Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Before I discuss our discredited Leader's arrogant utterances less than 24hrs after TDC's Standards found him failing to meet the Standards required of Councillors (the second time he has shown himself unable to conduct himself appropriately as Leader of Thanet District Council
and our main Civic Leader within a 15month period) let me share with you an interesting alternative view that whilst a light-hearted view of Thanet's Leadership has a serious undertone. I give you this from regular reader, Tim.
"Dear Bertie,

It ocurred to me the other day, while I was dusting down the DVD collection with a bottle of Mr Sheen, just how much like Darth Vader and The Emperor, old Sandy and even older Rog, are.
Sandy, much like Vader, is the figurehead of The darkside, the public face if you will, but its Rog, who is the man in real control of the TDC Empire, squirrelling awy, behind the scenes and controlling the Dark Side of the Force; sorry I mean The Farce.
No Jedi knight could fail to spot the similarity between Roger's craggy features and that of the grizzly Emperor surely - and Sandy's blank expression is surely a mask of sorts?
Now all we need is for Sandy Vader to say 'enough is effing enough' and toss his 'Master' down a large wind tunnel and then admit the error of his ways, and then we will all be happy.
the result would of course be another Standards appearance and I don't think even a Dark Lord of the Sith could survive a 3rd appearance ....or maybe he could?"


Thanks, Tim.

According to Your Thanet, 'Mauwice' told them today: “Labour would call for me to resign, but I will not be standing down. I stand by my record as leader and the things we have achieved in that time. “That is what counts. It’s time to stop attacking the man and to get back to policy.”He added he now wanted to “move on”.

What arrogance! Does this man really think he is that important to Thanet and The Conservative Party in Thanet and that it is just Labour Cllrs who are calling for his resignation?

No apology to the people of Thanet for failing to maintain simple standards of decent behaviour in public as 'their' Leader. No apology to his own Party and 'his' Councillors for bringing his Leadership and their Party into disrepute.

Your Party and TDC are bigger than you, Cllr Ezekiel, although you fail to grasp that simple point. Yes, lets get back to good Conservative administration and policies but without YOU!


Anonymous said...

Is there any fact in the rumour spreading around that Ezekiel offered to stand as a character witness for his friend Hilton,but was turned down as being likely to prejudice the case...?

This is Thanet afterall!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me how the leadership of Thanet is different to that of Zimbabwe because I don't see it.

Bertie Biggles said...

07:43, I don't think so!

07:57. I have taken down your original comment and inserted HIM as your comment is strong enough without using Cllr Ezekiel's own words at The Winter Gardens in 2007to describe Cllr Ezekiel!

07:57's Comment

"It's not just Labour calling for our local carpet salesman to stand down, the whole of Thanet wants to see the back of HIM but what can we expect from a man of no honour, very little brain and an overinflated ego."

Bertie Biggles said...

09:25, quite different and I think you know it is.