Saturday, 3 January 2009


Not the best time of year for a Persian Cat to have a shave but a matted, ungroomed coat needs drastic action as this stray discovered.

If you can think of a good caption, please feel free to add it.

On a serious note, I begin to understand those who oppose the pedigree dog business at Crufts. This cat needs constant grooming and if abandoned soon gets into trouble; not because it cannot scavange but simply because its unnaturally long and fine coat becomes matted, dirt encrusted and in warmer weather, fly-blown. Specialist breeding has certainly produced some fine looking breeds of cats and dogs but at what cost in animal welfare?


Anonymous said...

That cat's expression says it all.

I wouldn't fancy getting any closer to him while he's got such a malevolent look.

Whoever did the shaving did an excellent job. Last time I tried to de-matt a long-haired cat he ended up looking very patchy but I did get the vet to trim the more 'sensitive' areas. At least the coat will grow again quickly. Perhaps he needs a little jacket like dogs wear.

ascu75 aka Don said...

can you imagine what the expression would be like if he had one of those coats by the look if him YOU AINT GONNA GET ON ON HIM not in that mood

MR PUSS said...

What a TART!

Anonymous said...

poor little creature,thank god he was found,so many animals are neglected and mistreated especially at this time of year..

Anonymous said...

Check with any of the cat rescue centres and you'll find them full of abandoned cats especially pregnant females. Thanet Cat Club has a couple found in a box at ASDA, dumped by their owner. If you want a pet it is essential to realise the responsibility of owning an snimal can be expensive when even the most basic visit to the vet can cost £20.