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Euroferries website is very quiet but it now seems that the Euroferries chaps have Fred Olsen on board and a separate address is trumpeting the start of a Ramsgate-Boulogne service to begin at the end of the month. The press release is as follows:
Euroferries are pleased to announce the commencement of its fast ferry cross channel service on 31st March 2009 with the introduction of its first vessel ‘Bonanza Express’ being operated in partnership with Fred Olsen.
Bonanza Express is a 96m fast Incat vessel, initially operating four crossings daily between Ramsgate and Boulogne.
The service will cater for cars, foot passengers, coaches and a limited amount of freight and caravans.
Per Staehr has been appointed Chairman and Director, Adrian Gillan has been appointed Director, Geoffrey Ede has been appointed Operations Executive and Paul Donert Company Secretary.
Euroferries base at Ramsgate will bring employment to the area and business to the local community.
Ends 5.3.09
For further information please contactthe Euroferries press office at The Staging or telephone 01403 710329
Notes to Editor:
1. Per Staehr has a long experience within the marine and transport business having served in senior position within the A. P. Moller – Maersk Group and Bombardier Transportation. He is currently working as a Director which includes being Chairman of A2SEA, a Director of Trico Marine Inc USA [US Nasdaq listed company] and also involved in other marine and transport related activities.
2. Geoffrey Ede formerly Managing Director of Hoverspeed
3. Paul Donert formerly Senior Partner Ernst & Young
4. Adrian Gillan, Solicitor.
(Staging House are a marketing company ; see
Interesting to see Geoffrey Ede who was involved with The Spirit of Ontario 'non-purchase' and the only name listed with Euroferries ,Mr Gillan , involved.
The 'Bonanza Express' pictured above was built at the Incata's Yard in Tasmania in 1999 and is described as a 'wave-piercer catamaran'. It can carry upto 750 passengers and is fast with a 37.5 knot speed. It seems to have been used initially by Fred Olsen between Tenerife and Gran Canaria but in 2001 popped up in a service between Miami and Grand Bahamas where the business flopped. It then seems to have been sent back to Tenerife, where it ran aground at Los Cristianos as recently as 3rd December 2008. Engine failure was reputedly the problem.
Well, let's wish this 'new venture' success and greet the arrival in Ramsgate of a hopefully repaired and rather sleek looking fast ferry in due course and hope we are not disappointed like The Mayor of Rochester was about the sale of The Spirit of Ontario.
Our Thanet South MP had this to say about the news:
"“I’m delighted Euroferries have been able to put more information about their service in the public domain. By announcing that the scheme has the involvement of Fred Olsen, one of the most prestigious shipping lines in the world, and the leadership of Per Staehr, one of shippings most respected figures, I hope they have answered a lot of the questions people have been asking about the new service.”
“As I did when the original announcement of this service was made I want to encourage local people to save our cheering until the service starts because these are incredibly difficult times to be launching a new business of this complexity and things could still go wrong. Having been closely involved with the team over several years and seen the work they have done in recent weeks I know it hasn’t been easy. That said, the team have made excellent progress and they should be thanked for their efforts and commitment to Ramsgate and to this new service.”
“It will be a major boost for the area and will really give the local economy a shot in the arm and I look forward to seeing the inaugural voyage.”
Enthusiasm with a note of caution? To a simple land-lubber and wannabee Sopwith jockey, it all seems a bit 'leakey' to me still. We will have to wait and see what comes in on the tide!


Bertie Biggles said...

I have copied a comment, that was madethis morning, from my previous 'Euroferries' item that others may wish to see and comment on?

Anonymous said...
The LD lines contacts failed as Euroferries pushed themselfs in.

Euroferries also intend to start up a service between Ramsgate and the port of Flushing.

More to follow later.

06 March 2009 00:36

Anonymous said...

very close to April 1st!!

Another god-damn job odd name for a ferry?

Tony Beachcomber said...

I hope the rest of the fleet are not going to be called Hoss, Little Joe and Ben Cartwright.

Bertie Biggles said...

LOL, Tony! But FLEET? I think its a one horse ranch.

Anonymous said...


Here's a view on Euroferries from it to wet your appetite.

"Meanwhile, the Euroferries deal continued to drag on into the late fall. City Corporation Council Tom Richards continued to stick with the company, despite the fact that Euroferries was a new upstart with virtually no assets. News10 NBC reporter Berkeley Brean reported that "leading European business information provider, Graydon, classifies Euroferries as a company that's an 'above normal risk.' Graydon lists Euroferries' credit line as 2,000 pounds, which is less than $4,000 US, which is still not a lot of credit for a company that wants to buy and operate a ferry."

Or, for that matter, three ferries.

Despite all of their troubles raising financing for just the Spirit of Ontario 1 and its promised four-digit daily reimbursements to the city, the owner of Euroferries, oddly enough, also made huge claims that he was planning to purchase two additional ferries for the run across the English Channel even though he was unable to lock in any docking space in Dover or provide so much as a nickel to the City of Rochester as a down payment on the Spirit. Euroferries continued to rack up a bill of $6,000 a day for every day the ship sat in Charlotte. Despite all of the rhetoric and problems from the other side of the Atlantic, the City chose to hang in there with this nearly non-existent company.

In addition to these disturbing reports, a visitor to the Euroferries website would find nothing more than a bare bones, one-page notice proclaiming that ferry service was coming soon. The site was never updated during all of 2006.

Pierre said...

Euroferries est un opérateur toujours virtuel, mais qui a déjà une longue histoire. Tous les deux ans, un projet refait surface. C'est l'insaisissable serpent de mer qui rode dans le détroit. En 2006, Euroferries avait annoncé vouloir démarrer des liaisons Boulogne-Douvres et Calais-Douvres avec un catamaran rapide, le Spirit of Ontario. Après un long feuilleton plein de rebondissements, la compagnie n'avait pas été en mesure d'apporter les garanties bancaires suffisantes. Adieu donc le Spirit of Ontario et ce projet qui ambitionnait de prendre la place de feu Hoverspeed. Geofrey Ede, l'ancien directeur d'Hoverspeed, qui avait rejoint Euroferries, s'occupe depuis d'un hôtel dans le sud-ouest de l'Angleterre.

Bertie Biggles said...

Back early from the watering hole and we have connections from the US and France?

I suspect that the French comment is deprecatory but if anyone has a better grasp of the lingo across the water, please feel free to translate!

Neptune Watcher said...

Its gotta be a joke! No advertising, no timetables, no prices, nowhere to book, no terminal. Does Euroferries think the people of Thanet actually believe this fairy tale!

Anonymous said...

From an original article dated 28th April 2009.....

Original Article:

San Sebastián de La Gomera, 28 abr (EFE).- Fred Olsen informó hoy de que dejará inactivo el catamarán Bonanza Express debido a la evolución negativa del mercado marítimo interinsular de pasajeros, turismos y carga por, y anunció la presentación de un Expediente de Regulación de Empleo (ERE) que afectará a parte de la plantilla del buque.

En un comunicado, la compañía marítima recuerda que el fast ferry Bonanza Express permanecía inactivo desde diciembre de 2008.

Asegura que las líneas marítimas, horarios, conexiones y tarifas actuales de Fred.Olsen Express en Canarias se mantienen y quedan al margen de esta medida.

Señala que el ERE, que ha sido comunicado al Comité Intercentros y representantes de los trabajadores, se presentó la semana pasada, y afectará a parte de la plantilla del barco, en concreto a 43 personas.

Fred Olsen indica que ha analizado diversos escenarios para el Bonanza Express y la conclusión más viable es dejar al mismo en situación de inactividad, afirma.

Concluye que, de este modo, se busca la mejor situación posible para garantizar el futuro de la compañía, reducir el impacto de la crisis económica que afecta a Canarias y mantener así el mayor número de puestos de trabajo posible.

In English:

San Sebastián de La Gomera, April 28 (EFE) .- Fred Olsen reported today that the cease inactive Bonanza Express catamaran due to the negative development of the maritime inter-market passenger cars and freight and announced the filing of a Record Regulation of Employment (ERE) that affect the staffing of the vessel.

In a communique, the shipping company said that the fast ferry Bonanza Express remained inactive since December 2008.

Ensures that the shipping lines, timetables, current fares and connections Fred.Olsen Express and the Canaries remain excluded from this measure.

Indicates that the ERE, which has been communicated to the Committee Intercentros and workers' representatives, was submitted last week, and will affect the staffing of the boat, specifically to 43 people.

Fred Olsen said that analyzed various scenarios for the Bonanza Express and the most viable is to leave it in idle state, he says.

Concluded that this would be seeking the best possible situation to ensure the future of the company, reducing the impact of the economic crisis affecting the Canaries and keep as many jobs as possible.

In French:

San Sebastián de La Gomera, 28 avril (EFE) .- Fred Olsen a annoncé aujourd'hui que le cessez-le-Bonanza Express catamaran inactifs en raison de l'évolution négative du marché maritime inter-véhicules et de fret et a annoncé le dépôt d'un enregistrement Le règlement de l'emploi (ERE) qui ont une incidence sur les effectifs du navire.

Dans un communiqué, la compagnie maritime a déclaré que le ferry rapide Bonanza Express est resté inactif depuis Décembre 2008.

Veiller à ce que les lignes maritimes, les horaires, les tarifs et les connexions Fred.Olsen Express et les Canaries restent exclus de cette mesure.

Indique que l'ERE, qui a été communiqué à la commission Intercentros et les représentants des travailleurs, a été présenté la semaine dernière, et aura une incidence sur les effectifs de l'embarcation, en particulier pour 43 personnes.

Fred Olsen a déclaré que les divers scénarios analysés pour la Bonanza Express et la plus viable est de le laisser dans l'état de repos, dit-il.

A conclu que ce serait la recherche de la meilleure situation possible pour assurer l'avenir de l'entreprise, la réduction de l'impact de la crise économique des Canaries et de maintenir autant d'emplois que possible.

Bertie, you can have thsi one on me.


Bertie Biggles said...

Isabelle, thanks. Oh dear! No ferry out of Ramsgate then.