Monday, 2 March 2009


It would appear that the Environment Agency was only 'aware' of contamination of Thanet's aquifer and soil at the Thor site in 2003!
You might be surprised to learn that soil remediation has not commenced and that only 'pilot' scale assessments have been made of groundwater contamination. This contamination has apparently moved 'North' off the Thor site and quite frankly no-one seems to know how extensive it is yet.
The Environment Agency reports that 'Thor is currently carrying out work to establish the depth and extent of the contamination plume off its site'. The EA also states that in terms of remediation, " We are looking at years rather than months".
I am sorry to be critical of the Environment Agency and TDC over this matter but SIX years has already passed. Does anyone really know what is going on and whether Thor is doing anything serious about this issue? The EU has established a simple principle that 'the polluter pays' but if the EA and TDC are not on Thor's case will Thor be in a hurry to clean up its mess?
Is it not time that our Councillors got just a little more interested in this issue?

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Anonymous said...

This seems like an easy win for councillors. Be all over Thor on this issue and look good for the elections when they finally get here. It's almost like they don't care.