Friday, 20 March 2009


Having just been found guilty on two counts of failing to meet Standards required of our Councillors and within 12 months of the last guilty finding by The Standard's Board of England in 2008, 'Our Leader' appears in today's Isle Of Tory Gazette with this 'headline'?
You have to admire the arrogance of it all. (Today is now Day 4 since an honorable man would have resigned the Leadership).
Now forgive me for being cynical about the IOTG now that Rebecca Smith is back at the helm, but this is the first opportunity since Monday for our leading weekly to report on the matter in detail. Is this the paper whose own intrepid reporter witnessed 'Mauwice' and the 'Artful Wodger' in full spate at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill ? Is this the paper that had the integrity of its best reporter, Thom Morris called into question by 'Mauwice' in a written submission to Standards? An item at the bottom of Page 2, has the tame heading 'Two top tories rapped by standards board'.
I can think of a better headline or two for this pathetic item in IOTG;
" TDC Leader 'Censured' for THIRD Breach of Conduct in Two Years!"
"Deputy Leader Joins His Leader in a History of Poor Conduct"
The best headline for an embarrassed North Thanet Conservative Association member, that Bertie is, would be:
The silence from his fellow Conservative Councillors , local MP and PPC continues. I can almost imagine the hissing , through many sets of clenched teeth, of a repeated "NO COMMENT"!
Much better to resign and admit your 'Failures', Cllr Ezekiel.


Anonymous said...

Well said Bertie, he and his fellow councillors obviously have no idea of right and wrong what an example to set the local electorate - GO GO GO - I WILL SHOUT BUT DONT THINK IT WILL DO ANY GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Is it arrogance or just no conscience or concept of what is acceptable. I think the man has no understanding of the fact that he has done anything wrong. This is even more disturbing as is the fact that his fellow Councillors seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Think it might be time resign my membership.

Anonymous said...

Bertie as an educated man and most of us know your identity and background, I can't believe that a person of your calibre has nothing better to do than spend his life in a witch hunt against our local politicians,Sandy Ezekiel has apologised and the due processes completed, he should be left alone to get on with the job he has been elected to do, if you dont like him then use the Ballot Box, stop this persecution through your blog which only attracts "socialist misfits" and others who contribute nothing , do nothing, but want to destroy a decent person, the events have been blown out of all proportion, it is clear that the Editor does not consider it newsworthy, so who do you think you are to carry on this vendetta.
Bertie give it and all of us a break, address the real issues of today as detailed in sandy's excellent article.I am sure that with the economy in freefall, future generations saddled with huge debts, highest unemployment figures the country out of control and fast becoming third world and because the leader has upset the labour group twice you seek to have him crucified. Bertie be fair use your interlect to attack real issues

Bertie Biggles said...

17.30, a policeman directed to and visiting some Tory Councillors last summer (at whose behest?) found that out. It was extraordinary that the same policeman failed to turn up on my door-step having been told who Bertie was? (Readers might remember The 'Tesco Bags' incident)

This is not a 'witch-hunt', 17.30. I am not happy that I am represented, as a Conservative and citizen of Thanet, by my Council Leader who has brought his 'office' and TDC, as a council, into disrepute. I do not accept your view that his conduct was acceptable because 'he has upset the Labour Group twice'! If our Conservatives in Thanet are unaware of the unhappiness of many of their traditional supporters with their current choice of Leader, they need to wake up. I would suspect that there are many Conservative Councillors who might also be happier to see Cllr Ezekiel return to the 'back-benches'.

Anonymous said...

Back benches or out of the door, isn't that exactly what the Labour Group want, lets all play into thier scheming hands and carry on with this pointless exercise. Lets detract from "this fine mess they've gotten us into" by pointing at someone else and going ooh look haven't they been naughty.

My god, is this what local politics has come to? Bertie stop going on about how unhappy you are at being a conservative, either show your hand at the ballot box, change your affiliation or even better, change the record!!

Your blog was one of the better, more incisive, comprehensive and informative sites, now it has become all but a labour pipeline for thier propoganda and evasive rants. Please, save your creditbilty by returning to what you were good at, and stop portraying yourself as a man on a mission to bring down another.

I used to enjoy our banter, and your repatie was second to none, but now I feel it is time to delete the link and leave until you return to the blog that impressed me before.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bertie, I was pottering around in the old postage stamp that doubles for a garden in the glorious sinshine we had today, and it crossed my mind as I cleared out the weed and scum form the goldfish pond, if Cllrs Green and Poole formed a party, instead of Green-Poole, it could be called Stagnant-Puddle!! Gettit??

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the afore said Ezekeil has too much information, and therefore too much sway over his fellow tories.

They may be afraid to cast him aside lest he spills the beans on some of them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Hi Simon (17.30)

Hugin said...

Labour councillors are against him, discontented journalists are against him, anti-semites are against him - and now Bertie Biggles is accused of conducting a vendetta! The paranoia spreads.

Bertie Biggles said...

20.17, I think it's another Cllr visiting and certainly not Dr Moores!

Having dropped the ISP monitoring 'thingee' after the previous nastiness ended last summer, I am not really fussed who comes and comments on 'Strife' and its all appropriate comment in support of a particular point of view and as such I am happy to post such comments. I try my utmost to allow all comments on 'Strife' and if I have to edit, I will let everyone know and why.

19.38, I am sorry that you still see the issue as a 'Labour' inspired 'conspiracy' and 'Strife' as a Labour 'pipeline'. You could not be further from the truth! If a Labour Leader of TDC had been in Cllr Ezekiel's position, my comments would have been equally condemnatory and perhaps less muted! It is not a question of 'Party Politics' but a simple matter of principle.
I am sorry if you feel that 'Strife' now needs 'de-linking' from your 'blog'and rest assured that I respect your loyalty to your 'Leader' even if I feel such loyalty misplaced in this instance. We must beg to disagree on this issue.

I will continue to maintain my 'link' as I feel it is healthy to have an exchange of views in an open forum, even if they are diametrically opposed.

Anonymous said...

Is that why the Labour party insist on CRB checks for it's councillors?

Why are the Tories so against this idea.

What murky little secrets would emerge amongst the party stalwarts and the turn coat labour exiles!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15.30 and 19.38 If you are a councillor why not go public? It seems odd that no Tory councillor or the MP has made an attributable public statement about this whole business.

If you are not a councillor why be so supportive of a Leader who has twice been found guilty of conduct unbecoming? OK, he apologised, eventually, some months afterwards but yet again we see the unpleasant side of local politics hushed up, almost, by the supine local press with the exception of the independent-minded YourThanet. What will you say next time he brings the whole of his party into disrepute? 'Oh, it's only the third time'.

Are you and your kind so arrogant you think it won't affect the electorate and they'll vote you lot back in again? If they do then,
heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

To all the Conservative councillors supporter's Bertie and i speak for many CONSERVATIVES SHOULD NOT BEHAVE LIKE THAT! I will shout and many of us did not vote for you at the last election because we do not like your personalities - do i have to be more blunt? We do not necessarily agree with the labour party policies but i think many of them are more upright straight forward people than many of the other councillors.
Bertie isnt rambling on he is trying to speak up for decent tories and those visiting him are not socialists they are wayward tories who wont vote for them locally as they are? Leave the personal attacks to those within your party that's where they need to be directed!

Mighty Mouse said...

So now we know who 19.30 is - lol! Link all gone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bertie

I have been told that the word on the street is that members of the Labour Group, incidently from the top down, have been persuading certain Tory Cllrs to go against thier Leader.

Word is that Cllr Hayton will make a bid for leadership. This is the man who has been sulking ever since he was taken off of planning by the Leader!!

No doubt there are promises of cabinet posts and deputy leaderships being promised, as there would not be any other reason to vote the dinosaur in.

If this happens, and it would be a sad day for Thanet, the day we start going backwards.

Bertie Biggles said...

10.22, there are 'straws in the wind' about rumblings amongst Conservative Councillors at the moment, so I read your comment with interest.

However, I am not entirely sure about your motives in posting your comment! I disagree with your perception of Cllr Hayton but that is not the issue here.

If our Cllrs are talking amongst themselves and 'cross party', I welcome such exchanges. I am not happy to speculate on this issue as it really is up to Conservative Councillors to make their own minds up and likewise Labour Councillors.

I certainly welcome an era of greater co-operation between the parties and less hostility and if it takes a change in 'Leader'to achieve it that would be excellent.

We must remember that Labour and Independent Cllrs play an important and essential part in TDC with their Conservative colleagues and if TDC is bought into disrepute, so are they. We must wait and see what happens soon; if anything.

Anonymous said...

Start going backwards? From what I see it has never gone forwards. There are some good and very capable people amongst our tory councillors who I would have complete confidence in voting for, but as it stands under the current leadership I would rather not vote at all than see it returned. I think there are many who now feel as I do.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this debate will go round in circles until some good solid evidence comes to light.

Has the Edinburgh Mill incident made local people more or less likely to vote for Conservative?

Does having Cllr Ezekiel as leader make any difference to voters - i.e. is he an electoral liability?

An opinion poll would obviously help but it needs someone to put their hands in their pocket - whether that be the local press, a rival party, blogger etc.

Until such time as this happens, all we have is a lot of chatter on the internet, and nobody will have any idea of whether this all matters or not.

Anonymous said...

Cross party co-operation is what we want - the best councillors from each party that is why an elected mayor is a good idea because the best person for the job can run the district not on party political lines.
Interesting news 10.22 and might possibly be the best outcome - anything to get rid of the leadership and his cronies would be a bonus. Lets give it a try!

Anonymous said...

This political wrangling between Labour and the Conservatives MUST STOP.
Thanet Council is becoming a laughing stock in Kent, The present two Council Leaders MUST RESIGN their cabinet positions and let other more qualified Councillors of their Party take over until next May when the electorate can decide then if they want them as Councillors at all , if they dare stand for election again,
Whispers are that OBE is not standing again anyway and that John Worrow of the now defunct Grey Party is to take his position.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tony Beachcomber said...

Being one of the "socialist misfits" attracted to your website as mentioned earlier. I do wonder where is it all going wrong? there never used to be so much bitterness in local politics. The situation is going from bad to worse and in the end the whole area will suffer if our elected represntatives lose focus entering the petty arena. I think some people really should learn to accept critism and just let it be. Unfortunately, some ego's are to big to allow that.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely that many are going to object. Especially if you hold a degree from a university ( abroad) that has never heard of you!

Bertie Biggles said...

My apologies for the delay in putting comments up; the England Calcutta Cup victory and Ireland's First 'Grand Slam'since 1948, seemed as good an excuse as any to visit a favourite 'watering hole' last night.

I see we have an odd comment from a 'creature of the night' and I regret to say 16:00 that I felt your post possibly offensive and ageist.

Anonymous said...
Cllr Hayton, I am afraid, is (deleted) to take on a post that needs a spirited and solid person, Bill is (deleted).

21 March 2009 16:00

It is interesting that Cllr Hayton is coming in for some 'stick'; does he pose a real threat to the present 'Leadership' then? We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

14.21 OBE promised that he would not stand as a candidate last time but he was "persuaded". Lets hope that people are less persuasive next time round. As for Mr Worrow, in the words of Ricky Gervais "You having a laugh"

Anonymous said...

How true Tony Beachcomber's words are - that is where local politics is sadly being taken over by the word that i am not allowed to use Bertie (b**** B***) it should be all councillors working for the best they can do for their wards and in turn their district (TDC in this case) not this horrible intimidating behaviour and jobs for the "boys and girls" to stifle their opposition within the partyp apart from 4 or 5. It seems sad that not enough Conservatives can stand up to Sandy that Bill Hayton has to get support from the labour party - but it maybe that is where the better talent is? Certainly they on the whole seem to have their wards at heart - and speak out in agreement for a good idea even if it is suggested by the tories.
We really arent going to move forward with this crowd in power that is for certain

Anonymous said...

I think its time for the Liberal Democrats to be elected and then they could referee.

Anonymous said...

Buzz has it Parish Councillor Worrow has been offered Latchford's seat but isn't it up to the electorate to choose rather than the local Tories say' X will be TDC councillor for Birchington'.

I'd love to see his face if a different candidate got chosen/ elected rather than another wannabe Tory.

Anonymous said...


I hope you do not think it was me commenting on Mr Hayton in that way ?

Admittedly I have tried to provoke both him and the Chief constable.

But now is the time to try to test the differences at law. To that end I have issued a Claim Letter against Chief constable in accordance with Judicial Review Pre Action Protocol.

I have named Bill Hayton as an interested party along with the Managing Director Cummins Generators.

My position is stated. If the Chief constable complies with the remedies I seek then I support the constable who is sworn to and honours his duty to the Queen sole fount of justice.

If he does not comply then I will seek an Order of the Court to compel his compliance. That would be a complex argument challenging the power to direct and control his force.

My essential point is that I am testing my case at law and that anonymous insults to Cllr Hayton, which might be attributed to me, are not welcome.

Cllr Hayton's conduct is a stepping stone to me in achieving an objective in the public interest. Nailing him is not my objective. Indeed if he were to reflect and apologise to me that would be the matter ended as far as I am concerned.

All I ask is that he state the advice of the expert he consulted in December 98 re terrorism, sabotage and the Deal Barracks bombing. And that he revert to the position he first took upon receiving that expert advice.

Richard Card

Bertie Biggles said...

Richard, I have not 'posted' your comment yet. I am seeking some advice first. However, rest assured that it is quite clear that the comments you refer to are not yours and that I have no problems putting your opening paragraph up in due course.

Anonymous said...

11.43, what are liberal democrats?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting that over on Thanet Life Cllr. Moores goes on about 'the nasty politics locally'. I do wonder whether Cllr. Ezekiel should carry some of the blame for that. Mind you, some of his own side are pretty good at the 'yah-boo-sucks' type of politics. Having attended a good few council meetings I've seen some dire behaviour from the Tories but some reasonably dignified conduct from Labour.

Li. Dems? Used to hold the middle ground but seem to have got lost locally. Shame as they could offer an alternative to the other parties.

Anonymous said...

I think that Vince Cable one of Britains most popular Politicians is a Liberal Democrat and I recall that Baroness Scott the liberal Democrats President visited Margate recently.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


the elections for Thanet are in 2011.

Bertie Biggles said...

I am afraid that I have had to 'remove' postings from 23.54 and from 16.27.

23.54, your comment would have been better directed at Thanetlife and Dr Moores' posting on terrorism training.

16.27, please do not come on 'Strife' to hurl abuse at Cllr Hayton. I am beginning to think that you are a 'nasty' Tory who is trying to undermine Cllr Hayton for some reason! Does he pose a threat to 'Our (discredited) Leader's' position from your perspective?

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing over
"use your interlect to attack real issues"

Intellect surely. Hee hee.

Bertie Biggles said...

17.30 of 20th March, was doing his best to put a point across, so let's not be too rude please about other people's poor spelling. At least it was phonetically close.

Anonymous said...

Think that Rick has finally lost his own plot!

He first states "conduct is a stepping stone to me in achieving an objective in the public interest." and then says "if he were to reflect and apologise to me that would be the matter ended as far as I am concerned."

Surely if it is a public issue, then a private apology is worthless?

I used to think Rick might have a point, but this obviously shows that it is nothing more than a personal vendetta, suplicated by an apology>

Thanks Rick for wasting everyone's time! Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Bertie one thing this subject has bought the commentators out but as yet no result!
Mr. Pink tie and ladies glasses still lives on as our leader!

Bertie Biggles said...

I still live in hope that if he doesn't know how to behave then his Conservative colleagues at least do. That said, if you read Thanetlife, you can get a perspective of 'unity behind a leader' and 'no-one else prepared to take it on' as a view-point. It's quite extraordinary how 'principles' are quietly buried.