet(Labour and Tory alike) as the only way of changing the disastrous situation that now exists in Thanet with its 'failed' leaders and 'failed' policies.

The Thanet electorate has seen the decline of its 3 main towns brought about by the Westwood Cross fiasco, that could and should have been prevented. To enter a disastrous recession in such poor shape after 10 'boom' years is a serious failure of both Tory and Labour management of our local affairs. Have no doubt that the ravaged High Streets will look even worse by Easter.

Maybe, just maybe, if the Electorate support a Mayoral referendum, a candidate of calibre and integrity and without 'petty political allegiances' will come forward with a better CV than experience as a carpet fitter or a retired miltary blanket stacker.

We need a change and if a Mayor can achieve it, then I for one will be out canvassing for a Referendum.

6000 -7000 signatures on a petition will not be hard to find I suspect.


Anonymous said...

A pity that only those lucky enought to live in Ramsgate will benefit. I have always thought that at local level elections should not be fought on party political lines, but on the calibre of the candidate.

Anonymous said...

The crucial question would be 'Who would control the purse strings?'

The current lot handles the budget and knows whatever they decide are the priorities will get voted through by the mostly anonymous sheep who got elected by Thanet's electorate.If you ask most residents who their TDC councillors I guarantee few could answer so the lot in Cecil Street appear to have carte blanche as they won't be accountable until 2011. In my own ward locals still think the ousted Labour councillors sit in the chamber not two Tories who are only recognised by their families and friends, not the electorate.

Anonymous said...

Loco man for mayor

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea unless one of the afore mentioned got in!

They are bad enough now, the thought of them with more power is too hard to contemplate.

Bertie Biggles said...

15.56, the aim appears to petition in respect of a Thanet Mayor to replace the present Cabinet system overseen by Mr Ezekiel! We will all benefit; not just those in Ramsgate.

17.44, a good point and therin lies the obvious danger. That said, I found last summer when 'on the street' in support of Stop Chinagate, very few locals appear to have anything nice to say about Mauwice and most opinions were unprintable!

Anonymous said...

You mention Labour and Conservative voters what about UKIP
GREEN and the NATIONAL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, they are I am sure just as fed up with "Pinky and Perky" running sorry ruining the council
I agree lets have a Mayor for Thanet..He/She could not do any worse.
Vote for a person not a party.

Bertie Biggles said...

14.21, couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Bertie for mayor!

Bertie Biggles said...

No way, 09.32!