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I make no apologies for showing you a picture taken in 1972 after a number of bombs were detonated by the IRA in Belfast City centre. Soldiers first on the scene at The Bus Station found torso parts and entrails caught on railings. The IRA were responsible for those attacks and the loss of life and maiming of large numbers of innocent civilians and we must not forget that civilians were directly targeted.

I was most unhappy to read over the week-end that The Consultative Group on The Past is to make a proposal on Wednesday that the families of all those killed in 'The Troubles' should receive £12,000 compensation and that this could cost the tax-payer £40,000,000. They wish to include in this scheme the families of dead IRA members as they want to end the 'hierarchy of victims' on the basis that the pain of the bereaved is equal! It most certainly is not.

I wondered how the death of James Quigley, aged 18yrs, on the 29 Sep 1972 was regarded. If you 'Google' him in you find yourself looking at The Relatives for Justice site. They report him as being murdered by the British Army in an attic and that his body was thrown off the roof.

They fail to mention that he was an IRA volunteer armed with a Garrand rifle and clips of ammunition who had set himself up in a firing position to shoot at British soldiers responding to a bomb set off in a shop. His body was recovered from the roof and removed from the back of the premises carefully and into an Armoured Saracen Ambulance and rushed to The Victoria Hospital.

They also fail to mention that in the same incident Private Ian Stewart Burt, aged 18 yrs, of The 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment was shot dead by another sniper backing up Quigley's position.

I suppose, such is the way this country has descended into 'madness' in the past 11 years, that the compensation will be dished out to the families of terrorists. As tax-payers you might also be interested to know that the Tony Blair's nonsense of The Saville Inquiry, set up in 1998, is still going on and has so far cost you £182,000,000.

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Anonymous said...

Bertie. There is madness stalking our land. I fear that our younger generations have been educated into its servitude.

My own "Take" on the IRA began before the 1969 eruption of the troubles.

It was in two matters:

(1) The IRA Garland Plan that had been handed to UK Govt by the Gardai. They nad captured a copy circa 1962.

Stage 3 of that Plan was for Industrial and Agricultural sabotage.

At that time Sean Garland was a member of the IRA Army ruling council and the IRA (OIRA) were an avowedly Marxist organisation. To further their terrorist and political ambitions the plan envisaged recruitment within or infiltration of the British Trades Union movement.

The IRA were seen, at that time, as a Soviet financed fifth column.

(2) The individual suspects in England tagged as "IRA assets acquiring information of use to the Soviet Union".

The Scarman Inquiry which reported in 1972 was essentially into the causes of the escalation from a Civil Rights movement to terrorism.

Hence the Scarman conclusion, that there was no plan to overthrow government by asymmetric warfare, related to the immediate cause of the troubles and NOT the strategic objectives of the original IRA Plan.

The compensation and "No hierarchy of victims" very much reflects New Labour version of strategic appreciation.

My view is Airey Neave (murdered by INLA the active Marxist offshoot from OIRA after OIRA went to ceasefire) did for him. I think the authorities should have been looking wider for the motive. Airey chaired the Science and Technology select cttee. He had for many years been worried at the analysis that the Cold War would not be resolved by either nuclear war or money. It would not be won by the cutting edge technology ability but by the number of a nation's engineers who can manufacture, maintain, repair.
There is UK's jugular.

By 1984 (after reports suggesting that there was sabotage consistent with IRA Garland Plan) the Institute of Electrical Engineers commissioned research. They published that 93% of management in the UK industry was totally unqualified either by education or experience. 3.5% had arts, accountancy or business qualifications and only 3.5% had technical qualifications.

This was at the time Maggie Thatcher (without Neave's guidance) had embraced the most damaging restrictive practice of all "Management right to manage".

In the reports I sent to Government on Petbow Generators and Plessey Torpedos I pointed out that these companies seemed to buck the trend by having 100% unqualified people at management level making them even more vulnerable to sabotage.

I reported my view (with evidence) that Petbow had a saboteur and that there were 26 lines of inquiry to be followed before it could be ruled out that his is sabotage of the Garland Plan.

For Plessey I argued against the Special Branch suspicion of sabotage and cited a technical explanation for their in service unreliability problems and this was later agreed by two MOD experts.

1998. New Labour's failure of strategic appreciation comes hoe to roost. The Good Friday Agreement. Decommissioning Terms. Restricted to the existing legal definitions of firearms, explosives, ammunition. No requirement for IRA to declare their sabotage in place, their saboteur capability or their poisons stockpile.

There were warnings to government for many years. In August 1997 Kent Police Authority called on Chief constable for inquiry and report in a range of matters including that of sabotage consistent with the IRA Garland Plan at Petbow Cummins.

The Chief constable failed to comply. He should have liaised with the Met Police and the Southwark Coroner. I refer to the death of a child patient in post op ICU at Guys in 1995.

For this child, in my view, is also a victim in this country whose government deludes itself they have no hierarchy of victims.

The sequence of events in 1995 at Guys was that the Petbow mains monitoring circuitry switched the incoming mains off the hospital. There was not a mains power cut. The Petbown system switched the electricity off the hospital. It would not be manually over ruled.

The power cut must have terrified the family and staff on the post op ICU where a child patient was on life support no longer powered by mains.

For twenty minutes or so the backup generator ran. there must have been relief and hope in that post op iCU. Then the Petbow diesel fuel transfer system failed and the backup power failed.

The child died.

That three fault sequence had occurred on that system before. 1987. It had been reported and Guys had been put on a suspect installation list by Roger Evans MP (Tory barrister and Minister Monmouth) in 94.

The chances of a recurrence of that three fault sequence on the same system after repair ? One in three million million.

That makes an overwhelming case to investigate for a saboteur.

But Kent Police, even when called upon to do so by their own police authority, would not do so.

This then came home to roost with Jack Straw who was using Kent Police to conduct the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. In the midst of that he was asked to compel the report called for by Kent Police Authority.

That call for inquiry related to eleven men murdered at Deal Royal Marines barracks in 1989 and one child allegedly murdered at Guys in 95.

Perhaps anxious on three fronts:

(1) The Good Friday Agreement Chamberlainesque cock up by Blair

(2) The role of Mrs Jack Straw a high flying MOD civil servant involved in civilianizing barracks security

(3) Kent Police being cross case compromised in the Lawrence inquiry (allegations related to Clifford Norris)

Jack Straw refused to compel the inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority.

We know that there was an opportunity for this history to reach the ears of judiciary earlier in 1998 at the Mortlock versus Maison libel trial where it seems Cllr Hayton of the Police Authority may not exactly have mentioned the open call for inquiry from Kent Police Authority !

On the subject of gierarchy of victims the facts are that Jack Straw refused to give the child patient at Guys and the eleven murdered Royal Marines the same rights to justice as Stephen Lawrence.

That is an obscene hierarchy of victims. De facto a black victim of murder was entitled to a greater pursuit of justice than eleven Royal Marines and one child patient.

I take it that represents twelve victims of the IRA who will not feature in the hierarchy of victims at all.

As far as Thanet is concerned I am aware that two men reported internally at Petbow that there was sabotage. It is a matter for their own consciences that they failed (an offence of treason) to report to authority. There are around 100 Thanet men who have knowledge corroborating what I say but who elect the silence of the cowardly cur.

Whereas we should have no hirercahy of victims nor should we have a hierarchy of culpability.

Given my way every manjack of the Thanet scum I allude to would be serving life.

Absent Friends.

Richard Card